Modern Freedom



‘’First in line last ones out of the van, make sure you stay next to me if you want the life you left your motherland for.’’ Friend

  Modern Freedom

‘’My friend it is hard to discover the path to success but it is much easier to find the route to failure just try to please everyone’’ those were the words of the only friend I had made in the camp. I had spent a just day there but this man said he had been there for two weeks and the only observation he had made was that there was no bright future to look forward to as long as we remained in the camp. ‘’ The one thing l can promise you is that you will have a hip of similar forms to fill in for as long as you stay here my friend.’’

I had a memory flash back to the time my grandfather said ‘’ if you are hunting never stay in one place, the one who moves always gets something’’. We were still chatting with my friend when a supply van came into the camp, he suddenly pulled me up pointing at the van as if to say that was our ride out of the camp. ‘’First in line last ones out of the van, make sure you stay next to me if you want the life you left your motherland for.’’

Other people joined us as we unloaded the supplies one by one the boxes got out and my friend became more excited as the last boxes went out we jumped in the back of the van and pretended to clean up the empty boxes left over.’’ Don’t worry the guards are watching the gate everyone has left the van cover yourself with that box while l shut the doors see you in the free world.’’

He had  sounded so confident of his plan l could not disagree with him l did as instructed who knows what this could lead to ten minutes later the vehicle was on the move. I held my breath as we stopped for the camp gates to open. The driver proceeded as if he were all alone little did he know about our presence. I could not contain my excitement l rose out of the boxes l shook my friend and thanked him for taking me this far. ‘’Wait my friend the most difficult part is yet to come, how will we get out and where will we go?’’

Suddenly the truck stopped we leaned on the panel to try and listen to what the driver was saying but only my friend understood French. As l was about to ask him what was happening he crawled to the door and called me over illustrating that we had to kick the door as soon as the driver opened it. All the excitement l had felt a few moments ago was gone l was shaking like l had just took an ice bath.

The sound of the van driver’s footsteps took an eternity to stop, then in the dead silence l stiffened up all my muscles waiting for those doors to move an inch. We kicked the door so hard the driver flew over the highway barriers l only caught a glimpse of him as we ran to the front of the van pushing and shoving through the driver’s door.  

to be continued.................................................................................................what next my friend ;)


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