Asherah's Grief



Written from a place only a Mother would know from her child dying in her arms.




“Let go Asherah... let him go!”

 I cannot let him go!

 I will not let go… for if I let go I will come out of this moment of my boy having his last glow.

My arms wrapped tightly around his weak body and my wings wrapped tightly around me.

 I can hear the voices calling for me but I am falling deeper and deeper inside of myself and their vocals are no more than an echo to the point it is hard to understand what they are saying.

How can I gasp this fact of not being able to see what is not there any longer physically but will forever see in my mind and heart.

“Let go Asherah, let him go!”

I cannot let go!

I will not let go!

Why do I have to let go of what is mine.

How do I release the casement of his glow for if he returns he will surely return here?

Right here in his mother arms.

 Where there is no place more loving.

 I am willing to stay right here and await his return…. even if it takes until all of my love fades.

It can take an infinity of eternities, if need be.

“Let go Asherah… let him go!”

I will never let go.

I will make Goddius search under every cloud in heaven, behind every star in the universe, he will check all of eternity high and low for you my child.

Where is there else for someone so sweet to be, other than here with me in heaven.  

Where is Goddius?

I need him more now than I ever have before.

He promised me he would always be there for me…for us!

Today he broke that promise.

I hate to say it but Lilith was right.

I should have never agreed to his absents.

I am so infuriated with him.

I feel like I can no longer trust him.

“Let go Asherah, please let go”, Lilith said.

“Your daughter needs you.”

I slowly left my head only to see my daughter glow instantly fade following many more of my children.

I let go of my son and poof just like that his very existence evaporated.

I threw myself on the floor and let out a scream that were meant only for Goddius ears but yet no Goddius.

I sat in a room full of angels and felt alone because I sat without faith!

“Lilith” I said “I am so sorry I should have never snapped on you yesterday.”

“You were right about everything…Goddius is a coward for not facing this with me.”

“Please forgive me, with everything that I am going through I can go no further without giving you my apologies.”

 She helped me up and gave me a long needed hug.


Chapter sample from my up and coming Novel B4B "Before the Beginning."      Asherah put faith into her king to save her sick children when he told her he had to go  away to create the world. Her faith was only put toward  the children getting better. Never did she imagine that her king had another plan for the children she had no idea about. Sometimes God knows better and we must trust him even when we don't know or understand his plans..... I too question God's motives when my baby died in my arms. 

Read how Asherah deals with the loss of her children and confronts her King in the up and coming Novel B4B.Dealing with how the worlds problems of today were first the problems of those in heaven.

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