Witches, We (chapter 10)



Layla makes up with Chris. <3 Ursa makes unexpected plans with Daughtry and Vix makes plans with Galen. (18+ for sexual content)

            Chris had never opened his front door so fast. He kicked it closed behind them and turned the deadbolt. A moment later, he and Layla were locked together, neither of them pretending that they weren't dying to be on each other.

"Chris," Layla crooned. "Oh, I've thought about you a million times since yesterday."

"I couldn't sleep last night; I was thinking about you." He pulled her shirt over her head.

She unbuttoned his work shirt hastily. "I just want your skin on me."

His sigh turned into a moan when she ran her hands down his stomach and unbuttoned his pants. "Layla," he said possessively. "My Layla." He put his hand to her cheek and she rubbed against it like a cat, not seeming to care that it was stained with grease.

"Chris..." She looked up into his eyes and he was engulfed by bliss. "I am yours. It's crazy, but I am."

A triumphant cry ripped out of his chest and he lifted a giggling Layla and carried her to his bed. He pulled the rest of her clothes off while she watched him lazily. She didn't take her eyes off him and he struggled to wait this time. He didn't want to rush. He wanted this to last forever.

Layla tingled everywhere Chris touched her. She couldn't imagine anything better than this. How did people ever leave their houses after finding out how amazing sex was? She watched him drop his clothes and slowly climb on top of her, wriggling beneath him. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his lower back, inviting him inside her.

He closed his eyes for a moment, then looked into hers. He lowered himself into her slightly and she tried to wait patiently for him to fill her completely but failed. She writhed and whined. "Chris, don't tease me. Please..."

"What?" he asked in a strained voice. "Tell me what you want, Layla."

"Please, get in me!" She bucked her hips and for a wonderful moment managed to pull him completely inside her.

Then he held her down, panting. He wanted to fuck her, she could tell. He was halfway inside her and she could feel the tiny pulsations of his dick. It made her want to scream! "Chris!" she cried. "Fuck me. Cum inside me! Please! That's what I want. Give it to me!" If these sensations were because of a spell, she'd take it!

He gasped and rammed into her, going as deep as possible and she rocked against him.

"Cum," she moaned desperately. "I need it."

"You first," he grunted and he reached his thumb between them to rub her.

Ursa had taken Louis's number on a scrap of paper rather than showing him the family's ridiculous cell phone. After he'd admitted that he didn't really like coffee, they agreed to meet that night at a bar instead. She'd been in bars, but had never bought a drink in one; she didn't ever want to spend the cash and Cassandra let her drink at home if the mood struck.

Excitement was coursing through her and she was glad to be working at the dress shop to keep herself busy. Her mother was in the back room of the store, sewing, and, once again, Ursa was happily in charge. She was almost finished reading Needful Things and it lay open on the counter. A blissful sigh escaped her lungs as she turned the page.

The phone rang and she answered it pertly. "Wandering Woman! This is Ursa, how may I help you?"

"Whoa. You're in a good mood."

Ursa swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous. "Can I help you?"

"It's Erik Daughtry."

She'd known that. "Um, hi. How are you?"

"Pretty great, actually. How's the station wagon? Any problems?"

Oh. He just wanted to talk about the car. Her heart relaxed a bit. "No problems at all. Um, thank you, by the way. Vix told me that you should have charged me a lot more."

Daughtry chuckled. "Don't mention it." But she could tell by his voice he was pleased. "Listen, I read your story."

Ursa felt her face heat up. "You did?"

"Yeah. It was pretty damn great."

"Really?" She leaned forward, eyes wide on a thrill. "It wasn't corny?"

"I never once thought it was corny. I was disappointed that there wasn't more to read. That's not the end, is it?"

"Well, no. I always intended to keep going; I just never thought it was any good."

"But, it is. Can you tell me what your plans are for Rizjak?"

Ursa smiled. "You liked Rizjack?"

"Yeah, he's my favorite. Always sneaking around the ship, waiting for the opportunity to talk to Vackas alone. He's really funny too. I didn't really expect any of the aliens to have a sense of humor."

"He's my favorite, too! He's so much fun to write about and the easiest. Whenever I'm writing his scenes, my pen just flies."

"That was cool, too: getting to read it in your handwriting. Pretty personal."

Ursa was glad her mother wasn't in the room because her cheeks were on fire. "Well, I can't tell you my plans for Rizjack without spoiling the story."

"So you have it all planned out, do you?"

"Well, I know how I want it to end. Getting there's the hard part."

"I can imagine. So, when can I give you your binder back? I need you to write some more chapters." There was definitely a smile in his voice.

She was grinning too. "Well, I could stop by... Well, wait, your shop will be closed by then."

"By when?"

"I'm going out near there around eight."

"No problem. Just stop by my house instead. It's close by." There was silence for a moment and then he said, "You still there?"

Ursa put her hand to her forehead. "Still here." Her heart was thumping. Her cheeks had never felt hotter. "Where do you live?"

Layla and Chris were lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Their bare chests were both glistening, both heaving.

"We did it again," Layla said, pushing hair away from her face. She couldn't sound less regretful.

"We did. We sure did." Chris couldn't sound any more satisfied. "I can't believe I have to go back to work."

"Aww, I forgot that."

"Yeah. Sucks."

"Boo, work."

Chris turned on his side to look at her and smiled. "You should move in with me."

She turned toward him, smiling indulgently. "Totally."

"Why don't you?"

She laughed. "I'm still in school. My mother would probably kill you."

His eyebrows rose. "That's creepy."

"Tell me about it."

"Layla... You said something earlier."

She grinned. "I do that sometimes."

"You said that you were mine."

Her eyes flashed. "So what about it?"

"Did you mean it?"

"I did. Are you going to break my heart?"

