Snow Sight



Standing in a snowfall inspired this...

     There is a silence that occurs at night when the snow falls. Not in a blizzard or storm, naturally, when the wind howls recklessly but during those still evenings when night has achieved a firm hold on the landscape and dawn is still hours away. It is the point where the sun is furthest from either horizon. Perhaps a bright, full moon shines down and glints off the softly falling snow looking like so many diamonds drifting from heaven as a gift from angels that have seen you safely through another day.
     That silence makes you think and wonder. There is no echo as the cascade of snowflakes creates a soundproof barrier that stifles the sound of breath or heartbeat that is the only real evidence that life exists. Of course, they are not diamonds and they were not scattered by angels but the serenity on the image frees the mind to make you wonder what happens, how does it happen and if it happens to everybody like it happens to you. It doesn’t matter what it is that happens, only that something happens and to each and every one of us, there is a different way of seeing the action or reaction.
     Deeper your thoughts dive into the universe, seeking new questions to ask, not minding that there may be no answers. Perhaps, we are not prepared for the answers and perhaps there simply are no answers and those questions draw you further into the silence of the falling snow that drifts and curls in the swirls of air caused by the turbulence of your exhale or maybe by the passage of an animal whose body heat is enough to disturb the currents that catch each falling flake. Each one moving in own trajectory, independent of all the others. Living it’s own short span uninfluenced by those around it. Catching its own thermal current created by the combined effect of the environment into which it falls. Making its own unique way to the ground where it settles, content that it has done everything it was meant to.
      The silence allows the mind to invent its own noise, the darkness permits a new light to be ignited, one that shines on new possibilities. Maybe each falling snowflake is each wondrous possibility. Catch even one and see what it brings. But try and avoid them all and you risk being buried under the weight of the insubstantial and ephemeral snowflake.
     You remember, too, that by themselves a snowflake will melt and disappear and eventually evaporate into nothing but when they act together, they can form building blocks that save lives in cold, angry storms. Places were families come together and live their lives.
     How long do these thoughts last? When the snow falls, there is no sound. When it settles, there is no sound. It’s curious, then that it should capture such attention and be the cause of such deep consideration. But all that is required is an imagination and a heart of wonder.
     When the diamonds fall, maybe they really are gifts of angels. Start from there and see where it takes you.

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