Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy Decries 22



Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy Decries 22 Finding a Common Ground 17 By: Khandker Habib Ahmed (All rights are reserved by the author)   (Consecutively after last section)   Conversation continued almost until 5:00 PM. In that s...

Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy Decries 22

Finding a Common Ground 17

By: Khandker Habib Ahmed

(All rights are reserved by the author)


(Consecutively after last section)


Conversation continued almost until 5:00 PM. In that sinking afternoon, the social dialogue between Mr. Knot and Gulshan virtually came to an end.  At that time, Gulshan felt some type of illness.

Mr. Knot: What happened, Gulshan?

Gulshan: I have dizziness, Mr. Knot….

Mr. Knot: So serious…Should I call 911?

Gulshan: No, not so serious…Yet I guess I would feel better if I could take a glass of water

                followed by a lain rest….

Mr. Knot: O. K., take this bottle of water…I kept it is a cool container (thermos). Take plenty

                 of it…

(Mr. Knot also took out a tablet for dizziness from his bag to give it Gulshan. Gulshan took the tablet with enough water and then stretched out in full on the open public bench.) 

Gulshan: I would like to take a rest….

Mr. Knot: Yes, you should…Close your eyes and take rest for some time…

(Mr. Knot then checked Gulshan’s pulse at her right wrist. It is 70 per minute. He put his hand on her forehead to feel the heat. It’s also normal. Although Mr. Knot is not a doctor, he knows something about it because he has a Home Health Aide (HHA) certification conferred by the competent authority. Then what happened to his sister Gulshan? Does she have any anxiety? Are these hard talks on democracy the reason for her illness? But he is making it easy for her, not it? Mr. Knot passed about 15 minutes in rumination as the ideas came to his mind about her sudden illness. In the meantime, Gulshan woke up.)   

Mr. Knot:  Do you feel good, Gulshan?

Gulshan: Yes, Mr. Knot…..Thank you so much…..

Mr. Knot: I was thinking if something occurred serious because the hearts, at this age, of many

                 people do not function properly.  Do you know that I underwent a 4-vessel coronary

                 bypass surgery in 2003? I was thinking if something similar happened to you. Listen,

                 you need to take necessary precautions so you have sound sleep at night at least for six

                hours uninterrupted. Also, visit a cardiologist soon to check if your heart is normal. Do

                you understand, Gulshan? 

Gulshan: I understand, Mr. Knot. You’re a very good man….

Mr. Knot: O.K., you do not need to mention…Let’s get up now…..

(Both of them started to stroll toward Yankee Stadium subway station. Mr. Knot and Gulshan reached the platform of Brooklyn bound No. 4 train waiting for the train to arrive. Right at that moment, Mr. Knot met his junior friend Monir accompanied by his sweet-speaking wife Fahmida Hossain, a Barrister, now practicing in New York. Monir Hossain has been loyal to the politics of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) since his student life in the university. Last year, Monir was elected Member of Parliament (MP) from a constituency in Naogon District with a ticket from that party. He was also a State Minister in the cabinet led by BNP at that time. Because of the political change, in view of a possible lash by new government led by Awami League (AL), he decided to live in New York. Mr. Knot has been familiar to Monir since his days in 1987 at Rashid Hall in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). After graduation from BUET, Monir started a business and entered into active national politics of BNP.)      

Monir: Hi, Mr. Knot, you are here? Greetings….

Mr. Knot: Greetings…..Hey, Monir, how are you? Oh! My God…I recall our days at Rashid Hall 25 years ago, a long gap…. unbelievable! So nice to see you here in New York again. You were involved in BNP student politics then and one batch junior to me, right?

Monir: Yes, Mr. Knot. How have you been…?

Mr. Knot: Fine, thank you. Monir, perhaps you know Gulshan. Like you, she was a State

Minister in the cabinet of the Awami League government last time. Now she resides in New York with her husband Mr. Kazi Habib. I greatly love her like my own younger sister. Recently, I have been giving her lessons on the concept of democracy and the democratic system. That’s why I take her to many places of interest and sit together to discuss numerous fine line ideas under the concept as mentioned. 

