To The Red Line (Chapter 3: A Dreadful Massacre)



BY the time Mika arrived at the town of Andania, the place was already in the midst of raging battlefield.

Loud horrifying screams were coming all over the place. People were running, seeking shelter and escaped from becoming the wild Spirits’ meals.

Spirits were wandering, out for cold-blood murder and killing the unfortunate ones that failed to escape under their close attentions.

Mika gasped and eyes widened at the scene. She gripped tightly onto the sword hanging on her waist, and proceed cautiously.

As she ran, heading toward the deeper part of the town, Mika couldn’t help but to think about Luna’s words:

"What’s the point of me going to Andania and risking my life to protect that town is not worth defending for against the Spirits?"

It had hurt her deeply to hear those words. Mika understood fairly well the terrifying feeling her friend currently faced, yet couldn’t helped but to think she was being rather selfish for not wanting to help others in time of needs.

After all, among all the training they’d underwent back in the Knight Academy, fighting against the Spirits was not part of the syllabus that covered throughout the training.

They’d never needed to worry of any Spirit attacking them ever since the end of the Great War a decade ago.

Until now...

Mika stopped running halfway and quickly raised her sword above her head just in time to block an assault coming from a Spirit.

She blocked the assault, pushed it forward with her arm’s strength, before kicking the Spirit hard on it’s stomach; causing it to fall on it’s back. Mika then, proceeded by striking it down and ending its life.

Huffing, she was just about to make a dash when a shrilling scream caught her attention.

A little girl, aged seven, with a paled face white as snow, looked terrified at a group of five hungry, drooled, blood-thirsty looking Spirits with sharp pointed teeth and acidic drools, currently had her cornered.

Tears ran down her cheeks as the little girl wept and shut her eyes. She prayed to God for mercy for her death to be painless as possible.

The Spirits shrieked loudly in a high tone key, before all five of them jumped in the mid-air and readily to slice her to pieces...


One by one the Spirits dropped dead on the ground like flies. As the last Spirit dropped on the pool of their own blood, with a long cut on each chest, the last Spirit let out a sharp loud and painful cried before it eventually stopped altogether.

Silence began to fill in the air with the exception of something metallic hit on the ground. The little girl slowly opened her eyes. Her trembled hands were still on her wet face.

She braved herself to take a peek through her fingers, only to find the Spirits were all dead on the ground.

The little girl slowly lowered her hands and looked up to her saviour. Her eyes breamed, immediately recognised the armoured uniform: Knight of Luyas!

Mika shook off her sword to get rid of the blood before putting it back on its scabbard. Then, as not to further frightened the little girl, Mika slowly walked toward the girl who had her hands covered her face.

When the little girl finally lowered her hands and recognised her as a Knight of Luyas, she beamed happily and ran toward Mika before wrapping her short arms tightly around her waist.

Mika chuckled and returned the hug. Gently, she lifted the girl from the ground and carried her in her arms.

“Let’s get you to somewhere safe, okay, sweetie?”

The girl nodded silently. She had her arms wrapped securely around Mika’s neck. Together, they proceed to the inner part of the town where many of the townsmen were fighting the weaker Spirits that invading their homes.

A moment later, Mika and the little girl in her arms arrived safely in front of a Safe House that was heavily protected by layers of Force field, in the deepest part of the town that was still unharmed from the invasion.

The Luyas Knight that was standing guarding at the door, a man Mika recognised as Bud, quickly approached them.

“What happened?” Bud asked unkindly, as Mika handed the little girl to him.

“Found her in the alley. She’d almost became their meal.”

Bud looked down at the frightened girl with softened gaze, before he turned to look at Mika.

His eyes said it all-the fears and the accusations.

Mika softly brushed the girl’s hair. With a small smile, she looked at Bud and said, “Take care of her.”

Without waiting for his response, Mika took off faster and headed back to the battlefield.

The sound of a gunshot echoed loudly at the widely burnt field. One accurately flying bullet went through a Spirit’s skull, a second after the man had fired the gun.

Deep purple eyes looked at his surrounding; corpses of Spirits mixed with dead men were scattered everywhere. It didn’t helped that the mixture smell of the blood, corpses, and bodies had nearly made him wanted to puke his guts out.

