A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 3)



A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 3: Bad is Bad) Well They Say The Sky’s The Limit And To Me That’s Really True But My Friend You Have Seen Nothing Just Wait ’Til I Get Through . . . Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad- C...

A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 3: Bad is Bad)

Well They Say The Sky’s The Limit

And To Me That’s Really True

But My Friend You Have

Seen Nothing

Just Wait ’Til I Get Through . . .

Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad-

Come On

(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)

You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad-

You Know It

(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)

You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad-

Come On, You Know

(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)

And The Whole World Has To

Answer Right Now

Just To Tell You Once Again,

Who’s Bad?

-Bad, Michael Jackson-


April 2015

08:00 A.M

Dear Diary,

A very tiring month has finally passed by very slowly, ever since something terribly and utterly buzzard had happened to me.

A man, claimed to be a real-life Royal Prince from a magical Kingdom Excalibell in another dimension, had come to my life scratch that. To be more precise, he had come into my life through my freaking walk-in wardrobe!

Sounds insane? Maybe so.

I’d even tried to slap myself a couples of time to make sure it was a very bad dream.

At last, it wasn’t.

This is actually happening and the VERY beginning of it.

Which Gods did I pissed off that cursed me with this mess, anyways?!


Well, might as well get along with them. For now anyway.

Much love,


ANYA Romans had just finished her ‘World Literacy’ Class. Just as she was about to walk out of the lecture hall, all the sudden, someone was calling out her name.

Anya stopped and turned her head around to find her two best friends were waving their hands at her .

Smiling, Anya made her way toward them.

“Heyya, girlfriend! Haven’t seen you lately. Busy much?” Emma Greens pulled her in a big hug.

“Yeah. You could say that.” Anya replied tiredly.

“You look worn out. Been eating well?” Steve asked. Face filled with much concerned at his childhood friend.

Anya yawned and rubbed her eyes tiredly. “I’m just peachy. Been staying up late lately, though. Catching up with the deadlines and researches. Not to mention, the busy crowds at Home’s lately.”

“Oh, honey. You need to unwind! Hey, I know. Why don’t we go and have some smoothies at Archie’s? I heard they’re having a Special Promotions every Monday! What do you say?”

“No can’t do, baby-doll. Have to help out at the shop today. Sorry.”

Emma looked at her with pitiful eyes. “Anya... Do you need a few extra hands at the shop? Cause you know, I could earned some money and Steve would be happy to help out. Won’t you, honey?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Anya smiled wearily before shaking her head. “Thanks for the offers, guys. But I’m good. Besides, we’ve just hired two new rookies. So, like it or not, I’ll be busy managing the shop and training them.”

Her left eye suddenly twitched.

There’s no way in Seven Hells am I letting these two meet with those guys. And if I told them they are my childhood friends from kindergarten, Steve would know for sure that I’m lying through my teeth!

“Ooh! Are they cute? Hey, can I just come and see them anyway? Pretty please? With cherry on top?” Emma grinned and batting her long eyelashes.

Anya giggled and playfully pushed her friend away. “No. Go on. Go ahead and enjoy a wonderful time with your boyfriend instead!”

Ting! A message ringtone came in.

Steve took out his cellphone from his jeans. He read the message silently and nodded.

“It looks like we’ll be going there after all. Anya, Mom said she feels like having your famous Blueberry Cheesecake.”





Business for the Romans’ ’Home’s Bakery and Cafe’ on weekdays had always been moderated, even on Mondays. It wasn’t as busy as the weekends hours, nor was it quiet during the holidays season.

Fortunately, since last week, the Romans’s Bakery & Cafe had been on profitable sky-rocketing through the roof!

All of the credits and thanks went to the newly hired staff — two incredibly gorgeous, irresistible and charming looking men. Each wore a standard black and white waiter suit, with an apron on top.

They both had winning smiles and irresistible grins that made all of the female customers swooned and sighed dreamily and weak on their knees.

When Anya and her best friends reached at the Bakery after school by the train, they were especially shocked to find the whole place was fully packed with women of all age and size!

A long single queue at the entrance filled with young women trying to take a peek or glimpse at the two waiters through the curtains. Others were trying to catch their attentions and take their pictures by shouting their names.

When one of the waiters did turn their heads to look at them, the women sighed and went crazily insane!

Anya let out an frustrating groan.

" I can’t believe this! We’ll have to use the back door. C’mon.”

