Oh, My!



Sometimes you bump into the oddest people in lifts!

A few years ago, I was visiting my Dad in the hospital. He was seriously ill and I was anxious to get there as soon as possible.

The hospital had a glass lift that ran up the side enabling you to see inside. As I approached I could see a group of men in suits getting inside. I estimated that by the time I got there, the lift would have reached the ground floor and I could get straight on.

When I got there, the men were spilling come out, except for two, who were having a conversation at the back.

I was impatient, I needed to get to the ward and said, "Are you coming out, or what?" I'm not normally that rude, I might add, and my excuse was the stressful situation.

One of the men jumped forward and said, "Oh sorry," 

My jaw dropped and I was suddenly lost for words. The other man looked highly amused. It was none other than ex-Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. Feeling stupid I held out my hand and said, How do you do?

He shook it and was gracious. I couldn't believe the legend that is Alex Ferguson shook my hand! 






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