Journals of a Psychopath



Smithson Clarkson's son pleased his father.

The Purifiers and the Darkest-One

The wood crackled as I kindled it, and we were frenetic, we worshiped our knees were stiff.
Dancing and we celebrated Smithson's new era.
I was filled with self-satisfaction concerning Smithson his test had been successful.
      “Hail my son.”
The liquor assisted our movements and the Woodlanders inspected us. Mulling on Alexia's end it was close, Smithson's vista-spheres flashed with foresight, and Smithson’s mindset was vehement. Smithson had proved his ability to the Wooden Forms, the Darkest-One and the Speaker.

Elaina's Abode

     “Can we take Jolenson to visit your mother?” Elaina asked.
The first response was to refuse I did not really want to go, but I relented.


       “I came to find out if you are okay.”
Sis paused and beamed.
      “Of course you can stop worrying about me Clarkson I am alright.”
Smithson explained that we might go to see mother and sis was anxious.
       “I think it is an awful idea.”


She offered to pop in on sis in order to check on her I was placated.
      “She needs the ease of a hospice and we will go to the homestead demand Rhea finances sis's care.”
      “Is it wise to turn up with me and Jolenson and ask for money?”
      “Sis needs help and Rhea is the only way she will receive it.”
      “I have bad dreams about when she stole Jolenson and I do not want to risk that again,” Elaina replied.


She was languishing and she trailed her finger down one thigh it depicted her womanliness.
      “Caldwell is rabid and he blames me,” I said.
      “I wonder why! Has Elaina calmed down now that she has Jolenson?”
      “She cannot leave the baby alone she is paranoid.”
      “I suppose it is natural, because of what happened, but I was not given the opportunity of giving birth to a baby of yours so I do not know.”






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