Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson are excited about the incarceration of the Lady Flarice.

The Segregation Cell

Grasping the dark-green robe and stitching even more silver stars into the fabric, the minute star shapes dazzled. The embellished elegant robes glittered I toiled with crazed dedication. Much too soon, the time had come to enter the lower world I was not enamored. Smithson's dissidence had rubbed off and I began to dislike the lesser existence more than usual. Leaving the dark-green robe on the table, I locked the isolation chamber.

Kruger Engineering

Sustaining my weight and the lower tree groaned I sat on a broad branch. The Lady Flarice was by her desk. A new man chatted to her, he was handsome, his chin was square, and his physique was beefy, I could see she was attracted to him.
      “Do you want a coffee?” Steadman asked.
      “Yes please.”
Steadman hovered near her desk and he was completely smug, I would not make the same mistake again, Steadman was treading on unsafe ground. I was sure he would not bed the Lady Flarice, as Connor had. Steadman would be obliterated from the Lady Flarice’s life I relished his demise.


       “I am expecting your child.”
Pleading with her eyes when she told me and I detected it was a girl gals were useful at times. Elaina expected me to support her, as she assumed I sustained Rheanna.
      “You should abort it.”
Piled on top and Elaina's hair was beautified with a silver-barrette.
      “I cannot have an abortion.”
Elaina’s face wrinkled with grief.
      “I do not want the child.”
Elaina rose from the couch, a lock escaped from the hair ornament enveloping her hearing-organ.
      “Clarkson you have Smithson and you adore him, a child to love would make me happy.”
Venturing to the eatery and Madison Elaina's colleague served the tables she was astounded to see Elaina.
      “Why are you here?”
      “I just cannot stay away!”
Madison laughed, she was graceful, and I gave attention to Madison to aggravate Elaina.
I appreciated the zealous way she conducted her work, Elaina was not bothered concerning her career. Watching Madison and Elaina was edgy.
      “Please tell me that you do not want her?”
“Madison is attractive, but no I do not intend to start anything with her.”
Elaina looked relieved, she snuggled into me, and I continued to stare at Madison.

Kruger Engineering

Steadman hurried to his car it was new and snow obscured it. Taking a brush from the trunk, he swept the icy-shapes to the ground. Exiting the lot, I followed him.
      “You cannot slay him,” the Timber Figures and the Archangel said softly.
I was livid, Steadman was to be spared, and the information scrambled my mind, I wanted to snatch his heart out with my bare hands, I felt betrayed by the ones supporting me. Smithson united alongside, the Purifiers and the Archangel in an imperial stance. The whispers harsh and the Taskmasters did not yield.
      “You will be captured if you kill him,” the Wooden Forms and the Darkest-One said.
The Trees and the Archangel immovable, I begged for permission to end his life, I was in a predicament, it was obligatory to obey the Purifiers and the Darkest-One, and yet mandatory to rid myself of Steadman.
      “You must obey us,” the Purifiers and the Darkest-One said.

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