DC Alt The Justice Society: Four Seasons Vol 1 Prologue



On Earth-2 the Age of Heroes has repeated multiple times From the heroes of Troy and Greece to King Arthur of Camelot. It is now 1936 and another such age is on the horizon. Menalippe visions tell her a story of the Amazon's past leading to this new future as she looks forward to Autumn.

DC Alt The Justice Society: Four Seasons 

Volume 1 Autumn

Prologue — Menalippe

       I reach the air after what seemed like ages. I still remember that previous life before darkness, before the deepest part of the sea overtook not just myself but my sisters.  More than years stood between the sisters I see around me now and those who still struggle towards the surface of these waters.  In many lands we suffered through injustice, through many lands, we fell long before we should have often to violent ends.  My Goddess told me of these things as I sleep on the sea floor.  She told me that my new sisters would still need guidance, that my new queen would need my visions.
       You might think I didn’t see it.  The events that would lead to my death, but I did.  I knew what would happen when I warned my village about the volcano that would erupt.  I knew that very few would listen.  I knew that the survivors would turn on me and blame me having lost so many of their loved ones.
       I saw my Goddess as the heat of the flames filled my lungs making it harder and harder to breath.  She gave me further visions.  I was given visions of being formed on the bottom of the sea, five sets of hands sifting through the ocean floor forming bodies.  Life flowed from the five Goddesses into my sisters drifting through each mixing until not one of us was left unconnected.  I saw the first eyes open, those of my sister queen Hippolyta followed by her sister Antiope.  Through closed eyes I could see it all, my sister’s memories the goddesses removed.
       My Goddess held my hand as I watched my sisters swim from their place of birth clay turning slowly to flesh with each stride.   She told me to be strong; my queen would need this strength.  Strength is an easy thing to bless.  My sisters all have strength, more than we held while we originally walked the Earth.  My sisters will live long, far longer than any mortal. I was told I would have a harder job, Wisdom.  I must have wisdom in knowing what visions to share and what visions I must not share.  I must have wisdom in knowing who I can save and who I cannot.  I lingered on the sea floor longer than I should have.
       I saw it, not the details mind you.  If I could see the details of the future then I would alter the future itself and of course, this would mean I didn’t see the future in the first place.  In order to see the future, I would have already seen what would happen before I looked.  Complicated?  It still gives me headaches.  No, I did not see detail.  What I saw was two girls leaving the water, then after a great tragedy both going their separate ways.  I saw the seasons change in a place where there are no seasons.  I saw a daughter of many women but no men bring forth a new age.
       My Queen Hippolyta watches me as I leave the waves, she knows, she can see the Goddess touched me in a different way.  It is Antiope who helps me, my two sisters have agreed to co-leadership.  They appoint me Oracle.  If only they knew what that means to me.  I wish I did not have these visions, but I know my duty.  I see the Goddesses around my sisters blessing them.  I see Athena bless Phillippus, I know she will lead us into battle many times, I can see spears crossing spears with hers winning more times than not.   I can see Mercy and something strange.  I see mercy with a figure in a strange outfit standing behind her, she is defending him and he is a leader but of no nation that currently exists.  On his shoulder sits an Eagle, a symbol of many nations.  I see visions among many of my sisters in such a manner.  I don’t know when they will happen and often I don’t know what they are but I know that they will happen.   I know that many should happen even if they might hurt for a time.

       I could stop it, but I dare not.  I see wheels behind wheels that are leading Heracles to do something that will cause us great pain.  What the pain will be, I do not know.  I only know that Antiope is fascinated with his friend Theseus.  I know that Hippolyta herself is blinded by Heracles.  For too long we have lived without men around and now their resolve to continue weakens.  They want to return to the world around them.  They know what they lose when they stay apart.  Hippolyta wants a child, desperately.  She misses the babe she held in her womb when she was murdered by a raider.  a child that never drew a breath of air.   I see the vision again, sister walking away from sister.  The vision gives me information but no clue as to why or what to do about it.  I see further down the road as well.  I know that sister must walk away from sister even if it brings much pain to us all.

       I can only wait as the events unfold around me.  It is too late when I realize why I was blinded so much. A false sister I did not see walked among us.  Too late I saw with my own eyes and not my visions.  I saw Heracles taking Hippolyta’s girdle, a gift of Ares.  I saw his mind running wild while he as Theseus left.  Did they know what their men would do?  We defeated them but at a great loss.  I saw Antiope arguing with Hippolyta saying that we should go after them and take back what they stole from us.  No, that is not our way.  I saw Antiope give her own girdle, one of the two symbols of their leadership to Hippolyta stating that she had enough.  She would not hold back while men continued to take from her and our sisters.  She would wage war against Athens where Heracles had retreated and she would bring him to justice.  She would never accept any more gifts from our Goddesses or gods so long as she drew breath.  With those angry words sister left sister.  Half of my sisters left me that day and I knew that I would never see them again in this lifetime.  The blessings of long life only held on our island.  That night the Goddesses moved our island to warmer waters.

       I see her, my Queen pleading with the Goddesses.  She has done this many years now as her heart grows heavier and heavier.  We have peace here, there are no wars.  We have food here, nobody will starve.  We have warmth here; it is only springtime for us.  What we do not have here is growth.  We can become masters of any craft, but we have nobody to pass our wisdom to.  We can do many things but we still feel empty.  This peaceful emptiness weights on all of us even myself.   While we have a duty to guard the door to Tatarus, we still need something more.  It is then I see what we need.  I see the sound of tiny feet dancing around us, childish laughter filling the air.  I see my daughter, our daughter laughing and growing on an island on which nothing ages.  My Queen isn’t the only one praying to our Goddesses, we all are.

       I see my Queen walking down to the shores of the island retrieving the clay and with loving hands forming it into the shape of a tiny baby girl.  Years of training lead up to this day.  Each delicate movement exact as mother forms our child before offering that form up in her hands to the Goddess, pleading for life.  As my sisters and I watch we hear it for the first time and cannot hold back our tears.  Cries, the baby cries out.  We can all hear her first breath and not a single one of us will ever forget the first time we hear her laugh.  In one moment, we are all mothers again and some for the first time. In one moment that beautiful baby girl gained two thousand one hundred and forty-five mothers.

       I see now that another age is upon us and I must tell my Queen.  It breaks my heart but I must tell her that our daughter will need to leave our island.  The seasons are changing again, the time of heroes once more is returning.  Without Princess Diana, this world might survive in a fashion but It will never recover from the things that are to come.  This world needs our daughter to help guide it and to temper the anger of people who might push things too far.  It needs her to see Justice when the world cries out for vengeance.  If our world is to do more than just survive but to prosper, it needs our daughter.  Soon a man will come to this island which has never seen a man before either in human or animal form.  He will lead her away from us and she will be a hero not just to this island but to a world.  There are thousands of other sisters and daughters out there who need her as much as we do.  Those out there who do not yet know how strong they really are.  Sisters and daughters out there who do not yet know that someone only has strength over you if you allow them to.  I know even more.  I remember what my Goddess told me before I left the waters.  She will save the world and she will free you from your prison when you are ready to accept it.  I must tell my Queen of this now and it will not be easy. A new age of Wonders has begun.


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