It Comes (Part 11) Needs



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Charlie reached into his pocket and fumbled for a minute or two before he pulled out a bottle with one pill in it. "Shit!" He muttered "Only one left. What am I supposed to do now? This will get me through tonight, but what about tomorrow night, or the next night, or a week from now." Charlie thought for a moment. A week from now, he could be dead. He perished the thought. Right now, his main priority was to get some more pills. He knew of a pharmacy just down the street. He heard another growl off in the distance. "I have to get moving." He said to himself.

Charlie ran until he came to a big neon sign which read "Macy's 24 Hour Pharmacy". Good thing too because it was 3:36 am. Charlie walked into the pharmacy and, as expected at that time of the morning, there was no one there except the clerk and the pharmacist. They both turned and looked at him when he walked in.

"Can I help you, sir?" The young male clerk asked.

Charlie stepped up to the wicket and said "Yes." He handed the clerk a note stating that he needed something, anything, to keep him awake, and alert. The clerk read the note, then stared at Charlie with a confused look on his face.

"I'm very sorry sir," the clerk said "but these type of pills are usually given by prescription only."

"I see." Charlie said. His blood was starting to boil. "Well, is this prescription enough?" Handing a one hundred dollar bill over to the clerk.

"I'm very sorry, sir, I still....." 
But before he could finish his sentence, Charlie reached through the wicket and grabbed the young clerk by his throat and pulled his face to the wicket. There was a look of shock in the clerks eyes.

"Now, listen to me you little shit...." Charlie noticed the pharmacist started making his way over. "Back off!!!" Charlie yelled "Or I will snap this kids neck like a twig." A whimper emerged from the clerks lips. The pharmacist put his hands up in surrender and stepped back.

"As I was saying, I've got someone, or something after me. Been after me for days, maybe weeks now, I lost count. If I go to sleep, he or it will find me and it will KILL me. Now, are you gonna get me those pills, or am I gonna have to leap over this counter, kick your scrawny ass, then get them myself."

Charlie let go of the clerk. The poor kid had a look of shock in his eyes.
"J...j..just a moment, sir." He reached underneath the counter, then came up with a big bottle of the stuff Charlie needed. "Here you go, sir."

"Thank you." He grabbed the bottle and headed out the door.

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