Shinji was damn lucky his sharp and sensitive senses had alerted him earlier to make a dash back in the Forbidden Forest. If he’d moved taking his own sweet time finding the Spirit girl’s whereabouts, he would have been caught in the middle of the explosions earlier.

Shaking his head, the man sighed. He would never heard the end of the lectures if his sister or the old hag ever found out how careless he had been.

Frowning slightly at the thoughts, Shinji brisk walked toward his destination. As he moved, he kept on searching for something inner pocket of a wool brown long overcoat he’s wearing.

Shinji found what he was searching for; his cigarette.

Two long hours were all it took for the battle against the Spirits to finally comes to an end. With everyone’s cooperation, they had successfully managed to defeat the Spirits and protected Andania Town.

It had been a rather tough and hard task for all of them. Many suffered from the wounds they had inflected by the Spirits during battle. A small numbered of lives had been sacrificed as well.

After finished treating a town man’s wound and received a quick thanks from the man, Mika politely excused herself and hurried off for a quick inspection of the other areas.

As she was making her way, she passed by a group of townsmen who currently celebrating their victories with free drinks in front of an opened Pub.

One of the men saw her coming toward them and shouted, “Hey, Miss Knight! Come here and celebrate with us!”

Mika stopped momentarily. Eyes widened in shock, she smiled awkwardly at them before shaking her head.

“I still need to go and inspect the other areas first. Enjoy yourselves, Gentlemen!”

“What are you rushing about for? We’ve already won!” Said one of the townsmen, disappointedly.

“Well, whatever. When you finished, come back here and joins us, Miss Knight! I’ll buy you a drink even! Ha ha ha.”

Shaking her head again at their words and offer, Mika proceeded.

Along the way, she spotted the two veteran Knights who had been on her Assigned Team. They were tending to some of the townspeople’s wounds. They both had decided to abandon their irresponsible and selfish Captain and joined in the fight with the rest of the Knights stationed in the town.

When the battle was over, they were the first who had congratulated her at her success on handling the situation and had even called her ‘Captain’.

Smiling briefly as they spotted her standing on the opposite side, one of them waved at her to come at them, but Mika shook her head. She quickly notifying them that she wanted to inspect other areas first. Mika reassured them that she would definitely celebrate the winning victory with them as soon as she was done.

Fifteen minutes of walking and carefully inspecting, making sure everything was okay and no Spirits were on sight, Mika began making her way back to where the other Knights were to join them in their victory celebration, when in a swift movement that immediately caught everyone’s attention, she stood completely still, in defensive manner and with sword on hand.

The once cheerful crowd slowly died down when they saw Mika gazed sharply at the entrance gates.

Wasting no time, Mika cautiously approached the entrance of the gates where just a second ago she had thought she saw something had moved in a blink of an eye before it suddenly vanished in thin air.

Decided not to doubt in her instincts, Mika ordered those who were standing nearby to stay away from the perimeter and cleared the place.

No one doubted or questioned her direct order. They did as she’d told them to and scrambled away. In less than a minute, the entrance was empty and cleared.

Behind her, a group of Luyas Knights, including the two veteran Knights were standing behind her.

“Is something the matter, Captain?” asked one of the Knights.

Mika didn’t reply. Her ears and mind were focusing by listening to their surroundings. The disturbed feeling in her guts kept on growing and won’t settled down.

Getting rid of any bad thoughts, Mika bravely took few steps closer to the entrance when all the sudden, the ground beneath her started to crack, and something came flown out from the ground!


With a sword on her hands, Mika sprung forward to her enemy; a One-Eyed Spirit with black bat-like wings on it’s back.

Mika swung her blade and- got caught halfway by the Spirit’s hand, in a strong grip! Mika struggled to fight back for her sword despite the obvious.

Meanwhile, the One-Eyed Spirit chuckled deeply and easily tossed her sword on the ground, not far away from her feet.

Now unarmed, before Mika could restored to fist-fight, the Spirit had roughly grabbed her by the neck and pinned her bodily on the ground with both hands on each sides of her head. It had her trapped underneath it with bat-like wings that curtained her from the rest of the world.

