To The Red Line (Chapter 34: Verity)



"I'D returned to my grandfather’s mansion two days later. Hameon had taken full control of everything that was rightfully belonged to me — including my own son.” Everyone stood stiffly upon listening to her story. Even Makai h...

"I'D returned to my grandfather’s mansion two days later. Hameon had taken full control of everything that was rightfully belonged to me — including my own son.”

Everyone stood stiffly upon listening to her story. Even Makai had his mouth slightly agape and was reduced to a deep silence.

It was Leo who eventually broke the silence amongst them.

“Your Majesty, I do not understand one thing; when His Majesty Ferid found out of your returned, why didn’t you tell him the truth then? He would have offered to help you and gave your son back.”

Reza gazed down on the hard floor. Her icy cold façade had now scattered, leaving the real sad and grief appearance she had been forced to keep over the years.

“That was what I’d thought at first when words got out and reached to his ears. The reason why he had rushed over to me immediately. But the truth was even uglier than it seems. The King was no exception.”

“WHERE is she?”

The doors of a library suddenly burst opened. Sounds of protests behind the doors were immediately silence with a loud slam.

Reza had looked up from the book she was reading. She gasped aloud when she saw the Spirit King stood at the entrance, with his entourages fussing at the door, behind him.

Ferid on the other hand, looked as good and handsome as he had been since the last time Reza saw him, albeit older with few grey strings that starting to be seen, but nonetheless, undoubtedly handsome.

Blinking his eyes finally, Ferid slowly approached her with steady steps.

“You are here.”

Reza mutely nodded.

“You came back. What… What happened? I’d received the letter, and I... I didn’t want to believe that he had left you. But, looking at you now…”

Reza tried her hardest to hold back her tears and clenched her fists. Hameon had warned her not to say a word about what happened to Philips nor Regarding of Damien’s existence to the Spirit King.

He had threatened to hide Damien forever from her should Reza chose to tell Ferid the truth. Only those who had worked closely with Hameon knew of Damien’s existence and swore to keep the secret silence.

Thus, Reza had no choice but to obey his orders.

In the letter, she had regretfully lied by stating Philips had left her after a year they gotten married, causing her to return to her family in great shame and grief.

“I am ashamed to even look at you, Your Majesty. I have brought shame to my family and you, as the matter of fact.”

Ferid cringed in sadness. Slowly, he raised one hand and landed it on her left shoulder, in comfort.

“My dear, please do no say that about yourself. How could you have known things would be ended up this way? Have you bore a child?”

Yes! Reza internally screamed.

“No. Philips and I had decide to wait for a while before we start a family.” she replied, stoically.

Ferid silently nodded.

“I am sorry.”

“Now that you know the truth, you would be kind as to leave, Your Majesty. I am sorry, for I wish to be left alone right now.” Reza turned her back to him and walked back to her seat.

Ferid however, stayed. Taking a couple of big steps forward, he approached the table.

“Miss Reza, I know things must be hard on you at the moment. Please, do not think you should bear the burdens alone. I…” Ferid looked away, face slightly flustered. “I know this is not the right time for you to be hearing this, but if there is anything I could do to help you to get the situation better, anything at all, please let me know. I’d be gladly to help.”

Reza stared blankly at him. Her grandfather’s words kept on replaying in her mind, and Damien’s face was all that she could see at the moment.

Finally, realising that she would not be answering him any time soon, Ferid gave a low sigh, before retreating his steps and headed toward the door where his entourages were waiting patiently for him.


Ferid turned around to where Reza was slowly arose from her seat.


“You said anything, yes?”

THREE month later, it was announced throughout the whole Spirit Kingdom that the Spirit King had finally found a potential bride and was in the middle of courting her. On that same month, tragedy struck the Hameon’s household: Hameon got involved with a horrible accident and passed away.

Heavy footsteps rushed from the pavement outside of the mansion, to the long corridors, and finally, to the one place anyone, even herself was forbidden to go — ‘The Secret Underground Dungeon’.

It was here where Reza found herself standing right after she heard the shockingly news of her grandfather’s sudden death.

