Journals of a Psychopath



There are no limits for Clarkson and his son Smithson.

Chapter Eighteen

The Prey’s House

Smithson and I raced to the prey's dwelling and he lobbed a stone at Taylor's windowpane. (The Trees and the Archangel instructed me to go to the woman in the window I had vetted.) Yowling in advance and Smithson tossed another pebble she sat up. Taylor rose and peeped from the window into the dark-fall, Taylor opened it. Jumping in front and Smithson forced a gag in Taylor’s mouth, he pulled her out, and my shadow eclipsed her figure. Standing above her, I studied I saw she was an ordinary female. Taylor’s sleeve was rolled up a tattoo was etched into her arm. She swooned. Smithson grabbed a handful of ice, and smeared it into Taylor’s face, she returned to us.
      “It bodes better for you if you obey,” he said.
Smithson tugged the muzzle out.
      “We are the reapers and we will garner you. Get us some liquor,” I said.
Taylor struggled through the frame and collected the whiskey. She fiddled with the latch on the door, hurried back, and passed the bottle. Drinking after me, he smacked his lips. Rotating before Taylor and she could not believe her vision-orbs, Taylor ran back to the door, scuttled in, and bolted it.

The Gas Station

Stiffening in his chair, Pep's fingers gripped the edge of the desk, I had challenged him about Merle, and Perry was anxious. Gracelyn dialed Perry, the sound from the call sliced into the tense vibes.
      “She told me to ask you to join us for a drink.”
Perry and I met her outside of Rileys.
      “What is up?” She asked.
An atmosphere was between Pep and me, because of his tryst with Merle, and his perpetual attempts to lure Rheanna.
      “Pep ogles Rhea and he nailed another woman of mine.”
I could tell she was hurt, but Gracelyn sipped her wine, and nattered to Perry. Exploring Pep I was hostile, but he was unperturbed, the gin, and his broad ensured that. Seeing Rhea from the window, I clambered over the bench, and I sprinted outside. She sped to me a frantic air was close to her.
      “You win Clarkson.”
Rheanna searched my eyes.
      “Can we start again?” She asked plaintively.
      “You ought to make up your silly mind you approve or you disapprove.”
      “I am hungry for you even though you do lead Smithson malevolently.”
The gray sky filled with sleet and Rheanna shivered.
      “Come inside,” I said.
Rhea hesitated as she preceded me, and Perry glanced, he was surprised, when he saw her.
      “We are leaving,” he said.
      “What is the matter are you a coward?” I asked.
      “For fucks sake will you give it a rest?”
Gracelyn was annoyed and she grabbed Perry’s arm he pulled away from her.
      “You had better not want Rheanna,” Gracelyn said.
Gracelyn looked determined and Rhea was pleased about the interest she engendered, Perry was forlorn, and his head was down.

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