We've seen it to many times; Those who scream out loudest get the most attention — whether it's Trump-followers, ISIS propaganda team or radical feminists. But they are as representative for the majority as Milo Yiannopoulos is for the British working class.

Many people think that feminism is about man-hating lesbians shouting out all disappointment with their own lack of success, calling it misogyny and patriarchy. This is wrong, just as it is wrong to see all Muslims as terrorists or all Hispanics as good dancers.

Feminism is (when we extract those lesbian shouters), about something as simple as not treating women as shit.  Unfortunately, the man hating lesbians don’t agree in this, and they make it to something else – something most women feel they’re not familiar with. Just like most Muslims don’t feel familiar with the rhetoric of the Taliban or the ISIS.

The first wave of feminism was about this; a riot against a culture that treated women like shit.



Now I will make a controversial statement, but I think I am right about it: Ninety nine percent of modern men in the western hemisphere agree that we should not treat women as shit.

Sure, I know that there are websites like "menarebetterthanwomen.com", but anyone who spends more than a few seconds there, reading their “arguments” realize that either this is posted by gifted people with a postmodern ironic perspective, or it is written in all seriousness by those who were not smart enough to get a seat around the Tea-Party-table close to Sarah Palin (and we all know the level of smartness there, don’t we?). But even those people have mothers, grandmothers, sisters (and maybe even daughters …) — and I'm damn sure they would never accept that these are treated like shit.

So, based on my argument, most men in the western hemisphere agree that we should not treat women as shit. But why are we still doing it?

Most of you men will probably refuse and say “No, no – I do not treat women like shit”, but I think most of you are as correct as Bill Clinton was when he said that he "I never had sexual relations with that woman". Fact is; many of us men treat women as shit without knowing it. We show them lack of respect, without even being aware of it: In most discussions, women are far more often interrupted than men when talking, and they are mostly interrupted by men. We, you and me, do that. Every day, without knowing it.

This even have a name; mansplaining – meaning a man explaining the «correct» version to a woman.

Think about yourself; have you never done this? If the answer is NO, you are either a different man than the majority of us, or you are a bad liar (meaning you are just as the majority of us). If the answer is YES, then it’s time for correcting action.

«Easy for him to say», some may argue now. And in fact; it is quite easy.

I guess many of you remember the fabulous movie "Blues Brothers" from 1980, and those who don’t, or don’t have a clue of what I am bullshitting about – google it. In this movie, one of the leading feminist in American history, which is definitely not a lesbian man hater, did an eminent performance of her self-produced song "Think". In this song Aretha go directly to the core of feminism, namely that she is tired of being treated like shit. I've always been regarded as a simple man and I’ve always liked simplicity in life, including simple and direct language. Aretha say it so simple and directly; "I ain't no psychiatrist, I ain't  no doctor with degrees. It don't take too much high IQ, to see what you're doin' to me — you better think. Think. Think  about what you're tryin' to do to me".

So, lets honor all the women out there by starting today, and thinking about what we are doing to women that make them (sometimes) fell like shit. Let's start with avoiding mansplianing, and take it in small steps from there — continuous improvements. Aretha told us; it doesn’t take much high IQ — so what are we waiting for?

Unlike many of the women who we consider feminist today, Aretha had a deep, soft and sometimes velvety voice, quite different from my raspy, beer-and-whiskey-infected baritone.  But together we could be a wonderful team: I am two meters tall and fearless, so in a confrontation with men who treat women like shit, I would have helped with the-knock-out-punch, while she stood over them, reading out the verdict with her beautiful voice; singing some words from another one of her hits:



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