While most people would have gone to the deceased, but not Reza. For her, only one thing mattered the most now that her beloved grandfather was gone.

As she stood in front of the steel doors with complicated seal on it, Reza’s heart refused to stay still. Finally, after a long time of waiting, she would finally be reunited with her son again! Reza knew despite how sneaky and cruel her grandfather was to her, he had taken a great liking to his great-grandson and kept him safe and well.

She had overheard the servants talked how Damien was growing up healthier each day passed by, one which Reza was ultimately thankful for.

“Soon, my darling. We will flee far away from here. I promise.”

Putting one hand at the steel doors, Reza’s heterochromia eyes glowed, as she focused on her energy into breaking the seal.

All the sudden, something hit her near the head, causing Reza to lose her concentration and almost stumbled forward. Panting, she turned around to meet with her grandfather’s Right-Hand man, dressed in all black garment, holding a gun.

“It’s you. Where is he? Where is my son?”

“It is truly heart-breaking to see that the only living relative of Mr. Hameon did not even bothered to show her respect to him. Instead, you intruded his personal belongings and properties just so you could find your precious son. Well, I am very sorry to say Miss Reza, but you will not going to find Master Damien behind that door.”

Reza walked in threatening manner toward at him.

“Tell me where my son is or else I will-”

“You will what, Miss Reza? If you were to kill me, then you will never be able to see your son at all. Now that Mr. Hameon is gone, I am the only one who knew where is the whereabouts of your precious son. Nobody else but me.”

“How could you still remained loyal to him? He had forcefully separated a mother from her child! How could you stand there and still be loyal to him!”

Despite being shouted at, Hameon’s right-hand man remained calm.

“The agreement still stands, Miss Reza. You shall marry the Spirit King as promised. Once you have secured your position as his Queen. Only then, will I allow you to see him.”

Reza clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Oh, how she loved to do nothing more but strangle the arrogant man with her own bare hands! Instead, she breathed in deeply and composed herself.

“Very well. You’d make sure that there better not a single scratch on him until I get to see him.”

“As you wish, Miss Reza.” He nodded.

GETTING engaged and soon to be married to the kind-hearted and gentle King was an easy task for Reza, mainly because Ferid had admitted it himself of being utterly and deeply in love with her.

Love at first sight, the King had foolishly claimed.

Reza’s main concern would be his Royal Advisor, whom, had been very suspicious of her since the first time the King had announced his courtship.

No matter.

When this was over, all that’s left was a heart-broken King that had been so cruelly left behind, while she and her child escaped to a far away place where nobody could find them. That what Reza had in mind and she was determined to achieve her goal no matter what.

While the night was still young, many had already gone to bed early. Already excited for tomorrow’s grand event of the year.

All except for one.

Reza had been on her way from her bedroom to the kitchen to fetch herself a glass of water when she heard a quiet conversation between two servants.

“I heard that the future Queen’s grandfather has passed away recently. It’s such a terrible news. The future Queen must be deeply in shock!” The first servant said, shaking her head in pity.

“Indeed.” The second servant nodded. “Speaking of the future Queen, I heard from one of the guards today, that His Majesty Ferid is really looking forward to the wedding tomorrow!”

“Yes! I’ve never seen him this happy ever since the late Queen’s passing. And the fact that the future Queen gets along very well with the twins is a good thing too!”

“Yes. Oh, speaking of the future Queen…” The second servant looked to her left and right before she whispered very lowly.

“Since you’ve mentioned about the accident, I remembered that I’d went to the market today for some errands, I overheard about the accident from our usual fish hawker — you know the guy who always has something to say? Anyway, he said there were two victims in the horrible accident. One was of course, the future Queen’s grandfather. And the other one, was a child…”

Almost immediately, the two servants felt the back of their hair rose from an electromagnetic wave blast that came from behind them. Turning around, they were incredibly in shock to find a big hole on the walls.

REZA ran as fast as her bare feet could carried her, not caring how she looked like at the moment. Dotting on a silky robe and her hair loose, as she made her way from the Spirit King’s castle, all the way to Hameon’s Headquarters.

