Meeting my Spirit Angel



There are many new laws in the new world which every citizen must obey. If people do not follow these rules, they are subjected to the Angelic Realm for judgment, by either cast into the lower realms or by death.



1661 Oil on canvas, 96 × 81 cm Musée du Louvre Digital restoration: Dale Cotton, 2010: <a target='_blank' href=''></a>


 “I mean, after all, we believe in a world of free will for so long, while the council encourages us to stay determined. In the end, they prevent us from doing both with enforcing Predeterminism. If our actions are already predetermined, then why should we bother thinking about what to do with our futures?”

Aballah stands at the other end of the room and turns in my direction, her hair shining brighter with dust circling her chemistry. The dark dust has shadowed a light color, and it seems as if this anomaly or illusion is no longer needed.

“For centuries your planet had a widespread belief in free will.” She proclaims. “It was known by the philosophers and theologians that losing this knowledge would cause calamity throughout your civilization.”

My head lifts up and turns directly to her. I hadn’t realized what she had just said up into now. The belief of free will as a civil liberating creation. “Go on.” I push my legs back and stand not surprised to taste a cold cup of coffee.

“Before I arrived, you were contemplating what right and wrong are. Your code of ethics assumes that you can freely choose between the two.” She moves in closer. Her clothing follows movements unusual to normal. “If you are not to be made free to choose, then it would not be necessary to choose a path of righteousness.”

“I suppose so. Where are you going with this?”

“Perhaps having free will, in the past, has helped shape the laws of the land and the rule of the world. However, the problem will automatically persist,” she continues, “The created laws of man can never trump the laws of nature or the actions of our natural genetics. In other words, our biological makeup is of the laws of what you believe to be the universe. In your history, an American physiologist Benjamin Libet had proved that there is no free will. He was able to show proof that the electrical energy that builds up in the brain causes humans to lift their arms, for example, and that this buildup occurs before the person consciously makes a decision to move.”

“Yes. Evidently a documented reference. It also states that if we could understand any individual’s brain architecture and chemistry well enough, we could, in theory, predict that person’s response to any given stimulus with 100% accuracy.” I reply. I walk over to refill my cup of coffee. I take a glance at the systems to see if the station is detected.

“So since this is a proven theory, and you place in the laws of cause and effect, you can only say that we are predictable and therefore controllable.”

“Yes. Eventually, you will find that if you create laws to govern the people and punish them if there break the same law, you can only morally do so if the people believe they can consciously make a decision to disobey in the first place.”

At this point, Aballah has slowly shifted forms and is bright as the lights. She consumes the lights as small beams shine in the atmosphere. I understand that she is some spirit being and not a human. Perhaps this spirit is what I have been sensing was following me for quite a while.

With a cup full of coffee, I turn to find this spirit completely translucent, and all I can sense is its voice. The lights inside the station reflect off dust particles allowing me to detect the entity briefly. I have many more questions now.

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