The One-Eyed Spirit’s sharp claws when it had roughly grabbed on Mika’s throat earlier, caused a long, albeit, not too deeply cut on her skin.

Blood began to pour out from the broken skin on Mika’s neck, causing the Spirit to sniff the wonderful smell and acidic drool running from it’s mouth.

Mika flinched in pain as the acidic drool touched her skin. She struggled hard to break free from the Spirit. Her hands were the only wall between them. Mika tried to relocate her sword using her available right leg-the only thing that not covered by the wings.

The Spirit hissed at her attempt in order to reach for the sword. It looked at her in a strangely and curious manner before it began to lean forward.

Mika cringed loudly when it began to sniff her closer to her wounded flesh whenBANG!

A silver bullet went through on the Spirit’s right shoulder, caused it to shrill in painfully at the wound.

Gaining the upper-hand of the situation, Mika shoved the Spirit away from her, quickly she reached for her sword using her right leg, and then stabbed the One Eyed Spirit on its only eye.

The Spirit shrilled in greater pain as it covered it’s bleeding and wounded eye.

Holding her now bleeding neck as she stood a few distance away from the still shrilling in pained Spirit, Mika watched guilty at what she’d done to the now blind Spirit.

A part of her, the conscious part of her felt guilty for what she had done to the Spirit -it was, after all, her own kind.

Another part of her, the Knightly part of her had convinced herself by telling that it was her duty as the Knight of Luyas to serve and to protect the innocents from the enemies.

Even so, Mika couldn’t get rid of the question that had always clouded her mind:

Who’s actually the real enemy?


Mika immediately snapped out of her thoughts when a loud male voice roared at her, coming from behind her. She turned around, immediately met eyes with her saviour — a handsome older man holding a gun on his left hand. He stared back at her before urging her to hurry up and get the hell away from there.

Nodded, Mika wasted no time to leave. She ran as far away from the place as possible and to where the others were gathering, when all the suddenly, Mika felt a strong force pushing her down to the ground.

Before she even knew what was going on, Mika found herself rolling in the dirt.

Groaned slightly as she got up, with her now bleeding right elbow and left knee, Mika paused halfway as she came face-to-face with the now blind and furiously enraged One Eyed Spirit.

Even with it’s eyesight gone, Mika knew better than to underestimate an enemy without their sight; an enemy without sense of sight known to be more dangerous as their sensitivity and awareness of their surroundings increased greatly, compared to those who have sights.

The Spirits were no different. Though Mika had never encountered any one of her own kind before, she knew Spirits were a lot sensitive in terms of their senses compared to the humans.

Mika had once underwent a training to increase her senses; by being blindfolded and had people throwing sharp objects at her while trying to block them.

Gripping her sword, Mika stared sharply at the Spirit, and carefully moved toward it.

Halfway there, Mika increased her speed, before eventually, she paced up and started charging toward it.

Charging toward the Spirit all her might with a battle cry, Mika gasped shockingly when she felt a strong pressure forced her to the side, and into a hidden and depth pit hole before a ballistic, electrifying bolt hit the ground, where she had been running just a while ago.

SHINJI rudely spat the dirts out of his mouth and swore for the millionth time that day. He had literally placed himself dangerously in between a flying bolt and the Spirit girl who was currently unconscious in his arms, for the Goodness’ sake!

He sneered at her.

After Shinji had quite harshly told her to get out from the place as far away as possible, while making his way toward her, he had been unfortunate to be surrounded by a bunch of Spirits.

It didn’t take him long to put bullets into their brains though, before he could finally be able to catch up with the Spirit girl.

At last, when Shinji had finally be able to catch up with Mika, he noticed immediately the injuries on her elbow and knee, and also the blind Spirit that stood before her.

Shinji just been ready to pull the trigger when his sharp sense had alerted him to turn around and looked up at the arriving of two more Spirits; the same species as the blinded Spirit one, fluttering above them.

One of them was charging something blue in it’s mouth; an electrifying bolt!

Shit!” Shinji hurriedly made a mad dash toward Mika.

Shinji had always been fit, but with the current speed the Spirit girl was charging the electrical bolt in his mouth, it was nearly impossible for him to race toward Mika without losing a breath or risking both their lives.