Her mind was filled with words that the servant said:

“There were two victims in the horrible accident. One was of course, the future Queen’s grandfather. And the other one, was a child…”

It’s a lie. Reza refused to believe as the words continuously wrapped around her head.

A rumour. Just a rumour. Someone must have had informed her if it had been true! That bastard would have told her sooner if it was the truth!

Fastening her paces, Reza had one person in her mind. While making her way to the HQ, Reza vowed that she would not rest in peace until she choked the whole truth out of him.

A pair of fairly brown eyes stared at something he was holding on his right hand; a talisman, while the other hand was holding a glass of Red Wine. He sighed in content, for what seemed to be the hundredth times of the day.

“Tomorrow is the wedding. With this, our plans to conquer the Spirit Kingdom will finally be made.” He brought the glass closer to his mouth.

As he was enjoying his wine, all the sudden, something hard suddenly hit on the door, making the man spat the liquor out of his mouth. The door to Hameon’s office burst opened, revealing the least person he’d expected to encounter tonight of all the night…

“Who — you! What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here! You—”

The Spirit could not finished his words when something invisible was choking the life out of him.

Reza entered the room, glaring sharply at him.

“My son. Where is he?” Reza asked, coldly.

The said Spirit in question had a hard time concentrating on his breathing to answer her question. Tears welled up in his eyes, as his face slowly turned to blue from the lack of oxygen.

With an angry groan, Reza tossed her left hand that had been lifted up in the air aside, and the Spirit collapsed on the ground, choking and inhaled as much air as he possible could. He looked up at her with so much hatred.

“You dared to barge into Mr. Hameon’s office AND assaulted me, bitch?”

“My son. Where is he?”

“Enough with the stupid question! You will do as you had promised or you won’t be able to see your precious son ever again!” The Spirit snapped.

“Where is MY son?” Reza’s tone increased.

“Your precious son is dead! You’ll never going to find him, Reza. Not here nor eternity!” As if he’d finally loss it, Hameon’s Right-Hand man chuckled madly.

Something inside Reza finally snapped. Heterochromia eyes flashed with great anger as they glared dangerously at him.

The mad male Spirit stopped with his chuckling and clenched on his throat with agony, unable to breathe yet once again. Before long, he shrieked in pain and then sunk onto the floor, dead.

Reza’s face remained impassive as she watched him died. A flare of anger suddenly arose within her.

Clenching her fists, she let out a long devastating cry when all the sudden...


Reza had found herself suddenly being surrounded by the guards, who foolishly pointing their guns at her. Eyes still flashed with anger, she glared at them with an unearthly stare. Instantly, one by one of the guards were being tore apart by a mysterious force.

One by one, bodies of the guards dropped dead like flies on the blooded floor. Some of them were brutally murdered and unrecognisable. It did not take long before the loud painful cries by the guards finally reduced to nothingness.

Reza walked passed through the dead bodies with a killing intent, toward the exit where she came from. With dead eyes, she was determined to get an information out of everyone that was in the entire building, any way or another — even if it meant torturing and killing them.

“IN the end, I found out nothing about my son’s whereabouts. No matter how many people I’d tortured before killing them, none of them knew where Hameon had kept him. Some of them were too loyal to spill out the beans. Those were the ones I had the pleasure of torturing before giving them a very slow and painful death. ”

Mika gasped softly, face twisting in horror. She felt her blood turned cold upon hearing the rest of the tragic past.

How could a family member — her own flesh and blood — be so cruel as to separate a mother and her young son, all because for the sake of power?

Tears escaped from her eyes and Mika refused to wipe. Despite the emotional conflict she currently having at the moment, there was one thing that had been bothering her since Reza begun telling them her sad tragic past.

“I am sorry,” she gulped. “to hear about your tragic past. But I’ve failed to understand what my father had done you wrong that you had to kill him?”

Reza snapped, glancing forward to look at her with angry eyes.

“He had everything to do with it! He and my grandfather had planned everything from the start! The killing, the kidnapping — my son! I’d overheard him talked just a week after the wedding, that if he could not have me, then nobody can!”

