To The Red Line (Chapter 5: The Journey)



 ON one cold raining night, something unexpected happened to Mika in a form of dream: “You, there. Were you the one who kept calling me all this while?”A male teenage spoke to a frightened little Spirit. She was seven, with a long...

 ON one cold raining night, something unexpected happened to Mika in a form of dream:

“You, there. Were you the one who kept calling me all this while?”A male teenage spoke to a frightened little Spirit.

She was seven, with a long messy, and dirty crimson hair all over her head.

A pair of beautiful eyes filled Emerald gems gazed upon the male voice from a distance-away in the bright light outside. The clothes that she had wore was mud-stained and torn of what used to be a piece of white frilled dress.

The same eyes looked at the intruder through the small spaces in between of the hard pillar walls she had called as her ‘home’ for the past months.

Her ‘home’ was made of thick and extremely tall gigantic trees that were protected by wild buttress roots. Inside, there was a cave-like hole. The roots acted as a ‘mouth’ as it formed barriers, making it impossible for anyone to come in or out.

Meanwhile, the young lad hadn’t planned on coming here in the first place. It was that perverted fool’s darn fault for not be able to make a good throw.

Why, the man even had the nerves to order him to go and fetch the damn ball!

When the young lad had eventually found the ball and was just about to leave, he’d then heard a faintly whispering voice calling out to him.

The voice was very soft and angelic, yet it filled with sorrows. It had called out to him by the wind and brought him to this place.

When the lad had arrived, he’d been instantly fascinated by the mysterious woods. He did not know why, but there was just something about this place that felt special for the ten-year old.

When the angelic voice that had lured him over to the woods suddenly stopped, that was when he realized exactly where had he wandered off to and began to worry if he might just gotten himself lost.

No. The Prince of the White Wolf Clan did NOT just get himself lost in the woods! What would the Clan think of him? Surely they would think he was weak and incapable of leading the Clan if he could even get lost in the-

At that exact moment, he heard a sound of sobbing amongst of the bushes and trees, a further distance away from where he currently stood. The lad made his way, following the sobs until he reached a clearance.

His deep violent eyes met with hers for the very first time.

“You, there. Were you the one who kept calling me all this while?” His voice had betrayed him before he could even think of what to say.

When she didn’t react to his words other than staring at him, the lad began to gather his thoughts.

Strange. She didn’t look look like she’s starving or dehydrating. The lad turned and looked at their surroundings. Though, if one takes a closer look, this whole area is lack of food and there isn’t a single drop of water to quench her thirst.

He turned around to look at the young Spirit again before bravely, he took steps forward closer the tree.

From the young Spirit’s perceptive based on his appearance, he looked like he came from Noble or the Higher-Class family. She could sense an aura emitting from him-an aura of a brave General in the battlefield, despite being a child only few years older than herself.

His deep-forest hair was short; the longest bangs only reached to his forehead. He wore what seemed to be a white training full suit with combat boots.

What most probably caught her attention the most was his eyes-eyes that filled experiences and had seen the worse of the world, thus, lacked of any innocence or glow left at his young age.

Eyes that unlike any other ten years old, were filled with wisdom, experiences, and even tragic.

“I asked if you are the one who kept calling my name. Answer me." The young lad asked again, in a demanding tone.

The Spirit shivered in fear at the tone of his voice.

He frightened her.

She did not understand what he was saying and it scared her mind endlessly. She could do nothing except shivering and stared widely at him.

Taking a deep long breath, the lad sighed and turned with his back facing her. He took a few steps to the opposite direction and walked away.

Watching as the young lad began to leave, something inside her stirred. She cried out in panic.

“Don’t go!”

Her hands reached out between the spaces of the pillar walls that was the only thing that separated them. Hands that were finally, felt the sun’s heat was on her skin for the first time in the long time she’d been trapped in the tree.

The young Spirit did not know what or why, but something inside her was pleading desperately for him not leave her. She was terrified,confused and lost with everything!

Two words, so foreign, had escaped her lips that instantly made the lad stopped dead on his tracks. Eyes widened, he slowly turned his head around and looked at the girl now sobbing and pleading him not to go in a meek voice.

“Please don’t leave me. Don’t leave me!”