He reached his arm around her and crushed her against himself. "Hell no."

She rested her head on his chest. "This is still weird. Isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess so. We need to get some condoms. You're impossible to say no to."

"Did I not tell you? I'm on birth control."

He propped himself up on his elbow. "No, you didn't tell me. You've been letting me worry about a baby for nothing?"

With a laugh, she said, "You worry about that kind of thing?"

"Of course I do. I mean, the idea of you pregnant isn't exactly repellent. I kinda like thinking of you with a big belly... carrying my baby."

"You're sick."

He laughed. "Maybe."

"I'm only eighteen. I cannot have a baby. My mom put us all on birth control once we hit puberty. Apparently, all three of her daughters where accidents."



"That's what you call accidents that turn out really well."

"Are you some kind of nerd or something?" She asked with a grin.

"Maybe." Then, he said teasingly, "Hah hah, you like nerds."

"Hey, Nerd," Layla said, smirking. "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Damn!" Chris quickly jumped to his feet and started pulling on his clothes. "You gonna hang out here for a while?" he asked, putting on his work shirt.

"Nah," she said, getting up.

Chris paused, watching her get dressed. "Mmm," he rumbled.

She looked over her bare shoulder coyly. "You like that?"

"Damn right."

"Hey," Layla said, with her shirt halfway on. "Do you work tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Till five," he groused, watching her stomach disappear under cotton. He never wanted a day off more.

"Aww, that sucks. I'm going out of town. Trying to meet an aunt and some cousins I never knew existed." She grimaced. "Should be a real party."

"Is that what you were talking to the boss about?"

"Yeah. He's my second cousin. I don't know my dad. Apparently, he disappeared when I was really little."

"Disappeared? Damn." Chris shook his head while he pulled on his shoes. "That's pretty crazy, Layla. Sorry to hear it."

"Yeah. He probably got murdered or something."

Chris winced.

"Either that or he just couldn't stand my mom."

He picked up his keys and eyed her beautiful face. "What's the deal with your mom?"

Layla shrugged. "She's a witch."

Chris laughed. "Mine's no prize either."

Layla frowned. Yeah, there was no way Chris would believe the truth, was there? She didn't really know what possessed her to tell him that, but she was a little disappointed that he could dismiss it so easily. She wished she never knew that witches existed.

She followed Chris out to the parking lot and kissed him before getting into the car. What was she doing? If the two of them were under a spell, shouldn't she be resisting it? She watched him wink at her as he drove away. He was so damn good-looking and cool. She had to believe that it was she who found him so sexy and not some stupid, fucking spell. It really pissed her off that her mother had her second-guessing herself. Her hands gripped the wheel tightly and she decided: she was definitely going to confront her mother tonight.

Vix's conversation with Kyle really stuck with her. She'd always liked working with him. They got along so well. She couldn't believe that he'd kissed her. A blush warmed her cheeks as she walked down the hall toward the school's exit.

She shook her head. Galen. She had to remember him. What the hell was with her? She couldn't believe that she'd thrown herself on him last night, only to keep forgetting about him the next day.


She turned around quickly, almost wrenching her neck. "Galen!" He was walking down the hallway toward her. Her wild grin answered his.

"Need a ride?" he asked.

"Nah, Layla's got the car today."

"Too bad." He held out his hand, looking a bit nervous and Vix took it, feeling the same.

"We should go do something tonight." She said.

"Yeah! Wanna go bowling?"

Vix's head was feeling a little fuzzy from holding his hand. It was incredible; a few moments ago, she'd had so many doubts, but now, she was certain that Galen was who she wanted. "I love bowling!"

"Me too!"

The giddiness between them would have been sickening to anyone paying attention.

"Call me later," Vix said, pulling out a pen. They exchanged numbers and he pushed open the door and held it for her. The day was beautiful and she immediately spotted Layla. "See you later."

However, Galen held on to her hand and pulled her back to him.

Vix giggled and he pushed her curly, red hair out of her eyes. Then he kissed her.

She was sucked in. She absolutely could have gone on kissing him forever.

"Vix! Hurry up!" Layla shouted across the lot.

Vix pulled away and her face nearly matched her hair.

"Bye," Galen said, looking pretty red himself. "I'll call you."

Layla was shaking her head when Vix got into the car. "You still a virgin?"

"Ugh. Layla! Of course I am! What did we do, have sex under the lunch tables?"

"Holy shit, you said "sex"! You've totally been thinking about it!"

"Layla?" Vix said, looking at the dashboard. "Why is the temperature gauge so high? How long have you been sitting here?"

"Jeeze, why do you have to be so freaky? You notice everything about cars."

Vix glared at her.

"Alright. I skipped a few classes." She pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward home.

"What the heck, Layla? Where did you go?"

Layla was quiet for a moment; then said, "Look in the glove box."

Vix was too curious to not. There, she found a small stack of photos. She looked at the top one. It was of a tall man with brown hair and grey eyes. "Layla, is this..?"

"Yeah, that's my dad. I got those pictures from Daughtry. And get this: I have an aunt. Look at the next picture.

Vix did. "Whoa. She looks like you."

"I thought so too. It's weird, right?"

"It's amazing. I'm so envious of you right now."

"Well, don't be. He disappeared."

"What do you mean?"

Layla told Vix everything that Daughtry had told her. Vix couldn't believe it. Layla's dad vanished near those woods? The same place where they found that light... What did it mean?

"So Daughtry's s'posed to get in touch with my aunt for me. I'm pretty nervous about it. She has sons, apparently."

"Cousins too? Damn! I want cousins!" She knew she should be happy for Layla, but she just felt lonely.

"You know, doesn't it piss you off that mom keeps info about your dad from you?"

"Yeah." It really did.


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