“That’s not true, Your Majesty!” Leo suddenly interrupted, stepping forward. “You did not heard the rest of the conversation that we had!” He breathed in deeply and exhaled. “His Majesty Ferid had said those words because there had been a spy in the room with us — Hameon’s spy.”

“A spy?”

Leo nodded. “Yes. Hameon had many faithful followers. The ones that you had killed, were just a bunch of small fries of his bigger henchmen. The one that came, had approached us before. He wanted to know if His Majesty Ferid had fulfilled Hameon’s last demand.”

“Demand?” Makai frowned deeply, crossing his arms. “What sort of demand?”

Leo sighed. “Hameon had urged for His Majesty Ferid and you to quickly bear a child — another heir to inherit the throne.”

“What?” The twins, shouted in synced.

“Fortunately, His Majesty Ferid had informed the spy saying since Hameon was no longer in control of you now that they’re married, therefore, he had insisted that the Queen were to be left alone. The spy was enraged and refused his order. He had even threatened to kill rest of the Royal Spirit family, if a child between the two of you has yet to be born, which no doubt had enraged His Majesty Ferid.”

Leo wiped the sweats that kept rolling on his forehead, with the back of his hand. Being repeatedly punched by the Prince had actually knocked the wind out of him more than he’d thought. He glanced at the Prince, who was still in his ‘Spirit Mode’ form but without the rage. It surprised him that Makai could still held on this long even after the 20 minutes had long gone.

“You’re lying.”

Reza’s thick voice caught his full attention. Looking back at the Spirit Queen, Leo was caught off guard when he saw the shocked and horrific look on her beautiful face.

Leo exhaled and said again in gentle voice. “Ferid knew you were hiding something from him, long before the wedding. Though he had been very curious to know what was it, he did not wish to intrude and would rather wait for you to tell him about it yourself. Ferid had loved you with all his heart, Your Majesty. Had you told him the truth about Hameon, and your son, I have no doubt he would be more than willing to help you search for him. But instead, you chose to rebel against him...”

Horrified at the truth, Reza’s knees gave away as she broke down in tears for the first time since her child had been taking away from her, a decade ago.

The others silently watched with mixed emotions while Reza grieved with regrets. Haru and his partner, Lisa arrived to the scene long enough to hear the whole confession. They had stayed hidden behind chirped walls, and kept their distance away from any unwanted eyes.

“Captain, we’ve successfully completed our mission. Shouldn’t we head back to where the others are at now?” Lisa asked.

Haru contemplating the question for a while before shaking his head. “I’d like to observe the situation more if you don’t mind.”

Lisa nodded. “Of course, Captain.”

Mika breathed in and now, with her eyes closed. She repeatedly the simple breathing exercises for a few times before she exhaled. Many thoughts and emotions were running through her head. Anger, sorrow, remorse… Is it possible to hate someone who had suffered so much in her lifetime? Could she really forgive Reza for everything that she had done to her?


Given time, Mika might be able to forgive all the things of the Queen’s sins and what she had done to them. Though she could not say the same for Makai, for he had suffered the most when it comes to the Queen’s erratic and abusive behaviours.

Despite his deep hatred and grudges against Reza, Makai had been the first out of all of them, to accept Reza into their family. He had respected and grown to love her as the mother they did not had the chance to get to know. Which explained why her betrayal hurt him the most.

It might take him some time, maybe years even, to forgive Reza for what she had done, but Mika was confidence her brother would nonetheless, would find in his heart to forgive her.

With that in mind, Mika reopened her eyes and looked straight at the still grieving Queen.

“Reza.” Approaching forward, Mika kept her neutral gaze on her.

Reza’s sorrowful cries were slowly reduced to silent sobs. Mika could feel many eyes were on her as she carefully approached the Spirit Queen.

“Reza. It is still not too late. We…We can still try to make things work out between us.”

“Mika?” Shinji’s eyes widened at his Apprentice’s words. After her declaration before during the battle, he would have thought they wouldn’t want anything to do with the Spirit Queen once she’s been exiled.