He had almost lost his footing and nearly fell to the ground, but he’d managed to compose himself.

How... How in Fulaina could a mere child speak that language so... So fluently!?

It had only been several months — seven months to be exact, since the Great War had suddenly ended and the mystery behind the disappearance of the Spirit race from remained unsolved till this day.

But wait! Does it mean that this child has been here for the past seven months? Without any food or water? Impossible! No one, not even a Spirit could last this long without any water at the very least! Unless...

He thought for a moment. It was impossible of course, but not possible. The young lad had seen plenty of impossible things, and that miracle works in the least unexpected situation.

Made up his mind, the lad had decided getting her out of there would be his first priority. And so, he began tearing apart the thick roots, without any difficulties, and using only his bare hands to do it.

Minutes later, he had successfully tore the roots, and pulled the Spirit girl out of her prison.

Already the young lad had an idea what had kept her alive all these months, but still, he needed a solid proof in order to support his theory. In order to do that, he would need to seek an advice from his most trusted Guardian and Advisor.

But as for now though, he needed to give the little Spirit something to eat, clean clothes and a warm bath.

He would deal with the rest later.

MIKA woke up from her sleep in a cold sweat. Her heart was beating rapidly. Sitting on her bed, she tried her best to calm down her nerves.

What a strange dream.

It felt so awfully familiar and real. It was like a vision of her past that she didn’t-couldn’t remember for the life of her.

Mika knew the little girl in the dream was definitely her. The young lad in the dream however, she couldn’t pinpoint who it was no matter how hard she tried to remember her past.

It always felt like there were thick bricks that were blocking and preventing her from remember. Finally, after ten minutes, Mika managed to calm down her nerves and laid back on her bed.

She stared at the empty ceiling.

Two weeks had passed since Commandant Grants’ last visit. Since his visit, Mika had been pondering on what she would do next now that she was exiled from Luyas. She had went and told Shinji last week regarding her concerns about her future.

The young Prince had understood and responded gently.

‘Be patient. The right time will come for you. When it does, you will know exactly what it is that you would need to do.’

Though Mika had no idea what he meant then, she trusted him enough to know by now that, despite his young age, Shinji was a wise man of his words.

The only thing that he had told her before she left him, was to be prepared for anything soon.

Sighed, Mika looked at the small clock on the small wooden table beside her bed.

5.30 A.M.

A jog to start the day won’t hurt. Just to clear my mind off things. She pondered for a little bit, while resisting the comfort of her bed.

Ten minutes later, she eventually left the bed and changed.

Mika was finished cleaning up her things and prepared to leave for a morning jog when a few soft knocks were knocking on the  door.

Who could that be so early in the morning? “Yes, come in.”

The door opened slightly.

To her surprise, it was a man who she hadn’t seen few days due to his always hectic schedules.

Shinji stood at her door wearing a black tight-fitting mock sleeveless turtle-neck, covered by a brown long overcoat made from an expensive wool.

A pair of black pants with silver belt on the waist, and a pair of combat boots.

It was the same attire he’d wore when she first met him back in Andania.

Mika smiled gleefully. “Good morning, Shinji. What brings you here early in the morning?“

As his Chosen Apprentice, Mika was to refer him as ‘Master’, ‘Sir’ or by his title. Shinji however, had specifically told her to call his name whenever it was just the two of them.

His excuse was that he had heard enough ‘Prince’ or ‘Your Highness’ by everyone else that would last him for the next three life times, and that he did not need his Chosen Apprentice to do the same.

Mika noticed that he was holding something heavy on his right hand — a big bag pack, but she said nothing.

At her silence, Shinji spoke, “We’ll be going on a journey to somewhere far. Pack your belongings for a very long trip. I’ll explain everything as we leave. I’ll be waiting you at the back entrance of the Mansion. Be quick.”

He only had slept three hours of sleep late last night before he’d forced himself to wake up three hours later.

Shinji lit the last cigarette that was already between his lips, and waited patiently at the back entrance of the mansion for his Apprentice.

It did not help that he felt extremely anxious and nervous about the journey and all that was going to happen from here onwards either.

The Wolf Clan’s Prince watched as dawn arrived, and shone everything in it’s glory.

A new day had come yet once again.

