Twisted Love



When young love goes horribly wrong!

It all started with an innocent tarot card reading. The medium spiritualist gasped in horror as she interpreted her young client’s tarot cards. Things certainly looked bad, especially when a familiar spirit attached itself to the young teenager. That’s when things digressed from the promising goals she had set for herself. At first, the young girl was unaware of the spirit’s presence, but in time, the familiar spirit manifested itself to her. And what it showed her was awe-inspiring. Taken in by the lies and deception, which was his true nature, was the beginning of her downfall that resulted in the ruin of two families. A riveting spine-chilling story of young love that ran deep, a love so strong that it would stop at nothing... not even murder? Could Pamela Ewing and her beau's love prevail against overwhelming odds that also included an instigator from a hidden realm?

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