“I’ve been thinking, especially after hearing what you’d been through all those years… And, I am willing for us to start over again, as a family.”

“Your Highness…” Leo said, almost whispering.

“I’m not saying you will not be punished for what you had done. But, considering what had happened to you, I will see that the punishment that will beheld upon you won’t be so heavy. And also, on top of that, we can try and find out where your son’s whereabouts — if he’s still alive—”

“What a foolish naive princess you are!” Reza barked. Gone all the miserable and grief-stricken look on her face. She glared ferociously at the rest of them, before her gaze landed back at Mika.

“How could you stated so willingly, that you would forgive your arch-enemy whom have not only brought down your whole kingdom on it’s knees, but had also deliberately taken away your family’s happiness? You’re so naive, Princess, it disguises me!” Reza hissed, grinding her teeth.

Mika stopped moving forward. She kept a prolonged stare at the Spirit Queen who backed away as if she was carrying a black plague. The feeling of fatigue from months of travelling halfway across the world, battling enemies, and just now, the fierce battle that they had, was beginning to wear her out. Frankly, she was feeling very exhausted and would like to just collapse and sleep for all eternity that comes.

Glancing at her companions, Mika found that everyone was in the same boat as her. She could see it clearly in their eyes. Looking back to the Spirit Queen, she sternly said, “It’s over, Reza.”

Reza backed away against the walls until there was no other space for her left. Glancing at the cracked concrete walls behind her, Reza suddenly smirked.

Alerted at what was going on, Mika made a mad dash toward her along with her brother, while the others followed behind them.

“Reza, stop! wait!” Mika dived in quickly.

With a smirk that grew into a sinister grin, Reza raised one razor clawed hand in her hand and impaled herself with it, on the chest, much to everyone’s great surprise and shock— especially for Leo and the Spirit Prince who abruptly stopped running toward her.

Blood dripping on her mouth, Reza sunk down on the ground. She chuckled lightly at the princess who had just arrived shortly after she had stabbed herself. Mika looked at the Spirit Queen with horrific expression as tears fell down on her cheeks like falling waterfalls.


Reza looked at her still with a grin smile plastered on her lips. As her pulse weakened, Reza roughly grabbed the Princess’s arm with whatever strengths she had left inside her and shove some into her hand — a scroll that contained the location of her missing son.

“Find him. Bring him home.” Were her final words to the Princess as she took her last breath.

A choked sob escaped her throat, and Mika let tears fell freely on her cheeks as she closed the eyes of the late Queen, before finally, she succumb to mourn for her death. Many emotions were surging through her at once, she couldn’t begin to sort through them all. Mika hated Reza with passion, but even so, Reza had been in her past and a part of the family.

Never had she predicted for things to end this way. She had expected there would be despair behind all of the things that had happened, but death was certainly not one of them. Not even for the evil Queen.

As Mika cried her heart out, she felt a pair of strong and muscular arms pulled her closer to a hardened chest. Looking up, she met with a pair of warmth yet regretful golden eyes.

Leo had gotten down on one knee, as he scooped the young Princess into his arms. Mika did not even wait to ask for his permission before she threw herself at him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and began to cry again.

The others were left stunned of what had just happened with nothing to say. Apart from the Princess, Makai was obviously the most effected one by the whole incident. For eleven years he had been holding on to the grudge to avenge his family and kingdom.

In the end, he still failed.

He failed to avenge the death of his father, along with the sorrows and griefs that she had brought down to his people. In the end, he was nothing but a disgraced and fallen Prince.

Face lowered and remained aloof, Makai suddenly felt a strong tap on his right shoulder. Turning his head slowly to tell whoever it was to leave him alone and get lost, he was surprised to meet with a pair of worn out pinkish eyes who looked solemnly at him. Before Makai could say a word, Rinda pulled him toward her and held him strongly in her arms than she ever dared.

None of them said a word.