For a brief moment, Shinji wondered, would he still be able to enjoy watching the sunrise like this again in the midst of their journey?

Shinji shook his head and erased the negative thoughts from his mind.

No. Shinji wouldn't allowed himself to go there. He’d promised himself and Suzumi that he’d made sure they make it back home alive.

Deep inside his mind, Shinji knew he should have waited for a few days for Mika to recovered, and to get her ready for whatever to come for their journey. However, time was essential and truth be told, they were wasting a lot of time already.

The more that he waited for her to fully recover, the worsen the uprising would be, and the ending result would be greatly devastating.

Besides, it was not like Shinji had any other choice as well. His hands were already tied in the situation.

The Elders had spoken last night. It must be done no matter what. As the Head of the Clan, Shinji could not refused the mission.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Shinji reminisced the last conversation he had with Suzumi hours ago:

“It appears that the reason why the Spirits suddenly emerged into our world, lies at the cores of the Red Line." 

Suzumi sat on the ground, near the long coffee table in the living room, knitting a red scarf.  Sitting beside her was Shinji, puffing the smoke from the cigarette-his fifteenth.

He had just finished a Clan’s meeting at one o’clock in the morning, and had been very exhausted and had been too eager to sleep when Suzumi, who to his surprise, was still fully awaken at such late hours.

She had called and invited him to join her for a cup of hot Lemon tea.

“The Red Line is a dimension that acts as an access to both worlds. Since the ended of the Great War, no Spirits are brave nor dumb enough to go through it without suffering a great risk losing control of themselves. The late Master Oracle Khulai had taken great measurements to make sure no Spirits is able to cross over to our world without suffering greatly. And no men ever dared to got there, as it is said to be heavily protected. Only very few exceptional people are allowed to enter." Shinji puffed another ring of smoke.

“Correct. People such as ourselves. People like you, especially. The Spirits that had attacked Andania had been indeed out of control because they had forcefully went through the Red Line. By whom it is still remained unknown. Our Intelligence Units are currently looking into it as we speak. They are working on it together with Lord Eden and the Master Oracle, albeit discreetly. Now, imagine should another group of them, this time an army, came to invade us this time. Humanity will no doubt, be perish for once and for all. Our Military are not prepared to battle with the Spirits since the end of the Great War."

Suzumi finished knitting. She put down the needles on the table and looked up at him.

“The Clan has spoken that as the Head of the Clan and one who has knowledges about the Spirits more than anyone else, it is your duty to investigate the cause of the problem and put a stop to it before the Spirits runs out of control once and for all.”

Finishing his last cigarette, the young Prince stood up, stretched his arms and yawned. He tired eyes looked at his older sister, eyes filled with worry.

“I’ll make sure the two of us get back home in one piece. Don’t you worry, Suzumi."

Suzumi cut the leftovers strings and got on to her feet as well. She stretched the finished knitted scarf and looked at him with a smile. Then, she wrapped the scarf around his neck.

"It looks good on you."Suzumi smiled warmly.

“Heh. Thanks, sis.” Shinji smirked and pulled his sister in embrace.

“As much as the Mistress and I are reluctant to let you two go on this dangerous mission, this is your duty after all. For not only to the Clan, but to the rest of the world as well. Keep each other safe, and come back home. Come back to me.”

“I will. We will.” Shinji pulled away.

“Also, about the thing we’ve spoken earlier, it would be in your best interest if you wait until the time is right to reveal her to the truth. For now, watch over her and let her wings grow, Shinji. Always be there to guide her, and protect her if necessary but not too overly. I know it has been a long while since you last met her, and surely you must feel a bit awkward around her. Nevertheless, please do your best, Shinji. We all will be waiting patiently for your return.”

WHEN Mika finally emerged at the back entrance of the mansion, she showed up in a completely new outfit that Suzumi had especially provided for her for this mission:

A knee-length, short-sleeves and fitted Dark Red Eastern dress known as ‘Cheongsam’, with high collar on the right side. She wore a black tights and had a dark brown sash wrapped around her torso.

To complete the outfit, she wore a pair of long combat boots and fingerless gloves. On her back, she carried a heavy backpack.

Shinji silently admired her new attire, and nodded in approval.

He finished the cigarette in his mouth and stomped it on the ground, and then he walked over toward her and handed a pair of twin blades.