And so, Shinji did the only thing that would saved them both in time before they got hit by the bolt: he took a leapt of faith, increased his speed, and then, ungracefully pushed her out of the way before he had them both fell over and into a hidden pit hole, just in time for the bolt to hit the spot they had previously been.

Shinji looked down to the Spirit girl whom he had in his arms yet again.

“Hey.” He nudged at her once.

No response.

“Hey! Damn it. Wake up already! Mika!” Shinji lightly tapped on her cheeks.

Still no response.

“Shit.” Shinji swore.

Sighed heavily, Shinji breathed in deeply before he took a good look at her. Easily, he spotted the small deep cut on her neck. Winced at the wound, Shinji put his hand on it, and allowed the tips of his fingers to glow in bright green.

As his fingers glowed, the wound slowly began to heal until there was nothing but clear fresh skin where the wound had once been.

Shinji pulled away his hand once he was done healing her and sighed softly.

Shinji gazed on the still the unconscious girl and observed her slightly bruised cheek and a line of fresh blood on her forehead, where he suspected she must had hit her head when she fell down on the ground earlier.

What an idiot. He thought with a small smile on his tight lips. Still a clumsy as ever.

Shinji allowed himself to forget about the current situation they were in or even where they were at the moment, and just simply stared at her with affections.

He raised another hand and brushed a few strings crimson hair on her forehead to behind her ears.

It truly has been a while, Mika.

Unfortunately for Shinji, the tender moment was rudely interrupted by the sound of heavily footsteps running toward them.

Looking up, Shinji immediately recognized at least two of the men who were currently running at them - Luyas Knights.

They came here to help.

Though, not at the best timing. Shinji frowned deeply. Taking a deep breath and exhaled, he readjusted Mika to a more comfortable position on the ground beside him, before he crawled up from the pit.

Once he was at the mouth of the pit, Shinji was about to shout something at the Knight when his voice died out. His blood ran out cold when something else caught his attention.

The two veteran Knights were running toward them when they suddenly stopped. Both of them looked confused at the sight of Shinji, who was waving his arms desperately at them while shouting something.

At last, they couldn’t made out any the words the young man was saying before another a familiar electrifying sound being fully charged, followed by a sound of something being fired, heading straight toward them...

Luna wished very badly that the ground would eat her alive at that exact moment as she stood stiffly and awkwardly in front of the last person she’d wanted to meet.

Karma is a bitch. Luna thought. For Karma was the one that led her to meet with the anxious, worrisome and furious Commandant Grants Rogue.

The poorly anxious Commandant had been rushing from Luyas with his Immediate Rescue Unit to Andania, with hope and expectation of meeting with Captain Luna’s Unit that was actually on their way back home with a successful mission on hands.

Grants was half-corrected though, when he did stumbled upon Captain Luna’s Unit.

Imagine the horrifying and shocking look on Grant’s face when he stumbled the young Luyas Heiress in a very shaky, messy state, and that she was all alone without her fellow comrades with her.

The Commandant had unprofessionally pulled the younger woman into his arms for a hug, just to make sure that she was still very much alive and thanked Heavens for at least one of them had made it safe through the chaos.

When Luna had calmed down enough to explain what had really happened, the expression on the Commandant’s facial expression changed varies; from being worried, to horror, to disbelief, to bewildered, and finally, enraged.

How Grants wished he had never hugged the spoiled and selfish young Lady in the first place!

The Commandant could not even bring himself to breathe. His mind was all over the place even when his face was calm and composed, with a deep scowl on his forehead.

Grants pitched the bridge of his nose and took a long deep breath.

“Not only did you disobeyed my specific orders, Captain, but you’d actually have the nerves to leave your comrades behind due to a cowardly act?” Grants snapped.

Luna flinched at his sharp words. “H-How should I know we would be going against the damn Spirits, Commandant! We were never trained to fight them in the first place!”

“Regardless,” Grant gritted his teeth. “Of all the stupid things you have done, Miss Luna, you chose to abandon your fellow team mates! Tell me, what kind of a Captain would do such thing as leaving the people under her bloody command just because she was too much of a coward to face the enemies?!”

