Ntuthu The Mountain's Child



Ntuthu is on the final part of his growth in the village and the Mountain speaks to the people what will the future hold for the Mountain's child l wonder. Lets find out how this part of the story ends.

Ntuthu The Mountain's Child

Part 4

There was an important ceremony coming up in a few days, it was the time of the year when the spirit mediums would go up to the hidden mountain caves for seven nights. After that they would come back with word from the Bhubesi Mountain about what the spirits wanted from the people and also tell us about our future so that we could continue to live in peace under the mountain.

 The rich man we had helped escape the robbers told us his name was Noto he sat down with the village elders to discuss about the reason for his journey to our village. Noto said he had come from the Sunset village which was one of our neighboring villages. He was a very wealthy man and he heard about our village building a market so he was interested in helping us because he had a lot of traders who worked for him that needed places to trade.

The villagers welcomed him and they asked what else he could do to improve our village. He told them that our houses where not enough for the number of people that would come as our village grew so he would build some new houses that were stronger than the ones we lived in at that time. This would mean we would get houses that could last longer and more traders would be able to come and stay longer in our village. The village elders where very happy about this and they told him that the spirit mediums would be told about the plans and ask the Bhubesi if it was ok to continue with making the village bigger.

Bhubesi ceremony was very big people from all the surrounding villages would come and join us. They built small huts to stay in and a big fire was lit at the center of our village it would burn for the seven days until the spirit medium came back from the mountain. There would be dancers around the fire singing and dancing to traditional songs together with all the villagers and visitors as this was a way to please the Bhubesi Mountain. Noto was also going to stay during the ceremony so that the spirits could welcome him.

Our warriors were not allowed to fight any enemy during this time all of them would join the villagers. The patrols stopped and even Witty was afraid of coming near our village during the ceremony because of a mysterious lion that went around our village. The elders said the lion always appeared around our village during this time and it is because of this lion that the mountain was named Bhubesi which is the traditional name for lion. Anyone who was not suppose to take part in the ceremony would be chased away by the lion this helped to make sure that everyone came to the ceremony with good intensions. We did not carry any weapons during time because the Bhubesi would harm anyone who brought weapons to the ceremony.

It had been a week of dancing and singing at the foot of the Bhubesi Mountain we had now got into the spirit of the ceremony all of us waiting for the moment when the spirit medium came back. On that seventh night the drums became louder and the dancers jumped so high you could think they were floating in the air. That night there was a loud roar from the mountain it sounded louder than thunder and even more fierce. I had never heard such a strong noise before everyone was afraid and the only way they could hide their fear was to sing louder and beat the drums louder. It was the roar of the Bhubesi the lion stood on top of the trees on the mountain watching us l could only see its eyes glowing in the darkness. Maybe this was its way of letting us know that it was about to disappear for another year.

 In that moment as the roar of the Bhubesi rumbled through the village there came the spirit medium running down from the caves he jumped into the center of the crowd falling on top the people and jumping up again still singing and the drums beating with the Bhubesi still roaring. It was a very intense moment but at once the medium put up his hand and there was dead silence the roaring Bhubesi disappeared everyone sat down. It was now time for the medium to speak and we all listened to what he had to say.

He started to speak about the good that had happened in the village he raised his shield “this land will be yours as it was given to you people from faraway places will find rest in this village, they will all bring new things to help the Bhubesi Mountain’s children. The new villagers that you see around you are here because they have been accepted by the Mountain’s spirits some will go back to their home lands to talk about our village  even if they don’t come back they will stay forever connected to us.”

There were cheers and drum beats after the medium said this everyone was happy, then the medium raised his spear “the enemy of the village is making new plans to destroy the people living here he knows that in future this place will be known as the best to live in so he wants it to himself, the warriors need to be ready for what is coming. The only thing that the Mountain’s spirits will do is to give you a warrior who has the spirit of the Bhubesi in his heart, for as long as Ntuthu lives here the enemy will not be able to conquer you”. After this the medium kneeled down and drank some water then he spit it out and ran back into the Mountain’s caves.

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