The Camp



I'm not 100% sure on this one I had written it on the 14/1/12. Though I feel my writing has grown as I've gone along, but this is one story I thought I could of done it better, feel free to let me know what you think.

Our class was on a weeklong camping trip. Our teacher Mrs. Baird and the principal Mr. Whitmore came with us along with a mom and dad of one of the students.

            We all walked to the front of the school. We were all talking excitedly about the camp as it was our first one. The bus pulled up as the last of that class joined us. The bus driver opened the door to let us kids put our bags in the back compartment.

            Once everyone's bags were locked away safely and we had lined up and was ticked off the list and counted; we boarded the bus two at a time. Everyone picked where and who they were going to sit with and a final headcount done we were on our way.

            We reached the campsite just before dinner time. We all made our way off the bus. I looked around; there were five rows of three cabins. We all put our bags away before we returned to the fire pit where the adults were waiting.

            Some of us were sent out to find firewood, while others helped with the pairing the food and cooking the dinner. The kids that didn't have anything to do, they played games or explored the campgrounds.

            We all sat around the campfire after we finished eating and washing the dishes. We were telling stories when suddenly there was a strange noise coming from the surrounding woods.

            We watched without breathing or moving a mussel. Then there was a loud roar we all jumped and screamed; we shrieked louder when the bear came out of the woods, he had his large mouth open, and showing lots of large sharp teeth, and waving his large claws in the air.

            We all ran in different directions, screaming as we ran away to hide. But James stood his ground and yelled and waved his arms which frightened the bear, yet while the kids were thanking and praising James’s bravery. The bear was plotting and scheming against everyone staying at the campground.

            As quiet descended on the campground the bear slowly made his way back to the camp site to carry out his revenge, once he was satisfied that everyone was asleep. He moved in and he took the sleeping adults back to his camouflaged Den.

            The children woke in the morning to find the adults were no where to be found. At first the kids were excited, and then as time went on they became worried, some kids started to cry. The stronger kids helped the kids who were upset to feel safer and keep their spirits up.

            The kids that were left started making plans on what they were going to do. Some wanted to do kitchen duties, while others chose to help to work out what to do next. That night while eating dinner, a meeting was held. In which the kids decided it would be safe to all sleep in separate cabins boys in one and girls in another. One of the boys had the idea that there should have a look out. Two boys stood up, when asked who would do this job.

            The look outs didn’t really work because when they got tired they sat down and feel asleep. The bear seen this and took full advantage of this. Very slowly he snuck into camp; he went into the boy’s cabin first and took a couple of sleeping boys then came back and did the same to the girl’s cabin. By morning there were five boys and five girls left, the bear continued to do this for another two nights, with four more kids gone, the others left behind started to worry.

            Unbeknown to the kids that were left, help was on its way in the form of a wolf. Unknown to the rest of the kids James had sent a message out for help. He didn’t know who or what was going to answer, all he knew that they needed help.

            James and the other kids hid where ever they could. Just when they had all given up hope of being saved when suddenly, they felt a wind coming their way. The wind had been like a tornado as it got closer, the bear had hit the ground hard. The kids couldn’t see what was going on. What ever was going on it sounded like rolling thunder followed by deafening growls?

            When all the noise had died down and all were still again James and two other boys quietly and slowly moved out from their hiding space under one of the cabins. Slowly and with great stealth they headed to the different places around the camp checking on the kids hidden there.

            Once they found all were safe, they set out to find out what happened. James sent the two boys back to camp and he continued into the woods that surrounded the camp. His heart was beating so fast. He kept a close eye on his surroundings, he could hear something heading towards him, he was about to run when he seen the wolf’s shimmering eyes.

“You’re here?” James said.

“You called for help I came.” The wolf replied.

He walked to the camp grounds and waited for James to catch up.

            While everyone was hiding James and the wolf hatched a plan to save the others. Come early morning the wolf remembered his big brother telling him about theses berries that put bears and other animals to sleep. The wolf had seen some on the way to the camp site and went to pick some.

            James had crushed them and spread out on four slices of bread which made two sandwiches; the bear had hungrily eaten them, once he was done he tried to go back to the den, he fell asleep before he could reach it. James waited for a bit just to be sure that the berries had worked their magic, and then he made his way into the den.

            He didn’t have to go far to find the missing adults and students who were huddled together. James looked around for something to break them out; when Mr. Whitmore told him that the bear had a key on the wall of where the bear slept.

            James quickly ran to get it, opened the cage; everyone ran back to the camp as fast as they could, no sooner they got there they gathered all of their belongings climbed onto the bus and returned to school where all the kids were happy to be safely back in their mom and dads arms again.

            Now the wolf went back to where ever it is that tornado riding wolfs come from and the bear woke to find a sign that said ‘DANGER, grumpy bear lives here stay away.’ This made the bear very happy, and no-one ever came back to the camp site ever again.


T. Bennet

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