Luna tried to speak but was immediately being cut off.

“Well, let me tell you something useful, Lady Luna. A good Captain is always the last person to leave the battlefield no matter WHAT the consequences are. A good Captain would have never abandons nor leaves those who have put their lives and trust in him! A good Captain would have never commits to do such cowardly act like what you had done!”

In all honestly, if Luna was a man, Grants would not have hesitate on punching the damn fool for being extremely reckless and selfish for abandoning her comrades.

Titles be damned. He had known the little girl since she was born and could also be considered as a father-figure to her and her siblings more so than their own father.

A unit in the battlefield was like family; you live together, you die together. She was a Captain, and she had disgraced that honour.

Taking a deep breath, Grants spoke in a stern voice, “You will be dismissed for any missions until further notice. For now, return to Luyas and call for a reinforcement! We need all the helps we can get now that the Spirits have arrived.”

Luna kept her head lowered.

“U-understood... Commandant.”

THE condition in Andania grown even worse than before when a second wave of the Spirits had emerged and invaded the town. Where the Spirits had come from was a mystery, but was most likely, they came from the Forbidden Forest.

The damages that the Spirits inflected the town increased immensely. Majorities of the townsmen and the Luyas Knights who fought in the battle were either too badly wounded to continue to fight or died in battle.

Shinji groaned and swore as he fell onto his left knee to the ground. His head was bleeding from the impact of the electrifying bolt spat by the one of the flying Spirits above him.

He hissed at his carelessness for not detecting the presences of the winged Spirits earlier. As the result of his carelessness, two Knights and few town men died instantly from the blow that had unfortunately landed on them.

Shinji groaned again, trying to move his head slowly to the left side, while being careful not to hurt the still unconscious girl beside him.

Shinji had run back into the pit when the bolt. He managed to create a shield strong enough for both of them at the very last minute just in time before the bolt hit them. That action had drained his strengths and left him feeling rather exhausted.

Checking on the Spirit girl’s condition and found that she was okay, Shinji then decided to check on the situation above. With a gun on his right hand, soundlessly, Shinji crawled up from the pit.

As soon as his foot touched on the ground, he made a mad dash across the clearance and took a dive behind one of the crumbled houses.

Keeping his breathing in check and steadily as he possibly could, Shinji brought his gun forward and aimed at one of the three the winged Spirits flying in the air above him.

He fired.


One of the flying Spirit dropped dead on the ground as a bullet hit it straight on the forehead. the rest of the Spirits shrilled angrily. They turned their heads to the shooter, hissing at him.

One down, one to go. Shinji reloaded his gun.

The remaining Spirits gliding in the air. They went on being defensive and provoked by the death of their friend. They kept on shouting insulting words at Shinji, in their mother-tongue language.

Ignoring the Spirit’s insults at him, Shinji took his stance and aimed at one of the Spirits. Just as he was about to ready pulling the trigger, all the sudden, he felt a strong hair-rising force coming from the unconscious female Spirit he’d left behind in the pit.

The Spirits too stopped its provoking words at him and were strangely sniffing in the air.

Panicked at their strange behaviours and his racing heartbeat, Shinji rushed back to the pit in order to increase the barrier he had set around the pit hole as more Spirits began to surround the area.

The mysterious scent was very addictive to both Spirits and human alike. It was so strong and powerful that it made the rest of surviving humans weak on their knees and the Spirits to become extremely euphoric — the scent of salvation.

They sniffed more and harder of the scent as they approached the shielded pit-hole, trying their best to remember when was the last time they smelled something very familiar and addictive, and whose scent did it belonged to when a loud painful shrilling sound erupted in the air and broke the silence.

Shinji forced himself to stop running midway to the pit. His mouth dropped at the sight of the figure shrilling like a banshee and floating in mid-air.


Mika’s once fiercely middle-length red hair had turned its colour into a slightly darker and grown longer to waist-length.

The sclera in her eyes have changed into gold while the iris became red, and the pupils turned slit - almost like an angry cat’s eyes.

Her nails, usually neat, changed into sharp pointed claws. Even her teeth, had grown two sharp pointed fangs.