Monir: Greetings, sister Gulshan. Actually, I know you via the media even if I didn’t have any

chance to meet you. You did very good job during your tenure in that government. Now, listen everybody, here is my other half Barrister Fahmida Hossain. She has been practicing in New York since last five years including immigration laws. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact her. 

Gulshan: Yes, brother Monir, I know you too. You did good job as well during your tenure. It’s

                my pleasure to meet you.

(Gulshan and Fahmida exchange greetings)

Mr. Knot: Yes, my immigration case has been pending for last 12 years. I would like to talk to

Fahmida about it sometime. Now, let me invite you all to the 73 Street, Jackson Heights in a sinking afternoon. We will eat Kabab from the Bengali restaurant there while delivering my lessons on the concept of democracy and the democratic system. In the afternoon, many people sit there on chairs to gossip. They will also see, listen and participate in our discussion on democracy. It will be very interesting, right Monir?

Monir: Yes, Mr. Knot, but on which day, what time?

Mr. Knot: Next Saturday at 5 PM. We will gather there 8 to 10 people, alright?

Monir: Right, Mr. Knot….I confirm…

Gulshan: Brother Monir is a man from politics…so he understand the language of politics so


Monir: You too…sister Gulshan…

(In the meantime, No. 4 down train has arrived at the platform. Everyone has taken seats according to their comforts. Gulshan will go to Brooklyn, Mr. Knot to Zerega with a change to No. 6 up train at 125 Street and Monir and his wife to Time Square for shopping.)

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, you did not tell about my ‘order of rationales in decision making’, did you? 

Mr. Knot: Today, you are sick. That’s why I do not like to go for any rigorous practice in our

lessons until next Saturday when we meet at Jackson Heights. However, I will discuss a very simple lesson on democracy so you can participate in it.

Monir: What is that Mr. Knot?

Mr. Knot: Can you tell me what comes first in democracy, right or interest? Everyone

                  should participate.

 Gulshan: To me, it looks like the saying ‘chicken first or egg first’, isn’t it? Either could be first,


Monir: I also think so….What about yours, Fahmida?

Fahmida: I don’t think so. As an attorney, I must say that people’s right will precede any type of

                interest involved. In democracy, I think it would be the same, right Mr. Knot?

Mr. Knot: You’re right, Fahmida. Everywhere you must keep people’s rights first, then the

interest, if any. For example, when you make law or at your workplace, you need to consider the right of people first. Have you heard the slogan ‘a party is greater than an individual, a country is greater than a party and the humanity is greater than a country’? This is the essence of the concept of democracy, not it? Do you follow this? Even the person creating the slogan flouts, right?  Are these not empty talks?

Gulshan: You’re right, Mr. Knot…

Monir: You’re right. What we’re doing now is ‘a country is greater than the humanity, a party is

            greater than a country and an individual is greater than a party’, just 180 degrees


Mr. Knot: Bravo Monir! I admire your courage and truthfulness. …This is 125 Street station…I have to change train. Have a safe journey, Gulshan…same to all of you…bye…

Gulshan: You too, Mr. Knot…

Monir: You too, Mr. Knot…

(To be continued)

Tags: 911 call, Home Health Aide certification, pulse check,  4-vessel coronary bypass, the concept of democracy and the democratic system, right  first or interest first and ‘a party is greater than an individual, a country is greater than a party and the humanity is greater than a country’.    

[Disclaimer: A Few Words for the Esteemed Readers: The character(s)in this writing is (are) fictitious. They have no real existence. In addition, the main character, Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteemed readers in light of the real situation. Again, either in the dialogues of the characters or in the events, at least an issue, petite or hefty, has been unfolded with its proper description, scope and in-depth analysis along with a signal for likely solution, if possible, to it. If any reader has a dissension, other opinion, comment or suggestion, he or she may please inform the writer by an e-mail message or on Face Book or skype. My skype ID is: Khandker.ahmed898. The e-mail address is: khandkera0565@gmail.com. Because the characters are fictitious, whatever the description or analysis thereto, there is no reason of contempt for any person or party.  Therefore, I request the valued readers to count all explanations or explorations herein as merely an academic pursuit or from a research perspective. Thank you. Khandker Habib Ahmed, September 02, 2016, Bronx, New York]


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