A woman surviving the apocalypse escapes the city and finds herself on a constant run from the dead and those that want her dead.

Chapter One.


I don’t have the greatest memories of my past. I was kicked out of home when I was fifteen for smoking pot and having sex with a guy twice my age. That same guy that got me pregnant, luckily for him I was sixteen, but unlucky for me when I had a miscarriage in my third month and he left me without a backward glance. Was I scarred? Yes I dreamt about that baby for years afterwards and that man. But they were just a moment in my sordid youth, a part that filled me with pain and regret and one I tried to run away from in the relationships that followed.  

When the virus hit I had been serving bar in a pub for a living. Twice divorced and currently screwing my boss, I was probably considered a tough chick with attitude to boot. No regulars in the bar caused me any problems and we often had some way ward drunks with dirty groping hands. Maybe my height and athletic look was enough to deter most people. And maybe it was my burly boss hovering in the kitchen where he made toasted sandwiches and chips for hungry guests. He was really my only problem. Ned seemed almost obsessed by me and would drag me into the confines of the pantry or the cellar and screw me against the wall, panting and heaving until he came. Thank god it was quick and I learned to tolerate his lust.

            The virus hit him early. We shared a flat above the bar. Three rooms made up the flat. Bedroom come lounge-room, bathroom and a small kitchenette the décor was something out of a sci-fi with images of star wars, star trek, a half naked young Jane Fonda in her Barbarella outfit. Dimly lit and smelling of stale beer and pizza our menu of choice. Ned was once a NFL player, a fullback for two years with Miami Dolphins until he was busted with drugs and sacked on the spot. Since then he let himself go and by the time I met him, he weighed about 135kg and was running a cheap bar in the bad side of the city. I was desperate and hooked up with him rather quickly, penniless and homeless he took me the first time in the cellar on a keg and from there I got a place to live, a fat oversexed lover and a job that kept me in money I had paid little attention to the news about some virus that seemed to be proving fatal to many and causing others to act in strange ways. But then Ned developed a fever and didn't go down to the bar for work.

            The next day he lay dead in our bed I was horrified. The bed was soaked with sweat and the odour of human excrement assaulted me. I let out a bit of a cry from shock more than anything and rushed downstairs to the bar, which was becoming increasingly quiet in the last week. One of the regulars, an ageing alcoholic, went up stairs to check on Ned but soon rushed down yelling out about Ned going nuts. With utter terror I watched dead Ned appear at the top of the stairs, grey in colour, staring down at us with heavily bloodshot eyes. Everyone left in the bar yelled and bedlam broke out. Chairs were thrown to the floor, glasses smashed and people began to push and shove their way out of the pub. I was amongst them.

            Where do you go when your home is no longer safe? I went to the local homeless shelter. It was nearly midday and strangely, the place was empty. It made my skin crawl but I went inside and looked around. Usually a local minister would be here but there was no one. Not game enough to stay, I grabbed a jacket that was laying on one of the fold up beds (I had only the clothes on my back) took a bottle of coke from a small fridge in the office and then found an unopened cherry ripe on the desk which I quickly pocketed. I was only in there for less than an hour but when I got outside it was as if I was in a ghost town. The streets were empty. I stood still for a moment then decided to go and get Ned’s Truck. I had to get the hell out of here…

“Hay you!” It was a man I had seen occasionally at the bar. A tall man with short dark hair brushed back off his thin face with long angular nose who was wearing a fireman's uniform. Rob London was rushing toward me with a very thin woman that I knew to be his long time girlfriend being dragged behind.

“Oh my god! Rob what  the hell is going on?” they were both panting and looking wildly around them at the darkening streets.

"No idea but," he held the woman's hand tightly against his side, "I know we have to get out of here and quick." We decided to take my twin cab Ute that was still at the pub. I was filled with dread at going back there and told Rob what had happened earlier.

"Shit, poor. Ned." Rob shook his head in disbelief and his girlfriend began to whimper. "Its OK Jenny." He said soothingly.  Jenny nodded but didn't look convinced. I then remembered that I had left the keys upstairs in the flat part of the Pub

"I don't think I could go up there now." I said. "It was terrible Rob, and.. " I stammered with my emotions taking over, "I  think he was dead" Rob met my gaze and I could see confusion, but how do you explain to someone that a person who was once alive, died and was now walking around with a crazed look covered in their own faeces.


To be cont..

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