Clouds of Tyranny (TV series proposal)



What if my self-published novel were a television show?



What does every medieval series have in common? They never take place in the future. Welcome to the world of "Clouds of Tyranny," a fantasy-like land that isn't fantasy nor is it history. In this land it's hundreds of years in the future, a future devoid of technology thanks to cataclysmic event in the 21st century that has since been forgotten.

In this world, weapons of all kinds are used by good and evil: swords, guns, bows, and flamethrowers. The setting is a desolate land somewhere is what was once known as Europe, but now is just newly created villages and kingdoms where people travel by horse, train, and their own feet.

Our story centers around many colorful characters, but no one is truly the "star." We've got Tara, a scared twenty-something whose mother has kept her hidden her whole life just because of a small power she possesses but does not yet fully understand. Then there are the Returners, a rebellion group hell bent on taking down the evil imperial government. Their official leader, Smith requests Tara assistance in making their dreams for hope to become a reality so he sends his number one man, Locke, whom he is despised by.

The empire wasn't always evil, but it had gotten bad over the last few decades. They rape, rob, and murder just because they can. They are lead by an evil man and his evil number one, Krazz. Krazz, a seven foot tall hired blade is the epitome of evil incarnate.

The first season of this show would mostly center around getting to know all of the main character; nearly a dozen. How they interact with each other, where they come from, and why they decided to join the rebellion. The newest recruit after Tara is a former general of the empire that Locke is convinced is now good, but cannot let her true identity be learned.

The first season will end with the Returners successfully protecting a town that was attacked by the empire, thanks to the help of a neighboring kingdom. However, when it's all said in done many lose their lives and Locke's little sister, who's only fifteen, is kidnapped by the Empire in her first battle. He puts his rebel duties on hold and sets out to find her with Tara in tow, whether he wants her or not.

Imagine this having a Game of Thrones feel, only a little more fast-paced, with a touch of the intensity of The Walking Dead. The soul of this series is to keep the viewer on their toes psychologically. I want everyone to be bereft of fingernails at the end of every single episode.


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