It Comes (Part 3) Days Gone By



Part 3 of my horror story. Please guys, tell me what you think so far.

Charlie woke with a start. How long had he been asleep? Five minutes? Twenty minutes? An hour? He didn't know. He looked at his wrist where his watch used to be. "Dammit!" He thought. "Why did I ever throw that out?" "All it needed was a God damn battery." 
He thought of the time his wife had given him that watch. It was a birthday gift, three years ago.

You see, Charlie did have a normal life at one point. He had a steady, well paying job, and a beautiful wife and daughter. Charlie was in the business of Marketing, and he was damn good at it too. He worked for a well known company with great benefits and bonuses. His boss was a real asshole, but he still loved his job. Even though he had saved the company on many occasions with his marketing skills, his boss was still an asshole.

Then, about eight months ago, Charlie's life took a turn for the worse. People had stopped coming to him for marketing advice. Nobody trusted him anymore and he had no idea why. Because of this, his work started to decline. He would always be late with his reports and presentations. And when he did have them, they would be shit. It got so bad that his boss had no choice but to demote him. He hated it, but his boss loved it. ASSHOLE!!!

Charlie was desperate. Without the extra money coming in, he found it very hard to support his family. He had even tried to take out a loan, but the banks turned him down flat. He had no choice but to get a loan, ELSEWHERE. The place he walked into was dirty and rundown. Two big men escorted him to an office in the back. Behind the desk sat an extremely overweight man who was chowing down on a chicken leg. He looked up when Charlie entered the room. He gave Charlie a long hard stare with his beady little eyes. "How much you need?" He asked. Surprisingly, his voice was soft and calm. Charlie sat down, explained his situation, and waited for a response. WHUMP!!! The big man laid twenty-five grand in front of him. "Here," he said, "take this. But you had better have it back to me in 30 days." He paused, as if he were thinking. "You come back to me. If I have to send my boys out for you, you are not gonna like me."

Charlie said"Okay". His voice was hoarse. "I don't like you now." He thought to himself.

"Am I crazy?" He thought "Am I fucking nuts to take money from this guy? Do I have a choice? How the fuck am I gonna pay this fat bastard back?" And yet, Charlie knew, in fact, that he didn't have a choice.

"All I need is a couple of good prospects, and I'll be back on my feet again." He hoped.

Charlie's head hurt. He was thinking too much. Thinking about the past. He had to stop or his head would explode. He must concentrate on the now. On this.......thing that's trying to kill him, and how to get away from it. If he can get away from it. But Charlie is getting more and more tired by the day. The meds to stay awake are just not working anymore. And he was getting low on those.

He pulled his knees closer to his chest to try and keep warm. He was huddled in the corner of a room of an old abandoned train station. "How much worse can my life get?" He thought. He sat bolt upright when he heard it. "What the hell was that?" Then he heard it again.
Faint, at first, but steadily getting louder. At the far end of the room, on the other side of the door, someone, or something was scratching....

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