Shinji and the rest remained silence in the background, watching as the twins were being comforted by the two people who understood the turmoil they were going through. A moment passed by and while Shinji felt pity for the Royal siblings for their loss, he knew time was of the essence. He needed to fix the broken barrier that would separate the two worlds and restored peace back to humanity.

Approaching to where his Apprentice was, who was still sobbing quietly in the older Spirit’s arms, Shinji spoke quietly.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion and to bother you especially at times like this. However, we do have our last mission to achieve. I am in need your assistance to restore the broken barrier, Mika.”

Leo loosened his embrace from Mika and looked up. He knew exactly what the young White Wolf meant — the main reason why he and the Princess had came here for.

Getting up her feet, Mika silently followed Shinji and the others, as they made their way back to the Red Line.

AT the South entrance of the Red Line, currently where Shinji and his Apprentice stood in front of broken portal, alongside with the others. Like the Baron’s Portal, the portal had two small red loops at the centre.

Reaching out for something in his chest pocket, Shinji took out a thick black scroll. He unfolded it and began reading the scroll.

“What is that thing?” Rinda asked curiously.

“The Scroll of Life.” Leo answered. “One of the five sacred scrolls, which are said to be the Ancient Scrolls handed over by the Gods when the two worlds were first created. Each scroll is guarded by only the most powerful and worthy Royal families and clans. Not surprisingly, the prestige White Wolf Clan is guarding one of them.”

Rinda’s next question was being cut shortly by Shinji’s swore words.

“What’s wrong?” Mika asked, insistingly.

“No good. The Scroll of Life won’t be enough to create the seal completely.” Shinji hissed, in a defeated tone.

“What do you mean?”

“It needs something stronger to support the spell from the Scroll of Life. But what could possible be…” Shinji’s eyes turned widened as they laid on his three companions. “You lots, I need you to place your weapons on the ground, surrounded the portal. I’ll place mine as well.”

“Wait, what? Shinji what are you saying?” Kazuo asked, timidly. Still recovering from his previous near death wound.

“I seemed to recall the seal that the previous Master Oracle Khulai had cast on was powerful one that had been infused with magic. Hence, in order to recast the seal, I need magic to be able to do it. The weapons that you have were originally Priestess Medea’s sacred weapons; ‘Lucas — Blades of Balance’, ‘The Gentleman Spear’, Kazuo’s ‘Skull Chained Sickle’, and finally, my ‘Purification Gun’. With these weapons, we could use them to recreate the seal.”

“What will happen to our weapons afterwards, Shinji? Will we still be able to use them again?” Guy asked.

Shinji silently shook his head, caused all of them to react differently.

“Kai gave me this Skull necklace as a gift! Sure, it might be broken now but with a little bang here and there, I’m sure it’ll looks as good as new!” Kazuo verbally protested.

“My father was the one who had given me this spear when I’d made Captain two years ago. It is a family heirloom and tradition that has been passed down from generations to generations. I realise how much important this is to everyone, but please, I ask that you give us a bit of time to sort things out...” Guy said gloomily.

Mika on the other hand, mutely looked at her two comrades, whom each had turned to their backs facing the rest of them and refused to let the others see them in their weak state. She glanced at her brother, who was chatting quietly with his companions.

Looking up to the constant evening skies, Mika suddenly realised that this was the first in a decade, that she finally returned home! Because of their constantly hectic and time-consumed schedule they were forced to keep, even when the battle with the Spirit Queen was over, it was still hard for them to slow down and catch their own breaths.

While waiting for her two comrades to sort their feelings, Mika viewed the horrible state of her castle from a distance away. Judging from the destruction state of her castle, a lot was needed to be done to restore the kingdom back to it’s former glory — starting on rebuilding the almost half-destroyed castle.

Sighed, Mika pondered that she might be taking Queen Medea’s offer and asked Lucy a big favour to help restoring the castle the way it was with a little help of magic, after all.

Mika was well-aware that she would have to take her place in the throne as the new Queen now that Reza was gone. However, instead of feeling joyful about it, it disheartened her to think that she would be taking her place as the new Ruler of the Kingdom when she knew nothing of governing a Kingdom in the first place! All those years of political lessons that the late Queen had taught her before the Great War, got wiped away from her mind when she had lose her memories.