Her two best friends, still in shock at the unbelievable scene, simply nodded and followed her toward the back door.

Upon reaching at the back door’s entrance, Anya took out a special key that only she and Mama kept, and began to unlock the door.

Anya entered first before letting her friends in. Once everybody had entered, Anya quickly closed the door and locked it.

The trio then made their way to a small hallway where the dressing room and lockers were.

Anya went to her locker, unlocked the padlock, and put her bag in. She took out her phone and checked for any messages, before putting it inside her jeans’ pocket. Afterwards, she grabbed a black apron that hanging inside her locker.

Her two friends watched silently as Anya got dressed and ready for work. She redo her hair into a simple neat bun and touched up her face with very light makeups.

The sound of women sighing dreamily and giggling echoed could be heard and echoed in the dressing room.

Once settled, Anya took a deep long breath and prepared herself to the rest of the day to come. Smiling to her friends, she headed to the front, where her many customers were having a good time.

Loud giggling sound greeted them the moment the trio came out from the back door. The giggling sound belonged to none other than a bunch of a high school girls sitting at a large table. Judging by their uniforms, and appearances, they were from a high-class Private High School.

Taking their orders with a cunning polite smile was Aidan. After jotting their orders, he bowed his head to them, causing them to squeal even more before making his way to the counter.

When his eyes met with Anya and her two friends standing behind her, he let out a small smirk and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Meanwhile, Anya had told her friends to wait for a moment while she headed toward the counter, where her mother was exchanging small talks with one of the customers.

After the customers had left, Anya stepped in and surprised Rosy with a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, hi honey! When did you arrive? Are you hungry? There’s a chicken pie in the fridge if you want.”

“Hi ma. Just a while ago. We came through the back door. Emma and Steve are here. Mrs. Aarons wants the blueberry cheesecake.”

“Take the one in the fridge, honey. It’s still new. Oh, and give both Emma and Steve each the strawberry creamed-cheese cake as well. They’re on the house.” Rosy turned to look at the young couple and waved her hand.

“Hello, Emma! Steve!”

“Hi, Aunty Rosy! We’ll just grab these and go. Sorry to bother you on your busy day! And thank you so much for the cakes!”

“No problem, honey. Say hi to your family for me. Oh, and I hope your mum would like the new strawberry creamed-cheese cake, Steve. Send my regards to both of your families, dearies!”

“Thanks and sure thing! See ya tomorrow, Anya.”

Anya smiled and waved at her friends a goodbye without sending them off as she immediately got stuck by taking orders from the customers.

“Thank you! Please come again!”

Duke waved at the last customer goodbye at the door with a gleeful smile. He then flipped the signboard to ‘CLOSED’ at the door, before he reentering the shop.

The time was ten o’clock at night.

Rosy Romans was calculating the profits of the day at the cashier table, with Aidan, assisting her. While those two were busily calculating the profits of the day, the other two staff were in the kitchen, doing the dishes.

Anya let out a long and tiring sigh. She turned her neck — left and right and it cracked loudly.

“That was quite enjoyable.” Duke stated happily beside her.

“You enjoy doing all those works?”

“Yes. It’s entirely different from Castle’s life, that’s for sure. Being here is actually a nice place for releasing all those stress I have back at home.” Duke put away the clean plates on the racks for them to dry.

“Hmm. I see.” Anya yawned tiredly. Somehow her head was getting heavier and she felt more tired than the usual.

Beside her, Duke continued. “As the only Heir to the Throne, I have very high expectations from not only the people around me, but also from the public. I have to strive for greatness and perform to perfection for the sake of my Kingdom and my people. That being said, I’m always busy. Whether it’s mingling with Noblemen, finding ways to expand the empire, handling the political issues, looking after the country, and what’s not. It’s quite stressful being a King, really!”

He chuckled slightly.

“For as long as I remembered ever since I was a child, I’ve always found it interesting by the things that the servants do in the castle — washing the dishes, making meals, washing clothes, cleaning the castle. Life in the castle can be a bore if there’s nothing interesting for you to—”


The sound of broken plates shattered on the kitchen’s floor, caught his immediate attention.

“Miss Anya!”

“HONEY? Anya? Can you hear me?”

Anya slowly opened her eyes. It took her for a while to discover where she was until her eyes found the cone-shaped table lamp, with ‘glow in the dark’ stars, had been switched on, on the study table.

It was an old gift from Emma on her sixteenth birthday.