"Shit! How could I’d forgotten about this?”Shinji growled angrily. He stared at the sight before him with trembled fists.

When Mika’s body had dropped on the ground into the pit earlier, the jade bracelet that she always wore on her right wrist and never taken it off for a reason, had shattered into pieces!

Shinji breathed in and out deeply. No use beating himself up about things that had already happened. 

Gripping his gun tightly, Shinji carefully proceeded.

When Commandant Grants Rogue and his Rescue Units finally arrived in Andania, and stood at the Entrance Gates, all previous assumptions they had regarding of the situation in the town, went straight out of the window the moment they witnessed how badly the situation had become.

Piles of corpses; men and Spirits alike were laid on the ground. Rubble and debris scattered on the ground everywhere, the place was officially a War Zone.

After giving out orders to his units to secure the town, the Commandant proceeded and stepped into the gates. Already he had a bad dreadful feeling at the pit of his stomach, waiting for him.

The smell of corpses and death. The familiar feeling when he was on a battlefield, fighting for his Kingdom and his life. Losing his fellow comrades and subordinates..

No. Grants furiously shook his head. Don’t go there, Grants. He refused to let that one thought get into his head.

She might still be-

A terrifying scream shook him out of his thoughts and down his core.

Grants quickly spurt around, and saw his men surrounding and opened fire at someone — a Spirit.

Five of them at least were being tossed around like toys by the said Spirit. As if that wasn't enough, Grants witnessed two of his men were forcefully thrown through piles of brick.

Their necks broke instantly.

The person who responsible for their deaths, licked the stained blood on her sharp claws with a satisfied grin.

Grants' face turned immediately paled. His widened eyes traced from the dripping thick blood on her mouth to her sharp claws covered with red.

“What are you doing, Mika?” Grants whispered, unthinkingly. He regretted afterwards because ‘Mika’ turned her head at him right. Slowly, she smiled wickedly at him.

Her smile alone stroke great fear deep within his heart. Grants subconsciously took a step back when Mika slowly walked toward him.

As her paces fastened, Mika looked like she was ready to pound Grants before ripping him apart, when a sound of a gunfire reached her sensitive ears.

Mika made a perfect back-flipped, avoiding getting hit on by the bullet. She smirked proudly before her face changed to shock as two bullets being fired at her.

Mika dodged the bullets again. She had barely missed the last shot though. Both shots were aimed very closely at her feet.

Mika however, lose her footing when she was about to land, when her head suddenly pound in terrible pain. She reached one hand to her head, and then shrilled painfully.

Distracted by the obvious pain, Mika failed to sense another bullet that was heading her way. This time, it aimed directly at her heart.

By the time Mika realized, it was already too late for her to avoid the flying bullet.

“NO!” Grants deep grouching voice echoed.

As the angry bullet flew at Mika in top speed, something else flew above her, before a huge shadow dropped itself in front of her and shield her from the flying bullet with its big bat-like wings.

Mika let out a sharp gasp as a warm body held her, protecting her from the bullet with its big wings. She felt blood dripping out from its chest; where the bullet was aiming.

The Spirit spoke in its mother language, but Shinji could heard it spoke very well and even understood its meaning:

“Restore our long awaiting future... The forsaken promising prophecy. Princess..."

The dying Spirit released its strong grip on Mika and exhaled it final breath before it fell down to the ground.

A minute after the last of the winged Spirit’s death, a muffled giggled broke the long silence. The giggling grew louder before it erupted into a hair-rising laughter that echoed the entire place.

All eyes were on the Spirit girl. Fear was evidently in their eyes and goosebumps crawled underneath their skin when the laughter finally faded and a sinister smirk formed on the wicked Spirit's face.

Now that she’s gotten their full-attention, Mika lifted one leg toward the lifeless Spirit. She would have crushed the lifeless Spirit’s head, had it wasn’t for Shinji who fired a bullet near at her feet again.

Mika jumped a feet away in the air, before she landed a few steps away from the corpse.

“Enough!” Shinji yelled in angered.

Truthfully, he had enough of watching her killing people and grown incredibly tired, not to mention, annoyed with her sadistic behaviours.

