Journals of a Psychopath



Hello an extract from my novel

The Shrine

(Musing on sunny days when the Lady Flarice entered her yard and flashes of her uneasiness satisfied. At last, Lady Flarice invited me into her home, she could not know the result, and her poor judgement opened the stanza. Striding, into Lady Flarice's home legitimately and poking into her shirt, her nipples matched my manly-tool. Roaming in the kitchen, the Lady Flarice’s bubbles of flesh undulated comparable to liquid gold. On occasions the dyke was in, she fixed her eyes on me her glare did not produce the effect she wanted. I concerted much effort and I gained the Lady Flarice's trust.) Appraising the Lady Flarice, she groomed her cat called Marmalade a ginger tom.
“You are mine your body and freedom will belong to me,” I sang.
“The day is approaching when the enlightenment to your mind produces independence from the lesser earth.
The longing is clarified related to the status of the spirit. Your mind is a channel linked to the desire,” the Presenter said.

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