“What happened? Ow, my head hurts.”

“You’d collapsed in the kitchen all the sudden while washing the dishes, dear. You were lucky Duke was there to catch you before you hit your head on the sharp edge of the sink. Anya dear, why didn’t you told me earlier that you weren’t feeling so well? You have a high fever.”

When Anya had collapsed on the kitchen’s floor, Rosy had bought her to the nearest clinic for a checkup. She had handed and trusted the two men to close and locked up the shop before they returned home.

“Sorry for making you worry, Ma. I didn’t mean to worry you... We’ve just hired those two. So, I’d thought you needed me to help with training them...”

“Oh, you silly child. You don’t need to worry about them. They’re doing great! All the customers loved them! As long as they keep on with their excellent services, business will continue to bloom!” Rosy kissed her forehead.

“So honey, you can take this whole week off to rest.” Rosy smiled at her, gently patting her head.

She glanced around the room. Papers, notes and mountains of books were scattered and everywhere. Rosy wondered how her daughter could sleep in this environment without stumbling over.

“By the way, dear, your room is in such a mess.”

“I’m currently doing an important research on something. I’ll clean it up tomorrow.”

“Oh, what’s it about?”

“It’s about the famous Blue Tree.” Anya let out a sigh. “There are only a few of them left in this world. I’m searching if there is one nearby so that I can take pictures. Do you know anything about the Blue Tree, Ma?”

“Hmm,” Rosy thought for a while. “Well, there is one place that I could think about. It’s in —”

Knock. knock.

Duke opened the door.

“We’re back. We’ve closed the shop just as you’d instructed, Aunt Ros. We’ve also bought home a medicine for Miss Anya and dinner for everyone!”

He handed Rosy a bottle of medicine and a hot, freshly home-made soup from the Deli’s in a container.

“Thank you so much for your help. My, it feels like having sons all over again!” Rosy smiled brightly. “Did you closed the shop and make sure that it’s locked properly, Aidan?”

“Absolutely, Madam. I assure you that the shop will still be in good conditions tomorrow morning.” Aidan smiled reassuringly.

True to his words, he had even cast an invisible magical seal around the shop’s perimeter so that no burglar could trespassed the area.

“Thank you again, both of you.” Rossy got up from the bed. “Well, I’d better go and freshen up before eating my dinner. Will the two of you mind eating here and keep Anya company?”

“Ma, I’m a grown woman. I don’t need babysitters.”

“Absolutely! We shall accompany her until she falls to sleep.” Duke held on to one of Anya’s available hand.

Anya cringed awkwardly. One interesting thing she’d found out about the Prince, was that he’s the touchy type. He liked to hold her hands and gave her hugs — plenty of hug as if she did not get enough love.

Sometimes it was whole bear hug, and other times it was just a one shoulder hug.

Anya had of course, told him off, even shoved him away when the first time he hugged her, as it was not something that she was used to and that it was greatly embarrassing especially when he’d done it in public.

Duke however, had been greatly stunned. He later claimed that it was nothing more than just friendly gestures displayed among family, acquaintances, friends, companions and comrades — a cultural thing in Excalibell. However if she wished for him to stop, then he would honoured it.

In the end, after much consideration, Anya had told him that because she respect his kingdom’s culture, thus, had allowed him to display the ‘friendly affection’ toward her. But only when they were at home and out of familiar faces.

Even she had a reputation to keep.

Duke had been very happy when she’d told him that. His ways of thinking sometimes reminded her of a child. Especially his naivety of understanding the world.

“I know you’re a big girl, honey. But it relieves me to know that you are being taken care of when you’re sick.” Rosy smiled wearily.

“You can leave her to us. Please take your time and enjoy your bath, Madam.” Aidan said again with a polite smile.

Rosy nodded. Feeling rather satisfied with the answers given to her, slowly she closed the door.

Aidan waited until her footsteps faded before his usual stoic expression returned. He glanced at the sick young woman who was lying on the bed, falling asleep.

His Royal Charge had taken a chair put it beside the bed. He put a wet towel on her forehead and sat on the chair, watching the woman while holding her hands.

Aidan shook his head. Honestly, the Prince was too naive. He was just about to comment it aloud when he saw Duke took a hold of Anya’s hand and muttered softly before kissing the palm.

reverse spell.

Aidan’s eyes widened.

“Your Highness. What are you doing?”