Mika hissed back at him, baring her two sharp pointed fangs at him. With a speed of light, Mika disappeared from her spot and then, a couple of seconds later, reappeared in front of him — with her sharp claws a few inches away from his face, readily to shred him to pieces.

Using the gun on his right hand, Shinji blocked her wrist that was reaching out to his face. He then, swiftly brought his other free hand and knocked her in the stomach with an uppercut.

Grants who was watching from the sidelines was left out of breath. He dared not to move a muscle, fearing that if he did, the worse would happen. As he watched the scene, many thought ran through his mind.

She’s a Spirit.

Grants knew beforehand what Mika was before she even joined his Brigade. Still, he still had it within him to accept her, gave her guidances that she need, and treat her right.

And yet, what made Grants realized at that moment about her true origin, was the fact that one of his most trustworthy subordinate was the one who not only killed innocent civilians, but his men included.

All of them except for himself, now dead.

Grants felt as if  someone had just poured a bucket of cold-ice on him.

A loud growl coming from the left caught his immediate attention. Grants blinked his eyes, before focusing on the battle between his subordinate and a familiar young man.

Mika glared menacingly at Shinji. There was stained of blood at the corner of her lips which she’d roughly rubbed it off. Mika then charged toward the man, rising her sharp claws for a second attempt of bringing him down.

The moment Mika came closer to him, Shinji grabbed both of her arms before he jumped a few steps backward, dragged her down, and pinned her face on the ground.

Shinji had one hand on the back of her head, pressed firmly to the ground. His left knee pressed on her back, whilst his other free hand held on her right wrist.  Wasting no time, he murmured a spell and a soft glowing green light began to emit from his hands.

MIKA struggled, whined and fought as hard as she could to break free from Shinji’s heavy weight on top of her as he recite a spell. His strong hand was on her right wrist, holding her in a vice-grip.

In her struggles, Mika had successfully managed to free her left hand. Using her now available hand, she reached out aimlessly and scratched his chest with sharp and deadly claws.

Shinji hissed and swore at the pain. He resumed casting the spell as best as he could despite the increasing and burning ache on his chest.

Mika smirked at the smell of blood and sweat coming from him. Though she couldn’t very well see his painful face, she could feel the man shifted his position uncomfortably above her.

A bright green light began to emit from his hand. It then linked itself to the aggressive Spirit below him and surrounding her whole being.

Mika tried once again to break free her other hand from Shinji’s vice-grip, or to at least overthrew the man above her, but the glowing green light that surrounding her body made it even harder for her to move.

Letting out another hiss, Mika lifted her left hand to land another strike on the man when a strong hand held her one available hand, and pressed it firmly on the ground.

Sweats soaked on and through the Commandant's uniform as he tried his hardest to hold down the Spirit’s aggressiveness and strong resistance, all the while, ignoring the trembling sound of his heart and his cold sweaty palms.

Grant didn’t know just what had possessed him to come over and helped the man out! One moment he was standing and watching from the sidelines, and the next, here he was, on his knees, holding down the Spirit girl on the ground, and waiting the young man to finish whatever spell he’s casting on her.


As soon as the word came out from Shinji's mouth, the glowing green light that surrounding her entire being now gathered on her right wrist.

The light slowly took a form of a jade bracelet. the same bracelet that had been on Mika's wrist before it shattered to pieces.

As soon as the entire transformation completed, Mika let out a loud gasp, as if she has been holding her breath the entire time. Her hair was back to it’s normal mid-length, as well as her eyes, teeth and claws.

Shinji let go of her hand gently, before he carefully put her to lay on her back on the ground.

Mika lifted her head weakly. With a blurred vision, she saw the young man was holding on his bleeding chest. The last thing she remembered before darkness took over her, was his eyes; deep violet eyes.

Meanwhile, Grants looked at the young man who had moved the girl to rest on his laps. One hand was holding to his bleeding chest while the other was on the Spirit’s forehead, softly caressing her hair.

Their eyes finally met. The young man nodded his head at Grants, silently thanking him for his assistance.

Grants nodded back. He felt so drained from all that happened. He was just about to ask who the young man was when Grants saw how the latter’s eyeballs rolled at the back of his head, and he collapsed on the side due to the loss of blood and drained energy.

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