sir wreale eld rich



A cryptic story within a story a la Joyce's Ulysses? Crack if you think you can...

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in mended of mind deamon like i wyvern flite week to weak to wean wells up quick at ear scapes lowly dumb bells down bar bells um click that sear malis de miss am melee us male fickle rum dis miss dress wrighter writeless let hers red slow sept murks yell glow way pour klept lurks jell ink dun crying down poor fools cap liteless suns drying lux spent occident niteness gruel sap cockless hours obsess plotless flowers white mass abscess cots rot an order dae dawn fooken tooken idlesse in stir millwoods pecke on her hills would peck wry thought trip nought bye gott magot slip naught wye knot cry eve sings leaves of dread ded reams recall lock hits keys recount two by force kins wrought drys not in rue reve spin you femme fat ale wish this dark nite din cark lights fort nights pish these narc nights owl weighs haze of laze whish breeze sprays of malaise regaze in a maze freeze glaze in a blaze burn in bed ded pan bray in pane clay in seine drape annoyed panta loons leak sips panta stasis 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friedrich manfred simon – kaput gerat lupinum – 08.02.15
dichter – denker – dreher

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