A poetic Story about the Lurking Experience on Social Media.



Out of all the #SocialMedia platforms guilty of this occurrence, I have found #Facebook to be the most $notoriou$.

FB groups @dvertise the {promise of sisterhood & connection}, yet why is it that so many of us who join are left disconnected? We get excited by the*shining light* of the group leader who draws us in telling us about all the help and support we need & can receive. We #signup because suddenly in our [dark place of isolation] there is a ^glimmer of hope^ & we grab hold of it quickly for fear of its _abandonment_.

But #abandoned is still how we feel; I know you have experienced it countless times.

Someone advertises a group; you in hope get excited to join wondering if this time it would be different from the last. You join and there is this big celebration, inquiring about you, asking you to share & offering help. You get multiple likes and comments on your first post. This excitement usually lasts for about a week while during this time the group grows and the cycle begins for them.

What about you? You ~silently fade away~. Maybe during that {week of excitement} you started to ask yourself, is this what I really wanted? Did my expectations reach too far? Is this group providing for just a temporary want or need? Maybe it was a #challenge, #specialevent or #promotion that first caught your eye.

Now that it’s over, you’re _losing interest_ but you have grown slightly+attached+ to the group so you stay. You stay & watch, hoping something interesting will happen again. Your #lurking behavior has now begun.

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