Sure, Mika could still remembered a few things here and there about political studies which her late father had taught her, but to govern a Kingdom was a big and heavy responsibility itself. Mika was not sure if she had the means of becoming a good Queen. After all, she had not been here long enough to know the ways of her kingdom like a Queen should.

There has to be a way to solve this issue without creating any more political crisis and outsiders involvement!


At that moment, Mika realised she was nothing like Makai, who knew his way around the kingdom like the back of his hands.

An idea suddenly lighted up in her head.

What if…

“Mika.” Snapping away from her deep thoughts, Mika looked up to find Shinji’s worn out face staring back at her.

He nodded. “It’s time.”

Mika nodded back and began walking to where Guy and Kazuo were standing. They had placed their weapons respectfully on the ground in a big rectangular surrounding the portal, alongside with Shinji’s gun, as pre-instructed by the man.

Mika placed her own twin blades down on the ground at the centre. After placing the blades down, she took steps back and stood in the middle between Kazuo and Guy. Kazuo wrapped one arm around her, and rested his chin on her shoulder, which Mika did not mind for once, while Guy gave her a small smile. Together, the trio watched as Shinji once again, performed the ritual.

As Shinji began reciting the spells from the Scroll of Life, the four legendary weapons glowed in respective colours. Slowly, they starting to levitate in the air and spinning wildly, before breaking into tiny compounds that can’t be seen by naked eyes. Finally, it transformed into two small translucent sphere for the red loops at the centre of the portal.

Mika watched in deep awe as Shinji took the translucent sphere and inserted it into the red loops, and waited for something to happen. They did not have to wait long when all the sudden, they were blinded by bright light that covered the whole Kingdom and then, the entire of the Spirit World.

IN the Kingdom of the Rose, Fye’s expert scholars were busily themselves with endless workloads when one of them, a veteran planetarium observer, suddenly gasped aloud.

“Is… Is that…” He pointed out a huge telescope at his younger colleague. “Look! Look at that and tell me what do you see! Quickly, take a look!”

His younger colleague sighed and reluctantly obeyed. He took a look at the telescope — and he too gasped aloud.

“That’s— the barrier of the seal?!”

“It seems Her Royal Highness and her entourages have finally done it.” A familiar deep voice came from behind them, making the two scholars turned their chairs around.

“Lord Eden! You have got to see this! The barrier — the seal, it has finally been restored!” The young scholar handed him the holder of the microscope, excitingly urged him to take a seat.

Lord Eden took a while before he eventually nodded. Taking the offered seat, his hands began to untied the strings of his mask. Normally, he would never allowed himself to be seen in public without his mask due to the circumstances, however in this case, he was willing to make an exception.

“I trust everyone here knows what the consequences are should words ever comes out from this room about me?” Lord Eden enquired, despite knowing they would not dared to tell anyone.

“Y-Yes, Sir!” Everyone responded quickly and attentively. Nevertheless, their curious eyes wandered at the reserved and eccentric Lord undoing his mask. As the final knot of his mask finally being undone, everyone hold on their breaths. No one has ever seen the Lord without his mask on, except for very few selection of people such as the Master Oracle himself.

One person gasped loudly, followed by the others. Before long, the whole place filled with loud admiration gasps and awes.Despite the treatments that he well-received, Lord Eden remained focus on the task given to him. He looked through the telescope, and gasped softly.

Just what had been said by the veteran scholars, the Spirit World had a translucent barrier surrounded it.

“Well done, Your Highnesses. Well done indeed.” Lord Eden smiled brightly.

MIKA and her companions watched as the once broken portal now has been restored completely and the barrier now running smoothly. She had heard someone sucked in their breath on her right earlier, and briefly wandered if it was safe for them to stand there. Yet, another glance at Shinji and her brother told her otherwise. And so, Mika remained where she was.

Everyone stayed quiet for a while. Unsure of what to say or do now that their mission finally completed.

“It’s finally over. Isn’t it?” It was Kazuo who ended the long silence.