Duke put one finger to his mouth. “Shh. It’s okay. We don’t need to keep a watchful eyes on her any more. So I’d removed the contract spell.”

“...What made you wanted to do that, Sire? Isn’t it still too early for us to trust her? After all, we’ve only known her for only a short while.”

“Take a look around of the room, and tell me what you see, Aidan.” Not understanding what his Charge meant, Aidan did as he was told anyway.

There were papers, opened reference books,sticky notes, pictures — all related to the whereabouts of the blue tree. Her computer screen was filled with notes and big question marks with circles.

“She’s working hard every night in order to help us to find the Blue Tree. Though, I believed it was a task that we had entrusted her as part of the agreement of helping us find a way to get back home.”

“Precisely. It has just only been a month, and yet she’s been working desperately to find the flower, above all of her hectic daily schedules. So much that she’s willing to risk her own health for it. Why? I believe the factor behind her dedications to the task came from fear. Miss Anya feared that we might do harms to her family should she refused to do so. I felt partly responsible for her falling sick. Don’t you, Aidan?”

Aidan didn’t answer.

He was stunned. For the Butler to be stunned as he was now was a rare sight to see.

Clearing his throat after the long pause, he said, “You are fully aware by removing the contract spell, she could have easily betrays us if she wishes to. Don’t you, Your Highness?”

“Indeed. I am fully aware of that and I’ll take full responsibility if anything happens to us. Still,” Duke smiled at Anya’s sleeping face.

“I have faith in her and I believe that she can be trusted.”

Aidan frowned. Honestly, his Prince was too soft and naive for his own good. He trusted the humans from this world way too much and easily too.

Sighed, Aidan simply nodded.

“Very well. If it is what you wish for, Sir. However, let us not forget what you’d just said a while ago.”

“Thank you, Aidan. And of course I won’t. Come now, we should let Miss Anya rests.”

Carefully, Duke put back the chair back to its respective place and quietly closed the door.

Hours after the Prince and his butler had left the room, something sneaked in a form of a smoke through the window.

“Oh my. Oh my. What do we have here?”

The smoke took form to a slender young man with a pale face, wore a very thick Gothic make-up, and had a hairstyle similar to those of many punk rock stars style, with two small horns pointed on his forehead. He wore a matching black tops with a cape, and a long dark blue pants.

The man walked toward the bed and watched how peacefully the young woman slept. He grinned as his blue skinned hand reached out to touch her head — when a fast flying blade came out of nowhere, caused the intruder narrowly dodged his head, causing the blade to hit the glass window instead and shattered it.

The door suddenly burst opened, Duke and Aidan entered the room. Both had suddenly awakened from their slumbers by the strong inhumanly presence that came from the opposite room — Anya’s room, and had rushed in.

“Miss Anya!” Duke’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You...”

Standing at the broken glass window, the mysterious intruder was floating in the air. He had both hands carrying the girl in a bridal-style. He smiled a wide grin at the two men inside the room.

Meanwhile, Anya stirred after being rudely awakened from her deep slumber when she felt something or someone had grabbed a hold of her and carried her toward the broken window.

Her head was spinning like crazy. Anya struggled but found herself trapped and tied up by a neon blue rope, and a thick ducking tape on her mouth.

“At long last we meet again once again, Prince Duke of Excalibell!”

“If it isn’t Zenon’s perky voice. How troublesome.” Aidan sighed.

“Shut up, servant. My voice isn’t perky! It’s husky! Husky!

They knew each other?What the hell is going on?! Anya looked back to forth from her intruder to the the two men.

“Anyhow,” Zenon smirked. “I’ve heard rumours of how Excalibell is currently at loss with their precious Prince that had recently gone missing. Father was delighted to hear the news of course. He’d even arranged an army to take Excalibell down on its knees, as we speak.”

“What?!” Duke shouted.

“I’d told him, ‘Pop. What’s the fun of crushing Excalibell now when the cause of the fun is elsewhere?’ Of course, I’d walked away before he could give me one of his famous lecture about being the Demon King’s Heir, and went on a search of your whereabouts. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprise to have found you so quickly.”

“Excalibell! What have you done to Excalibell?! Answer me!”

“Oh, for Hell’s sake! It was just a fake story I’d made up on my way here to tick you off!”

“To tick me off...?” Duke looked at him uncertainly.

Zenon let out a frustrated sigh. “Honestly! You’re still so easy to be ticked off that it’s making me feel bad and irritated! Listen, nobody except me know that you’re here. Not even my old pop. Although if he knows, there will be a big war between Excalibell and him. Though, I don’t care much about what’d happened in the past as long as I can have some fun!”

