A Dinosaur Adventure in Stripy Land



This is a cute tale about a Dinosaur.

One sunny day a dinosaur called Rex had woke up with the idea in his head that he like very much to have an adventure. Now being a stripy dinosaur in stripy land. Where most of the dinosaurs are not interested in adventures; in fact they just swim or just lay and read books under trees.

They don’t go on adventures, which of cause didn’t stop Rex from wonting to have one, after he finished his breakfast and packed a lunch, he headed off to have an adventure. He walked out the gate when suddenly it came to him that he didn’t know what one was. He set off to see his friend Toby.

“Toby, do you know what an adventure is?”  Rex asked.

“No, I don’t, you should ask max.”  Toby replied.

Rex kept walking till he reached Max who was fishing.

“Do you know what an adventure is?”  Rex asked.

Max fished and thought and thought and fished, then said.

“I have no idea you should ask Pat.”  Max relied.

Rex searched and found Pat; he sat next to his friend who was watching a line of ants walking. Rex asked Pat the same question, who replied, “Rex you are already having one.”

Rex looked at Pat; who told Rex that finding out what he was seeking was an adventure in its self. This made Rex very happy. Both friends shared the packed lunch while they watched the ants together.



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