No Time For Rules. Chapter 41



"Fishing tips."

The glassy surface of the lake reflected the landscape beyond as Duncan's boat took the four happy anglers to their secret fishing spot. Conditions were idyllic for a day on the water.  However things were far from perfect for Clive who was having issues with an indifferent fish.

"Hey, Dunc, I reckon this bait of mine might be on the turn..."

"No, it's fresh, Clive.  I chopped it up myself only this morning," Duncan said with a smile.

"Well...tell the flamin' fish that! They're turning their noses up at it," Clive grumbled."Just at that moment

Clem jumped as a sizable nibble was taken from his hook.  All eyes were on his rod as it started to bow under the strain.

"Looks like you got one, laddie!" William yelled.

"You beauty!" George chorused.

But a nibble it the fish retreated to the depths once more, and his line returned to slack.

"Oh cripes!"

"Not fair!"


"Don't worry, it just means it's bigger brother is waiting to take a bite. He's holding back.  Being polite."

"That rhymes, George!"

"So it does,Clem"

"Well, bugger the poetry, I want a fish!"



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