From the 1st book, Denny's 1st brush with death



Denny's first brush with death

“Run ahead.” Batresh told Jerry. “They know me.” She nervously fingered the door handle, willing herself to stay in the car as she watched through the window.

He sprinted ahead. But as he approached, he slowed to a walk, not wanting to raise suspicions. He watched Eddie, Betsy and Denny up ahead, as they walked onto the road over the dam. Below them, to their left, was the spillway. Crushing torrents of water spewed from open gates. He saw the little family move close to the railing. Jerry looked down at pulverizing water gushing from openings. Then, he heard screams. Looking towards the sound, he felt the blood leave his face. The father was holding the frantic boy out over the spillway. Betsy was bent over panicked, her hands stretched out, looking for anyone to help.

Jerry, looked back quickly and saw Batresh standing outside the car, pointing towards the child. Betsy screamed again drawing his attention towards her. He began running towards them, “Hey!” he shouted, “Hey, man!” He ran faster than he knew he could. “Put that boy down!” The father looked towards Jerry, then back at the boy, frozen with fear. His little body rigid, his hands clasped onto his father's forearms. Eddie moved closer to the edge, shoving the boy out further over the crushing spillway.

Jerry looked down at violent currents, seven meters below them. Denny breathed rapidly, making squealing sounds between short breaths. Two other women, standing on the other side of them, looked on in horror. One held a gloved hand over her mouth. The other began running towards Betsy.

“We’re all watchin’ you man,” Jerry yelled, running faster. “Heeeeeeey!” he yelled, getting closer. “We’re all watchin you!” he screamed.

Eddie’s face began to change. His red face turned pale, becoming expressionless. Slowly, stiff, almost mechanically, he turned around and delicately placed the little boy on the pavement. Denny immediately ran to his mother’s open arms. Jerry could see tears on Betsy’s face. Enraged himself, he yelled, “What in the hell are you doin’ man?” The father calmly started to walk back to his car, ignoring Jerry and the two women walking towards them. Jerry saw another man running from the other end of the dam. Betsy was weeping, holding her son tight.

Eddie put on a bizarre smile and tried to laugh, “Just teachin’ the sissy boy a lesson,” he shouted.

Jerry was dumbfounded. He stood there with his mouth agape, watching them walk back to the car.

Eddie’s blinding rage had lifted long enough for him to see the little boy he held out over the spillway, as his son.

Batresh had completed her first mission.

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