Prince Fear



Ultra short magical story

Prince Fear had four brothers, the Apocalyptic Horsemen, apples of their father's eye and the hate of his life. The four wallies had succeeded in becoming the heir to the throne although Prince Fear was the first-born. His father loathed him because he stank to high heaven and sure as hell he did but wasn't that the sole purpose for which he was brought into this universe? You could smell fear on a human been from a considerable distance, which was like a lightened path for the whole kingdom of evil straight to their prey. So wasn't it Prince Fear by himself that provided all subjects of fresh forage?

His rage made his stench unbearable. He sought for a way to show his superiority. Prince Fear turned times three on its axis searching for an answer in his inner world and just at that moment his four brothers paraded by complaining about the horrid smell that forced a way through their nostrils. Demonstrative they plugged sponges in their noses and with that gesture, they gifted their brother the solution: if Prince Fear could not be smelled, he did not exist and if he did not exist, who did human kind have to fear?

Grinning Prince Fear ascended to earth with in his hand a 'gift' for humanity that would even have his father begging him for mercy: perfume.

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