Crossed- An Adventure in the Karma Crusades



Prologue — Written by A. Bernette

From above, I watched it all unfold. Lana Fier was his first case. My new Karma Crusader requires more training and control if he is to follow the directives set out by the unseen force of law. Every action has a reaction. All things must be balanced. I am supposed to be training Maxwell to aid me in administering karma.

Why Raguel thought Maxwell could handle the role still baffles me, but I am not in charge of recruiting. Already he has done more harm than good, created unbalance, and proven himself unstable. His temper will have to be culled if he is to stay out of trouble.


If you are wondering what will happen and want to know more, give this the thumbs up and make sure you follow me. I'll be posting Chapter 1 soon.


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