Journals of a Psychopath



Never get in the sights of a psychopath, a novel with shock-horror content.

The Man-Woman’s Factory

Pushing the work across the conveyor belt and greatly grotesque she was in denial.
      “How is your gorgeous woman?” Her supervisor asked.
The dyke laughed, her horrible lean lips parted and paraded nicotine-stained teeth. Sam the bitch was a weak adversary, she was satisfied with her strength. However, it was not enough to match the vigor I owned.
      “The triumph is yours,” the Declarer said.
Swinging my body, euphoria cloaked, jostling through my veins and the sound relating to the blood defined me. In the sky, the black-angels sang the song connected to success, mighty, my electrical impulses very potent. The time to slay the man-woman was near and the thrill about the upcoming episode surged.
      “Make sure she endures extensive pain, the lesbian is an abomination, and she must be erased,” the Purifiers and the Darkest-One said.

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