7/11 — My Day of Gratitude



An open heart story of love.

On July 11, 1994 Victor and I officially became a couple when he moved in to share my home with me. Then, one year later on this date, he was by my side as I underwent emergency open heart surgery for removal of a tennis-ball sized tumor from inside my heart.

I am in deep gratitude to Dr. Len Saputo for orchestrating the skilled team of surgeons at John Muir hospital who performed that 5 hour surgery, to the amazing nursing staff who kept watch over me, to Victor who, after the doctors told him that I had little chance of surviving, kept whispering in my ear for five hours following the surgery telling me that it was not time for me to leave, to my daughter Kris who stood vigil at the hospital during those tense hours and who made so many phone calls to my friends and relatives keeping them updated. To my many friends around the country who formed prayer trees that enveloped me within a healing sphere of energy. Thank you all.

It was 15 years ago on this date that Victor and I were married in a private ceremony performed by Unity ministers and dear friends, Revs. Pres and Candy Preston, at their beautiful home on the Kings River. Indeed, July 11th will always be my day of gratitude.

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