“Yes.” Leo exhaled. He nodded and smiled warmly. “Now all that’s left is for us to return home.”

To his left where the young lady stood, Rinda stretched her sore arms and back. “Well, I’m sure I’ll have piles of reports waiting for me when I get back. Lord Eden could be one mean Boss when he feels like it.”

“I’m sure with everything you’ve done, he would reward you handsomely. Thank you, young Lady. Though we did not see things eye-to-eye at first, you’ve tolerated our presences far more than what the Prince and myself deserved. On behalf of the Spirit Royal family, I thank you.”

Rinda flushed from embarrassment at his highly words, looked away awkwardly.

“It was nothing… I was just doing my job.”

“Please, if ever your duty leads you to our Kingdom, we would be very happy to have you in our care. I’m sure even His Highness won’t mind at all, won’t you, Your Highness?”

Makai glanced at her before he snorted.

Rinda pointed her tongue at the Spirit Prince childishly when she felt a pair of strong arms pulled her closed into a hug from behind. Turning around, she blushed furiously when she realised who it really was.


Shinji smiled warmly. He moved his hand from her face to the back of her hair and gently brushed her unevenly ponytails.

“You’ve done a great job, Rinda. Well done. I couldn’t be even more proud of you.”

Instantly love-struck at the rare attention that he was giving her right now, Rinda wasted no time jumping on top of the man and wrapped her arms at him with a promise of not letting go.

“Oh my. Looks like somebody is quickly taken your spot, Mika.” Guy playfully said beside the Spirit Princess who merely shake her head.

Looking up at the starring dark skies, Mika couldn’t get rid of the bright smile not even if she wanted to. Seeing how everyone was joking around and laughing with each other made her realised everything that they’d been through up till this point, was worth it.

Finally, it’s over. We can go home!

Though it had been an incredibly long and hard journey for everyone, filled with traumatic events, endless obstacles and challenges, it was a great experiences for everyone as they had learned many priceless and valuable things throughout the journey.

What most important thing was that they managed to stop a waging war between the Spirits and Mankind from happening in time and saved both worlds from destruction.

Mika inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, letting the wind softly kissed on her face. All the sudden, she felt strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist and a familiar voice breathed into her ears.

“Now that this is all over, what say you and I go for a romantic date, my sweet and beautiful Princess?”

Shinji snorted in pure disguised while giving him a dirty look, but decided not to waste his energy on whacking the idiotic man’s lecherous behaviour towards his Apprentice just this once. 

Meanwhile, Makai on the other hand, looked like he would have the blonde fighter for dinner for daring to speak casually to his future Queen like that! His only drawback was that he got stopped by a chuckling Leo.

“AT long last. It has finally comes to an end. My brother and his chosen Apprentice have succeeded in stopping the world falling from chaos. Shall we celebrate this happy occasion together, Lady Hiira?” Suzumi poured a bottle of sake into a small glass cup for herself, and also, for her companion as they sat at the veranda surrounded by the blooming cherry blossoms.

Hiira sat with her legs crossed, revealing beautiful milky skin that would made any men droll over from the lack of silk material that she chose to wear. In her mouth, was a one-hitter pipe. Blowing a smoke, she spoke in a deep, sensual voice.

“This is only just the beginning, Mistress Suzumi. The end of this journey shall begot another, and soon, they will face with greater challenges and obstacles. It took them this much to end a waging war, and much more to keep peace. When that time comes, they will need us to watch over their backs again.”

“Indeed, Milady. It would be interesting and worrisome to know just what might comes in their way next time.”

Reza grinned. “Ah, but as you said, dear Suzumi, a welcome celebration would be nice. I’ll be sure to send words to the Milla’s Mansion to get them prepare a welcome home party for our heroes at once. After all, knowing my nephew, he will no doubt, loved nothing more than to drown himself with alcohols after months of having to travel halfway across the world.”

“Yes. My idiotic brother deserves to be spoiled, considering how he had just saved the world from colliding again.” Suzumi smiled and sipped on her sake.

“Indeed, my dear. Kampai.

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