Oak Tree



A 169 word piece about an oak tree with decent self-esteem.

There was once an average oak tree. It was moved to a forest of pine trees during the spring. The other trees were dark green, but the oak tree was light green. It was dropping acorns too! But the oak tree wasn’t embarrassed. It had a good self-esteem.

Then came summer. The pine trees stood still, while the oak tree became big and strong. But the oak tree was still okay. It was happy with its self-image. 

Then came fall. It turned red and yellow and orange and brown, while all the pine trees stayed green. Still the oak tree was proud to be itself.

Then came winter. Still, the pine trees were the same, but all the leaves fell from the oak tree! The oak tree was so embarrassed that it was naked, it uprooted itself.

Duh End.



Q: Why did you use the word “duh?”

A: That’s how I pronounce “the.”

Q: That’s kind of stupid.

A: It’s a joke, jeez.

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