He grinned and gazed at Anya who looked a bit surprise to meet with his eyes — they were the colour of blood.

Zenon’s grin widened. “I see even a Prince like you couldn’t resist the beauty of another maiden other than your so-called one and only true love — your precious Marian, huh Duke?”

“You leave Marian out of this! She is my one and only true love!”

“Oh, is that so? I suppose you won’t mind if I take this mortal away, then?” Zenon smiled wickedly.

“No, wait!”

Too late. The moment Duke took a step forward toward the window, Zenon vanished in the thin air — taking Anya with him to who knows where.

“Miss Anya! Damn...”

“Your Highness, he hasn’t gone too far. We can still catch up with him.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Aidan grinned.

THE Town of Hillview was a peaceful town. At night, when all the residence were sleeping and the busy night life was getting exciting and...


An unfitting maiden-like scream that was loud enough to make any ears bleed, came from a young woman whom, for better or worse, was being carried like a sack by a blue-skinned being— the Demon King’s son — on his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Zenon was casually walking on the sky, five hundred meters on air, while whistling a tune to through the city centre.

The loud scream was unfortunately, deafened by the night life of the city.

“Let me go, you blue-skinned mutant bastard!” Anya shouted at the top of her lungs, all the while banging her fists on the Demon King’s back.

When they’d reached to the city, Zenon had pulled the duck-tape off her mouth, hoping that he could charmed his way into her heart.

Boy, did he regret doing so. The moment he’d taken the duck-tape off, the damn woman had the nerves to actually bit his fingers!

HimThe most handsome and fearsome son of the Demon King!

Cursing to himself, Zenon swore beneath that cute face, she had the meanest shark-like teeth.

“Stop struggling, woman! Do you want me to drop you five hundreds feet down?”

“Look, friend. Whatever funny business that the two of you have, I want nothing to do with it!”

Tired of her constant yapping, kicking and punching, Zenon made a graceful land on one of the tall building’s rooftop. He sat down her down on the ground, not before chaining her to a big ball of chain which he had summoned out of thin air, and handcuffed them to her right leg.

He let out a long tiring sigh.

“Honestly! In all of my years of bedding a woman, I never had them cursing my name before. you, my dear, are an exception.”

He stared at her with arms crossed. “To be honest, while I never expect him to come here and lived with another woman instead of being at his beloved Marian’s mansion. What’s your secret, woman?”

Anya instantly looked up at the mention of Marian.

“You know Marian? You know where she lives?”

A perfectly trimmed eyebrow rose at her questions. “And why would I not know where she lives?”

A small grin appeared across his lips.

Getting closer enough to invade her own personal space, Zenon whispered softly to her ears. One hand gently caressed her hair.

“It occurs me that you seem to want to know where Marian lives. Why is that?”

Anya tried to turn her face, only to get it caught by his hand who firmly gripped her chin to look at him.

His eyes were gazing at her and only her. It made her whole face burned under his gaze that she eventually shut her eyes.

“Miss Anya!”

The rooftop’s staircase door burst opened by a great force. Duke ran straight toward them, with a magical sword on hand. He pointed the sword at Zenon.

“I demand you to release the girl. Now!” Duke grated.

“I’m curious. How did you managed to find us almost too quickly?”

“By using what the humans in this world called ‘the transmitter detector.’ It allows someone to tell the location of something or someone.” Aidan took out a black transmitter detector device.

He pointed one finger at Anya.

“I’ve sneaked the transmitter inside the back of your pyjamas while you were sleeping so that I may easily monitor you now that His Highness had removed the contract spell.”

“You...You did what?!” Her face turned dark beetroot and mortified that he had the cheeks to do such thing while she was asleep!

“I assured you there’s nothing for you to be embarrass about. Your flat-chest was nowhere to be seen underneath that hideous looking clothes, as the matter of fact.” 

“M-My chest is not flat— that’s not even the POINT!”

How could he be so rude for a butler? Sure, her pyjamas didn’t look much — made of cotton in red and white with small geometrical patterns. But it was really comfy to sleep in with. Just what the hell was his problem anyway?

Find your happy place, Anya. Find it!

“My, my. Hearing the two of you bickering really made my head hurts.” 

As if forgotten the situation they were currently in, they all turned their attention back to Zanon.

