Luna & Sol: The Adventure Begins...



An opening to a possible prose piece I'm thinking about doing. Please let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcomed! :)

Every elemental has a yin to their yang. A tweedle dee to their tweedle dum however, even as an elemental, life cannot be that simple. 
Many years ago a warlock cast a spell on the elementals that lived amongst each other harmoniously on Earth. They were bound away from their human forms to reside with nature for an eternity. Only when the world was upset in its balance could they take their human forms and restore the Earths equilibrium. To do this they would also have to find the yin to their yang. The opposite in their existence. For example if one elemental reborn had the power of light their opposite would have the power of darkness. There is nothing simpler than this. The agents of earth 'The Elementals', would form in a time of need. But in that time of need they would have to be at their most powerful, beside their opposite.

Chapter 1.
Appearances can be deceiving. The entity of the sun contained in a form with cool brown hair and ice blue eyes. A single touch could incinerate a hundred year old tree if he so wished…though the element of nature would soon stir a rage with such carelessness. As for the moon, she had warm rouge hair with and hazel eyes that changed from amber to green depending on the light and mood. She was changeable, like the phases of the moon.  She could control the tides, the weather and consequently ice. The two balanced each other out perfectly. 
‘As you may have noticed…a few elementals have gone missing. This is no accident. We sent them, one by one, on a rescue mission. The same rescue mission. And one after one, they did not return. The first rescue mission was partly a success, in that it was completed. However they failed to return.' She stuffed the message into her pocket. 
Training. That’s what they call it. She thought twirling a blunt blade in her hand. Where’s the real danger? Pfft, like I could use a blunt blade to…
‘You should take this training more seriously y’know’ She spun around to the voice and threw the blade. It bounced off his shoulder after emitting a small 'ping'. This was received with a heartily chuckle. She looked up to see a pair of bemused blue eyes looking at her.
‘I didn’t realise anyone else was in this area’ she frowned as she began to try and sharpen a shard of rock.
Smiling, he picked up the blunt object she had thrown his way. Twirling it in between his fingers.
‘I know. You didn’t seem to notice the twigs I snapped to try and grab your attention.’
She raised an eyebrow ‘These training exercises might just save your life someday…you should pay more attention to what’s around you’.
His cold dark stare pressed deep into her soul as she tried to look away. He handed back the blade, his fingertips lingering on hers just a moment too long, the heat of his hand reflecting the cool of hers. Smirking, he turned emitting a small warm glow around his being as he began to pass through the woods. Once the glow had vanished her cheeks glimmered silver under her frown as she grasped the handle of the blade tight.
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