“You know how to use them?”

Mika nodded.

“Yes. I’ve been trained to use all sorts of weapons while I was at the Knights’ Academy.”

“Good. You will be using them from now on. Let’s go.”

Mika blinked at his words and then at the blades in her hands, before she nodded, thanking him silently.

She arranged and hooked the twin blades around her waist, at the back, in ‘X’ form. After making sure they were easy for her to reach out, she moved forward and followed Shinji.

“Pardon me, Sir, for asking. But where exactly are we going?” Mika asked shortly after they started walking into the forest.

“We are going to the Red Line.”

Mika startled for a bit. “The Red Line, Sir?”

“Indeed. Our mission is to investigate the reason why the Spirits suddenly reappeared in this world and put a stop to it before it runs out of control.”

Shinji looked at the Spirit girl who bore a confused look. “Tell me, how knowledge are you regarding the Red Line?”

“I’ve heard and read about of it. But not entirely enough to say that I know well about it, Sir.”

“The Red line is an access between our world Fulaina and the Spirit World. After the Great War, the previous Master Oracle Khulai had put up a strong and magical barrier that disallowed the Spirits to cross over. However, it seems something or rather, someone had managed to broke the barrier, therefore, had allowed the Spirits to come and ran amok in Andania. Our Intelligent Units is currently working with Lord Eden and the Master Oracle to work more on the case. We however, are to go there and investigate and to put an end to it. Whatever informations they have, I will receive it when we enter a city or town.”

“How so, Sir?”

“I have many contacts throughout Fulaina. They will keep me inform.”

“Oh. Understood, Sir.”

“As one who is gifted with purifying the Spirits, it is my duty as the Head of the Clan stop it before it creates even bigger mess.”

“Oh. But why you, Sir? Shouldn’t the Authority do something about it?”

“Not to sound egoistic, but when it comes to Spirits, my Clan knows them better than anyone else. Before the Great War, we had an excellent business-relations with the Spirits. Most of it were medical supplies. Therefore, the Clan had taken the advantages of learning whatever we can about them. Of course, we have never ever abuse whatever knowledge that we have on them. However, other party, such as Lord Ranfel of Luyas might abuses them should he found out whatever knowledge we’d known about the Spirits all these years. That is why, we kept the secrets of the Spirits to ourselves. ”

He took another glance at her. “As my Chosen Apprentice, you are to obligate not only to protect me, but also to learn as much as you can about the Clan, as well. Do you understand that, Mika?”

Mika nodded her head. “Understood, Sir.”

“Very well. Also, call me Shinji from now on. Calling me ‘Sir’ all the time make me feel like I’m an old man when I’m just twenty years old. Plus, I think I’ve had enough of the formal-business back at home. Here, just the two of us, we are fellow subordinates and comrades.”

Mika’s eyes lightened up when he referred to them as subordinates and comrades. She smiled at him.

Shinji, it is then.”

The whole journey filled with silence. At times, they would exchanged words with each other. They talked about the trip and what to expect from it and such.

Most of the time however, the pair were deep in their own thoughts. They did however, keep their eyes opened and guards up for any suspicious movements in the forest.

By noon and after a couple hours of walking, the pair finally reached to a river.

“There is a village nearby, the small Town Islez, our first stop. It’s a short walking distance away from here, probably half an hour. For now, let’s take a break.”

Mika nodded wordlessly as Shinji settled himself under the shades of a large tree, not that far from the river. He took out a a box of cigarettes from his sleeve pocket, lightened it and smoke.

Meanwhile, Mika went to the stream to refill her canteen. Once it was refilled, she put it aside and sat nearby the riverbank. Stretching her muscles and legs and looked up at the clear blue skies.

She could smell the strong smell of tobacco behind her, where Shinji was currently resting.

That man is a heavy smoker.Mika thought. She laid her head down on the grass with her eyes closed.He should take care of his health more often.

As Mika relaxed her mind and focused on the wind and nature around her, all the sudden, her sharp and sensitive hearing detected a slightest sound of a rapid movement that came from the bushes, on the opposite side of the river.

Instantly Mika was on her feet. Canteen forgotten, Mika had both hands on the twin blades and took them out from their scabbards. She quickly turned and glanced at Shinji, who was already up on his feet.

