Aftermath. Chapter 2 Unpublished



Even though growing up in a run down old farm-house was tough at times we had a wonderful childhood....

Even though growing up in a run down old farm-house was tough at times, we had a wonderful childhood. The bottom gate at the bottom of the yard opened up to green pastures where we played for many hours. Playing among the buttercups rolling down the hill on our bellies laughing all the way down with pure delight. We would sit making daisy chains chewing our bubble gum, it was so peaceful there. My thoughts on the bogey man began to erase from my mind until one day my little brother went missing. My first thoughts then was the bogey man had taken him.

  Frantically everybody was searching the surrounding fields, while I went to look through the cracks of the old wash-house door. I was sure that was where he would be, my heart sank with the realisation that he wasn't there. I thought the house had swallowed him whole, gone forever. Police were everywhere combing the entire place. I was sure I would never see my brother again as the hours ticked by. In my little mind I was thinking, "He must be so frightened and hungry." When suddenly I saw a police officer walking up the yard with my brother in his arms. He had found him in an old garage where he had climbed into a car and fell asleep.

  That was in the days before they had sold the land, and houses were built. My friend Chrissie and I would sit and watch our garden of Eden be transformed from paradise to crude solid brick walls. But we still had our other land of make-believe we would soon discover Alice's wonderland. 

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