The universe



Philosophical ramblings about every day life in society and self.

"Our home planet, earth, revolves around its parent star together with other planets forming a solar system, just another out of many systems in the milky way galaxy  in the universe of many other galaxies, probably forming another universe in the colossal space of multiverses." I thought to myself as I closed an atlas of constellations.

Sleepy mornings is the most productive part of the day if it involves more thinking than doing. I can involuntarily reflect on being and nothingness, while staring at the wall for an hour, hour and half with a cup of coffee in my hand, in a dizzy state between the sleepiness and wakefulness.

"I feel so small", I thought, "Compared to the universe our problems just fade away compared to the majestic stars. Our lives don't even matter, it's just seconds compared to the lifetime of a star,  billions of years. It's plainly absurd, anything we do is simply pointless compared to the size of the universe."

For a while I just kept staring at nothing in particular and then I told to myself "Let's see what's on TV" as I reached for a remote control.

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