How did he know something is approaching them? Mika shook her head. She would asked him about that later.

For now, she was glad that her Master looked calm and collected as he always been, with the cigarette still hanging on his mouth.

The pair observed their surroundings.

The movement Mika now identified as running, was getting closer by seconds. She knew it couldn’t possibly be a human. They don’t possessed such acceleration.

So that could only be...

Cluck! The sound of a broken twig.

Something jumped out from the bushes and headed toward her!

Mika defended herself using the twin blades against the strong body that crushed against her own and landed on the ground.

A hideous, scarred face with black eyes and fangs as sharp as blade hissed toward her.

A Spirit!

Kicking the Spirit on its stomach to get it off her, Mika rolled over to the side, and grabbed her twin blades before charging toward it to finish the battle.

Just as she came in contact with the Spirit, a loud cat stretching sound screamed in her mind, causing Mika to stop running abruptly.


Mika gasped and panted heavily. She had both hands around her head. Eyes widened, she looked at the Spirit in front of her.

It spoke in a foreign language that she was not familiar hearing it at all and yet understood what it means very well.

The Spirit hissed angrily. “Why are you fighting me? We shared the same blood!"

Memories of Andania and the Massacre flashed in her mind.

The slaughtering of the townspeople and the laying corpses everywhere.

All of that because of-


The sound of a gunshot awoke her from the nightmare.

One bullet went straight in the middle through the Spirit’s chest. It stumbled backward and fell down.

To Mika’s surprise, he was standing behind her.

Shinji clenched his teeth. Grabbing her arm roughly to make her face him, he hissed, “At the time like this, don’t go off daydreaming! STAY FOCUS!”

“Sorry.” Mika mumbled.

Shinji released her arm and the pair focused on the Spirit.

The twin blades were still in her hands, but somehow she could not bring herself to strike the Spirit, or do anything to it at all.

Her mind and body had completely shut down on its own by the words spoken by the Spirit earlier: Why are you fighting me? We shared the same blood!

What exactly am I fighting for? Why am I fighting against my own race?

Meanwhile, the Spirit cringed painfully at the burning hole on its chest. It gritted it’s teeth, growled and hissed at Shinji with so much hatred.

“It was YOU! Your scent was on HER!” The Spirit growled in its mother-tongue language.

Shinji had his gun still and aimed at the Spirit. He knew he needed to end this now.

Who knew how many Spirits nearby or roaming around the area? And what if the damn Spirit suddenly calls for reinforcements? Neither he nor Mika at her given state, would stand a chance if that happen!

The Spirit, despite its injury, charged outwardly and wildly at Shinji. They soon engaged in a fistfight.

Shinji blocked all of it's assaults with his free hand. He shot three consequences bullets at the Spirit, which it dodged easily.

“Damn!” Shinji gritted his teeth.

Now that they stood a long distance away from each other, Shinji reloaded his gun and took an aim.

His eyes grew widened however, when he saw the Spirit smirked.

It laughed mockingly.

“How pathetic. To think that our dear long lost Princess was forever gone, only to find out that she’s been with a filthy human after all these years!” The Spirit snarled at Mika, who looked completely lost.


The Spirit charged toward her in an incredible speed.

Mika!” Hurriedly, Shinji pushed himself to speed up against the Spirit.



The Spirit raised it’s hand, sharp deadly nails ready to kill the young traitorous female Spirit.

Time seemed to have stopped flowing the moment Shinji literally threw himself at Mika and body slammed her on the ground, shielding from the furious Spirit’s attack.

Landing on the ground hard with the girl in his arms, Shinji thought he’d heard the sound of chains ringing in his ears, followed by a loud screeching sound echoed throughout the forest before it gradually faded.

Shinji kept his eyes shut and waited for whatever pain heading his way to come. His heart beat rapidly. His breathing was heavy from sprinting and for the worse to come.

Yet, as he still kept on waiting, with sweats that quickly formed on his forehead, and his Apprentice in his arms, nothing came.

Shinji kept on waiting and waiting...

But the pain never came.

Slowly, Shinji opened his eyes and blinked carefully for a couple of times. Shinji dared not to move his muscles, yet until he was positively sure no harm would come to their way.