Zanon smiled politely at the Excalibell’s Prince, whom had not lowered his guards for one second.

“You want the girl? Okay then. Catch!”


Anya’s eyes grew widen as a strong force pushed her from the back toward Duke, who was just in time to catch her before she fell down and broke her everything. When they looked back, Zanon was standing at the edge of the building.

“Consider this as a greeting to welcome you to my territory, Prince Duke of Excalibell.” Zanon snapped his finger, and out of the thin air, a black stallion-carriage appeared behind him.

Waving his hands to them, he winked at Anya.

“I’ll be seeing you again, sugar.” The carriage dispersed in the thin air.

The trio watched as the carriage dispersed, without saying anything. 

After a minute had passed, Aidan sighed deeply. 

“How troublesome.” 

“Are you okay, Miss Anya?” Duke asked with much deep concerned of his friend. 

When Aidan turned to look at them, something came flying to his face, which he easily caught it. The transmitter.

“I demand a respect for my privacy life! I’ve given you two bastards a shelter to live on, food to eat, comfortable beds to sleep in and this is how you repay me? It’s acceptable and unforgivable!”

“I agree with you, Miss Anya. Aidan, what you’ve done to Anya, invading her privacy was really uncalled for. For now on, I demand that you will treat her with respect. You don’t have to like her, but do not go against beyond anything indecency. Understand?”

“As you wish, Sir. My apologies to you, Miss Romans.”

“Eh?” Anya blinked her eyes a few times. She checked on her forehead. “My fever’s gone now.”

“Really? That’s a relief!” A loud sneeze stopped the Prince from saying anything else.

“...Though, I might get a cold if we stay here any longer.”

“Oh, right. Aidan, could you take us back to home, please?”

“Absolutely. But before that, Miss Romans, there’s something I would like you to have as an apology for my rude behaviour earlier.” He reached out for her left wrist and put on a small wrist-band with a small ruby gem on top.

“I may not be fond of you, Miss Romans, but Zanon seems to be. Moreover, he’s an idiot who loves to scheme and have some ‘fun’. There’s no telling what he might do to any of us. I can take care of His Highness the Prince, but I can't keep an eye on him and babysit at the same time. And since I have been forbidden to use any magic or transmitter to keep you on watch, this is the best way I could came up with. Press the ruby gem if you ever encounter with Zanon again. We will come and get you as soon as we can. However, if you press the gem for other than that, then I will have you punish for wasting my time. Do we have an agreement, Miss Romans?”

’“Fine. I don’t need your helps other than that anyway.” And so, the butler and the troublesome 'wicked witch' shook hands as a truce.

Clapping his hands, Duke said, “Excellent! Well then, we’ll best get going. The sleeping spell Aidan had cast in Aunty Rosy's room won't last long.”

SOMEWHERE far from HillTown, a twenty year old young lady sighed longingly at the window of her bedroom.

She stared at the moon. How much it reminded her of that one place she went with her beloved, the place that not many people would believed it existence.

The young lady let out another sigh before she closed the windows.

Tonight’s wind was chilling.

Her waist-length waving chocolate hair bounced as she made her way to the bed, getting ready to get some sleep when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“Miss Jones? Are you still awake?” Came a soft-spoken voice at the door.

“Oh, it’s you, Hans. Come on in." Hans gently opened the door and come in, dressed in a standard butler suit. He was slender, tall young man at the five feet six inched tall and had two-toned hair, white with black roots.

Twenty-four of age, he was the Jones’s butler as well as the young lady’s constant escort and bodyguard.

“I’ve saw the light in your room, and wondering why you haven’t sleep yet.”

“Oh, I’m just about to go to sleep. I can’t help but to think about someone.”

Hans nodded his head. “You mean, Young Master Duke of Excalibell, is it?”

Marian ‘Williams’ Jones nodded her head. “I missed him. Terribly. It’s unfortunate that the rehearsal dance was cancelled on the very last minute. Ms. Linda had a food poisoning. Oh, I do wish he would here and celebrate my belated birthday with me.”

Her sky blue eyes looked at the presents and birthday cards laying at the corner of the bed.

“Miss Jones, if I may be so bold to ask, and since you have two days of rest, would you like for me to accompany you as a make up for your birthday today?”

Marian smiled. “That would be delightful. Thank you Hans.”

“Anything for you, Milady. Now, have a good rest, Miss Jones.” Hans turned off the light and closed the door.


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