Chapter 4



Aegis Chronicles " Savage World"



“Savage World”

Book 1





1793 a.d.

Thirty years have since past, and I sold my first parcel of land. Mr. Young purchased it from me, not knowing me, I set up the deal. He was the first black man to own land in Detroit. He was a free man , as all men should be. I have acquired many parcels of land in the area. I have several names of ownership which I sell the lands under, keeping any unwanted notice of me or my name. I have contemplated my name should change and my death should be staged. I have many people which are surrounding our encampment and structures need to be built with new ownership etc., throwing off the scent of potential seekers of the pools.

1798 a.d. The summer of this year I happened to meet a Priest by the name Richard. He was sent to help St Annes Parish. He brought with him a mechanical press to print on parchment. Amazing. I kept my space from him but he was not of simple mind. He knew something wasn’t exactly correct. I knew he was from the orders that originally settled this land and was searching for the legend. I knew I had to find out more about him his search of  what I was protecting.  

1805 a.d. FIRE!, Destroyed much of the city, set by a pipe’s smoldering ash of Mr. Harvey. Ogima and I were a good ways away of the stockade and local buildings. The new city plan was coming. This was a designed tactical effort to see if any buildings were housing the sacred waters. Ogima and I knew once Governor Hull and judge Woodward started with the new city planning, we would be pressed for time to enclose our surroundings.  The pool itself wasn’t more that 10 foot in diameter but it was deep 20 ft at least. We have been fortunate to cover the surface of the pool but that was becoming a challenge as the surroundings were being built up closer to our camp. We decided to build over the pool site. A small home was constructed by us and perfectly enclosed it. This allowed us to begin living in a city we had hidden from for so long. But now we were on the map so to speak. Disguise was needed and allowing for people to think we age as they do. This became another challenge, making a “society of secrets” hiding just one paramount truth that the world wasn’t ready for yet…

The 1800’s in general were a very prosperous time for the area. Detroit was made a city, and Wayne county was divided into townships which began a cross sectioning effort to eliminate any possible locations of sacred waters. The authority did not even know what was going on. This was calculated and again from old directives older than the authorities.  Immigration was at an all time high and allowed for property to be sold making my an Ogima’s life financially comfortable. This also gave us an idea. The immigrants were skilled laborers, many built tunnels for us all around the city. All the layouts were designed as storage cellars none would connect. The immigrants had no idea what Ogima and I were trying to accomplish. After the narrow cellars were dug out under the ground Ogima and I would complete the connections. A labyrinth of tunnels allowed for us to get from our structure to the far east of the city in minutes and out of sight. We configured secret doors and entries to the tunnels throughout the city. We had enough time and resources while performing our duty. After several of my planned deaths I installed a entry from within our mausoleum at Elmwood cemetery. It allowed me to be close to where I buried my beloved Ap-oni. It was a beautiful wilderness long before it was Elmwood cemetery. In fact, the properties I owned before the cemeteries were built.  I have used these tunnels to allow for unseen access to the city, it has provided for safe passage without being seen. We were prepared for Va-ryn and these tunnels were a safe haven for us. This could be used even in the harshest winter weather and provide us a get away if needed. We marked each entry with a small fluer de li marking to allow for our access from allies if any arose. This became  helpful during the underground railroad. We were very successful with helping the men, women and children of that unfortunate time get to Canada and their rightful freedom.

1833 a.d.The Blackburns were a family that made my start to the underground railroad. They had lived here for 2 years coming from Kentucky and stole away the night to the north. They were hunted down by slave trackers. These parasites worked to bring the men , women and children back to the slave owners. We and a small number of  outraged citizens of Detroit rushed the jail house and got Mrs. Blackburn released and moved to Canada safely. Mr. Blackburn was another story. They had him put on  a wagon to move him to another jail, which we had to get him. Ogima and I got him to a small boat off the coast of the river. This gave him a straight shot over to Canada. It amazed me that man could do this to another man. We had to help Mr Blackburn and his family,I became a major “conductor” of the railroad.

I have been a champion for the downtrodden. The helping hand I give does not always include the sacred waters. Sometimes, generosity can be the healer. My time helping the underground railroad was the point that I knew ignorance could be controlled and stamped out. Like I said men are basically good, sometimes they need guidance. I offered that then, I still do. Henry Watkins, was a man that changed my views. I met Henry while he was a runaway slave heading north to Canada. Chief and I established secrets routes through Detroit to Canada for these poor souls. In secrecy as we are so attuned we built a network both above and below the streets of the city. I had been using these underground tunnels for a years as avenue for my travels. This kept me out of sight after my several deaths etc. I couldn’t very be seen walking the streets after such events and it kept Va-ryn unaware of my location. My days helped relocate many people but Henry was unique. He knew something wasn’t exactly truthful about me and chief. He always called me an old soul and he knew somehow that I was more that I led on. He confronted me one day saying the weight of the world is a tough burden… “don’t you thinks Gabriel” I thought maybe he had a vision but I kept quiet. I thought maybe my days of the burden may be relieved. But it was not to be. Henry had moved to Canada with a wife and several children. His Brother stayed in Detroit keeping me updated on Henry’s progress. Sadly, Henry became ill and died before I would see him again. His wife and children moved back to Detroit and their descents live here to today. I mention this because Henry’s great great grandson, has acted very much like Henry. Ivor Reginald Watkins, actually Father Watkins “watts” is what I’ve called him since he was a boy. I always kept an eye on Henry’s family. I felt I owed it to him, knowing I could have saved him but never told him of the blessed pool. Fr. Watts, became very close to chief and myself over the course of 30 years, ever since he was a baby. He had that same glimmer of goodness as Henry did. 

I believe, I many have been given another chance, to redeem myself.




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