Finally, after a minute later, he released the girl from his arms and let out a long relief sighed he had been holding on.

The pair stayed closed and still for a minute or two just to calm down their rapid nerves. Surprise and shock written all over their faces.

Both were grateful there were not a wound or even a scratch inflected on Shinji’s body.

They did however, found a lifeless and headless corpse belonged to the Spirit earlier few inches away from where they were currently laying.

The Spirit’s corpse was swimming in of its own pool of blood. The head was nowhere to be found.

It died in a gruesome way.Based from the look of the corpse, the head was literally tore apart from the body by a sharp object from a far-away distance.

“Who-Who do you think killed it?” Mika finally found her voice after a long while.

“Dunno.” Shinji shook his head.

Though he didn’t know what exactly killed it, the killing pattern however, was familiar to him. The technique that the killer had used on it was something he had seen before.

Which means...

Mika nearly had a heart attack when Shinji suddenly swore obscenity.

His hands were covering his face.Before she could asked him what was wrong, the pair heard a loud shout coming from the opposite side of the river.

“Hey, lover birds! Ye two all right?”

Mika could have swore she heard the sound of something snapped from the man standing beside her. Shinji had buried his hands deeper to his face.

She could even hear the sound of his teeth grinding together as the soft footsteps splashed over the the river and approached them getting closer.

Shinji groaned and cussed. He felt pulses ticked on his forehead.

Of all the many people in the entire world who had come and rescued them, why did it have to be HIM?!

A tall, muscular built figure with a ginger-blonde spiky haired man was approaching them. He had a small skeleton shaped earring in his right ear and a big mean-looking skull necklace hanging around his neck.

The man wore a dark red faux jacket with a big looking skull printed at the back, a fitted, plain grey shirt, dark brown torn on the knees pants, and finally, a pair of cowboy boots.

The smirk the man had earlier on turned into a full grin. He continued to take his own precious sweet time to get to them, all the while knowing that his presence alone was causing such a dread in the young White Wolf’s Prince’s life.

Meanwhile, Mika was still uncertain how to react to her Master’s reaction to the mysterious man now getting closer to them.

Who is the mysterious man anyway? Was he really their saviour? Her Master’s ally, perhaps? Or worse, could he be one of his foes who has come to kill him?

Mika had lived long enough with Shinji to know that his life was constantly surrounded by enemies.

“Hey,” Shinji’s whispering voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “Get ready to run.”


Before she could finished, Mika was dragged away by Shinji by the arms, away from the man who was just a few meters from them.

“W-What’s going on? Who is he? Is he dangerous?”

“Sort of, damn it!“Shinji clenched his teeth.

While the pair were running for their lives, all the sudden, something long and metallic, a chain, wrapped itself around Mika’s ankle, causing her to stumble forward to the hard stone covered ground.

During her dramatic fell, she had pulled Shinji along with her.

Mika groaned and put a hand on her face. When she had fallen down earlier, it was her face who got hit the ground hard the most.

She blinked a couple of times and immediately saw the thing that still wrapped around her ankle: a long chained sickle.

Before either of them could do anything, Mika fell a slight tug on her ankle. She looked up and saw the man who had saved their lives standing behind them with the same sly grin.

He had one hand holding the rest of the chain, while the other was on his hips.

Mika consciously reached out for her own weapons. She glared at the man as she unsheathed her blades and waited for his attack.

When a sudden move caught her immediate attention, Mika quickly drew her blades and ready to strike down the enemy.

She felt a brief gust of wind brushed her hair as the ginger-blonde man moved breezily past her. When Mika turned to look at him with eyes widened, she saw him smirked at her.

Panicked grew inside her at the realization of what was happening and who was he targeting!


Mika turned around anxiously and sprint toward Shinji as fast as she could. The thoughts of her Master getting hurt, or worse of all, killed, made her shivered down to her very core.

Mika let out a loud gasp. She forcefully dug her feet on the ground in order to stop moving.

Instead of bloodbath scene like she expected to happen, Mika was greatly shocked when she found the mysterious man had wrapped his arms around the stiff and very mortified looking Shinji.

A sound of manly, loud obnoxious laughters burst out from the taller man broke the intense tension in the air.

