Journals of a Psychopath.



Clarkson the psychopath's emotions are only sparked when he is slighted. Poor Lady Flarice, her fate is not pleasant.

The Lady Flarice

Rushing into her face the blood initiated its temporary home it reminded me of when we sexed. Ignoring me, she rode her car to work strength of mind was evident on Lady Flarice’s face. I did not follow her I waited in her yard. A few hours later Lady Flarice reached home and hurrying to the door, I struck it violently.
My emotions were out of control. She did not open the door, thumping it again my knuckles collided with the wood repeatedly. I realized the Presenter was right, the Lady Flarice was scared, and she performed an injustice, I could not believe it had happened the event jammed my mind. Womankind must pay for mother’s sins and the Lady Flarice’s transgressions, my eyebrows creased, I contemplated the punishment of mother. However, I would never gain courage to implement that correction Lady Flarice must bear the force of the anger, and she would compensate relevant to the years of torment from mother.
“You will be reimbursed,” the Declarer said.

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