Journals of a Psychopath



This shockhorror has twists and turns. Clarkson the psychopath and his son sacrifice together.

Lady Flarice

She was scared and she closed her sight-disks as if she could blot me out. My son analyzed the chronometer and it indicated the appointed time.
      “Stand up,” I said.
Smithson carried her down the stairs. The iron door widened and whined it was an omen for the Lady Flarice. He carted her into the washroom, I turned the faucet, and the tub filled with cold water.
Disrobing Lady Flarice, my male-weapon strained to perform, the Lady Flarice exquisite, her smooth skin flawless, and her mound glorious, it was packaged by a cool silvery-blonde bush. The shriek vaulted from the center of my speech origination. Sponging her sex-fused body, I bestowed special attention to her woman-part, and the dark circular disks in my eyes enlarged.
      “Fuck you.”
“Cursing is not allowed. From this moment you will address me as Sir Clarkson.”
She wept and Lady Flarice had been irreverent, a Knights Lady did not utter unseemly speech.
      “What on earth is going on?”
“This is not a vacation it is punishment,” I said.
Smithson plunged Lady Flarice in the water. He tied her hair to the faucet, and fastened her hands with the pure white silk she blinked rapidly. Exiting the bathroom and the bourbon I drank assisted me to concoct ideas of the insane. Lady Flarice was forlorn, as we banged the heavy door shut.

Josh's House

Josh was out and Ellie squealed when I appeared, she embraced the doll. Her coppery-blonde hair was in braids. Ellie’s face fragile and Ellie’s body was set to be buxom, already her breasts were beginning to grow.
      “I am here to take you to your mother.”
Ellie did not know if she could trust me, I grinned and she smiled back.
      “You ought to hurry before your father comes back we need to pack.”
      “Mommy was sobbing on the phone,” Ellie said.
Mounting the stairs and we sidled to the bedroom, it was fitted out well for the little girl. Ellie shoved the clothes in a bag she was ready to travel. Peering from the window, I saw that Josh was in his car. He rushed inside the house.
      “I am here Ellie.”
Ellie descended the staircase, I followed her, and the gun I gripped was aimed at him. He leapt on me, in an instant the gun flew from my hand, Jodi had warned about his ferocity. Josh pressed a dagger to my throat, I fiddled in my pocket for the deterrent, I squirted it into Josh’s eyes, and he rolled around the floor. I knocked Josh out. Hustling outside, I punctured his tires the little girl was petrified.
      “I will take you to your mom now,” I said.

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