“Ye sneaky bastard! Why didn’t ye tell me ye’ll visiting Islez today? Then again, with ye busy schedules and all, it’s hard to predict when you choose to drop by, ain’t it? By the way, how’s Suzumi doing? Is she still mad at me about that accident? I swore it ain’t my fault!”

Mika watched in deep silence with an unbelievable look on her face. A painfully loud smack woke her from a daze. Followed by a grunt.

“Just how long were you planning on clinging onto me? Take your dirty hands off me this instant, you bastard!”

Shinji snarled and let out various irritating growl noises. To his great dismay, his cheeks were slightly red. He was greatly embarrassment by the stunt his idiotic friend decided to put on right in front of Mika nevertheless!


With his arms now freed, Shinji crossed them on his chest.

“Mika, Meet Kazuo.” He glared sharply at the taller man and gritted his teeth.

Mika held out her hand. “N-nice meeting you. I’m Mika.”

“Listen, Mika.You might want to stay as far away as possible from this pathetic being known as man since he’s a-”

Before he could finished, Shinji was hit by something rather hard on the head and shove away from Mika’s sight. He landed on his butt on the hard ground. Few colourful swear words escaped from his lips.

In the midst of what happened, Brilliant Vermilion gazed unashamedly on the Spirit girl whose small hands he held closed to his throbbing heart.

With a charming and wolfish grin, Kazuo began his hunt.

“My dear, has anyone ever told you that you are as beautiful of the Roses? That your smile could easily bring men helplessly down on their knees like flies? That your eyes shine brightly like the stars in the galaxy? That your voice is as angelic as if the Angel has descend from Heavens? That your-”

“-Any last cheesy words before you die, arsehole?” A gun was threateningly pointed at the back of Kazuo’s head.

As slowly as ever, Kazuo released the Spirit girl in his arms and lifted his hands in the air. He took few steps back away from her.

With a goofy smile, he turned to face the latter behind him and stuttered nervously.

“E-Easy there, tiger.”

Clunk. The sound of bullets being reloaded.

“Oi, don’t shoot! Damn it, Shinji! I’ve just got my hair done-”


Mika let out a loud gasp and reflectively covered her mouth. Her eyes widened.

He couldn’t possible be...

“Heh.” Shinji grinned satisfaction.

There were bit of dirts and muds on some parts of his face but he didn’t care. All of his frustration and stress earlier had been released.

Why, he’d never felt so good in his whole life!

Shinji smiled in triumph at Kazuo’s dramatically reaction. The latter tried so hard to not to fall backward or forward. His knees were shaking tremendously and he was sweating bucket!

Even though Kazuo knew the young Prince won’t truly dared to kill him (oh, he hoped as hell not!).

It didn’t stopped Shinji from pulling the damned trigger and aimed closely-merely a few inches away from his head. It was enough to make anyone wanted to pee his pants!

“Aww, man! Ye just HAD to scared the hell outta me, didn’t ye? Don’t tell me ye were jealous of me flirting with ye cute lady friend over there, whom by the way, ye have not yet to introduce, hmm?” Kazuo raised an eyebrow.

He wrapped one arm around the young Prince’s neck, and pointed out at Mika’s direction with his eyes.

Shinji glared sharply at him. He trust his eyes more than his tongue in the situation like this.

Shinji slapped the man’s arm off his shoulders and desperately took out a packet of cigarettes from his sleeves’ pocket and stormed off.

All the while, furiously lightened up the cigarette and mumbled obscenities at the man he called his ‘friend’.

“Ah, darn. Guess he’s pissed off at me again.” Kazuo laughed awkwardly, running rough fingers through his hair.

Kazuo then shifted his attention towards the Spirit girl beside him. She was giving him a strange look with a deep scowl on her forehead. Hands on her hips.

Kazuo smiled apologetically at her.

“Sorry about that. Old habit dies hard, ye know. Allow me to reintroduce myself, Malady. The name’s Kazuo.” He offered her his hand to shake.

“Likewise. I’m Mika.”

Kazuo blinked a couple of times as they firmly shook hands.

“Mika...Was it?”

“Yes... Is something wrong?”

“Ah, nope! Not at all.”

How very interesting.

"It's a great pleasure meeting with you, Mika."

Very interesting, indeed.

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