It was twelve o'clock at night.  Marie-Ann  was driving to an important destination.  The highway was less traveled at this time, and the only lights that lit the dark road ahead, were that car's headlights.  S...

It was twelve o'clock at midnight.  Marie-Ann  was driving to an important destination.  The highway was less traveled at this time, and the only lights that lit the dark road ahead, were that car's headlights.  She was on her way to a much deserved, weekend vacation spot, that was fifty miles away.  The day before; she had an oil change done on her shinny automobile, and everything was excellent, so she felt assured of traveling the highways during the midnight hours.  It is what she had always done when she could get away from her work.  She was an aspiring fashion designer.

As Marie-Ann accelerated, her high-performance car reached speeds of seventy-five, to eighty miles per hour.  There was no wonder of its being in top performance. 

Gradually, she noticed that the car was losing speed.  The car continued to lose its power, and finally, the  low, humming-sound of the engine could not be heard!  Marie-Ann pressed down harder on the pedal, and now, she was becoming frantic!   Suddenly, the headlights dimmed, and within seconds, there were no headlights, at all!  There was no power, for the car was only rolling along!  It slowed more, and was about to come to a complete stop there in the middle of the road!  Marie-Ann thought quickly, though, and began to steer her rolling car onto the right shoulder of the highway.  She could not turn the wheel easily, and had to put all of her strength into turning the steering wheel of a car that now, had no operating power.  The ignition was still in the on-position.

Marie-Ann tried to re-start the car, but it did not make a sound!  She looked around into the darkness.  She thought to herself, that she must remain calm.  At the same time, she thought about the tall, handsome, stranger, who had stated some flirting remarks to her, while she was waiting for her car's oil change to be finished.  He had asked for her phone number, finally, but she had smiled, and politely declined. She now wondered if he had been another customer that waited for his car, or a crazed, hired-in, mechanic!   As she tried to make an emergency call on her cellphone, it had no signal!!  She had forgotten to bring the phone's car-charger with her.  Marie-Ann looked to her right, and in the near distance, she saw a large, famous, hotel.  The hotel was located in a large, valley-like circle, and the highway slightly towered above that lowered ground.  Further up the road, Marie-Ann could see a paved, winding road, that led down to the hotel, for the large hotel shined tremendous light.  She exited her car, locked the doors, and began walking along the main highway in the short dress that she had on.  She started to walk toward the paved, side-roadway that lead to the motel where there was a phone.

As she was walking, swiftly, toward the concreted side-road, a dark automobile passed her.  It was the only car in sight.  It pulled some yards ahead of her, and stopped!  Suddenly, a man got out of the car!  In the dark, she could see him looking toward her!  He looked tall, but she knew nothing else.  The stranger began to talk to her from a distance, as he was still approaching her.  In the dark shadows, she saw a man's conventional hat on his head.  He said, " Hey, hey.  Hey, you, Baby.  Come here.  Come here."                           Marie-Ann came to a complete stop!!!!!  She peered at the man quickly, then looked to her right, and started running down the sloped-downward dirt-ground!!  The hard branches, and twigs scratched her legs, and her knees, so terribly, as she ran, stumbled, and fell onto the hard ground of that downward slope in the dark; in her flee to escape whatever harm that the strange man was attempting to force upon her!!!

She uttered not a sound, she ran faster!  Then, the strange man ran faster!  Marie-Ann looked over her shoulder, and saw that he was catching up with her, but she saw the man as he slipped, and fell, also.  He got up again, and continued to chase her.  He called out to her again, saying, "Hey, Hey, come here.  Hey. Hey."  He was speaking in a low, steady voice.

She still said nothing.  She just ran for her life!  She was almost to the level ground of the valley-like surface, where the large, brightly lighted hotel was located, and running with all of the breath that she had within her!  He was gaining quickly now, upon her.  The woman, now ran with all of the determined strength, and speed, that she never realized was possible!!!!  Finally, after arriving at the glass doors of the hotel, she tried to open them, but the double doors were locked!  Thru the glass, she could see a workman mopping the huge, lobby floor.  The woman, Marie-Ann, beat on the glass, and hysterically shouted to the workman that was mopping inside.

"Help me!  My car stopped, and a strange man is chasing me!  Please let me in!  Please call the police.!  Call the highway patrol!  Look, there he is running behind me!"

The workman, at first, was very hesitate, but he saw that she had begun to cry, so he raced to the door, and let her in.  It was just in time, because the man was then only yards away from her weary body.  The hotel worker looked at the man through the glass doors, as the strange motorist stopped, and starred at the escaped woman.  The worker glared at him from inside the hotel lobby, and raised his mop, like a weapon, in an angry, muscled motion.  Marie-Ann, and the worker walked to the visible, rounded, service desk, and the worker picked up the hotel's phone to call the highway patrol. The man who had chased the escaped woman, stood outside, stared in defeat, then, he turned around, and started running in the opposite direction where he had meant to do a terrible wrong; and, most likely, a sex murder.

The highway patrol car with two patrolmen, was there within twenty minutes.  An all-search was activated, as they got on their radios.  They took Marie-Ann  to her car that was stranded on the highway, and called for roadside help.  When help arrived, the serviceman discovered that the distributor cap had jumped from its placement. The emergency roadside assistant told the highway patrolmen, and Marie-Ann, that whoever had worked on her car, failed to put the distributor cap, back on tightly.  The serviceman also told us that the traveling at high speeds, and the car's movements in climbing, and descending the levels of the highway's hill; just passed, had resulted in its dislodgement from a non-secured connection  

The circumstances had brought about such a bewitching highway travel that Marie-Ann would always remember.  She was fortunate to be alive.

                                                                              THE END OF STORY.


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