Ok... So, I'm #writing my first #scifi novel, PRiSM. I am SO excited! This is just a line or two in the intro. It gives you some backstory on the main character, David; and what will drive him throughout the story. I'd love to know if you think this small intro intrigues you to read further. Thanks!





     And just like that, Mary, the erstwhile matriarch of the clan was dead. Burned to a cringeworthy crisp from an errant ember floating on the folds of a taffeta dress. Embers hitting the fabric of a superior dress dyed as pure and blue as the flames which quickly engulfed its crisp, glossy creases. Mary's body burned black to a peeling, wisping ash. She burned until both, the fire of her vivacious life and the life of the vivacious fire were irretrievably extinguished.

     The screams of his Mamma froze little David in place -- to witness the awesome horror and spectacular color change of flame and face. His piss was spewing as fast and as furious as the hot, raging, flickering dance. Not one of the madly sprinting, hysterical siblings or adults about the place thought to pick David up and get him away from the scene; so the poor toddler was just left there. He was just trembling, crying and pissing his pee-jays. Little David shook like a leaf and soaked his pajamas with his futile hose; as the gruesome sight of his charred mother was permanently emblazoned onto his innocent essence.






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