Journey to remember….



About one hell of a journey!


Travelling is one such hobby which has been described by millions of people prior to this. What else could I say differently about it! I don’t know what I want to say about it is the same or different as the millions of other people. But I know what feeling it gave me.

What feeling it gave me? It was out of the world. Although it was just a small journey to Ahmedabad from my hometown Pune, it was a memorable one. It was hilarious, informative and taught me a lot. Why was it hilarious? Because I didn’t check before the journey if my train ticket was confirmed or not! Yeah, it was that hilarious. I was busy with some equally other important things and thus I could not check if my ticket was confirmed. So I boarded the train, found out about my mistake. Tried to solve the problem by talking and pleading to the TC of the train. But we can all guess how that went. So I got down, boarded a bus and reached Ahmedabad in some way. There, I met my dear friend and all was OK! Mind you, there were other nuisances along the way such as the bus driver, the waiter of the restaurant where we halted for a while and of course, the auto driver! Irritating, but manageable.

I remember a particular moment during the journey I found myself mimicking Geet from Jab We Met movie, “Boring banado is raat ko abhi!” It’s funny how Bollywood can crawl into every kind of drama that exists in life! Yeah, I was that annoyed. However, looking back at it now (where I am comfortable in my chair at home, facing the west and enjoying a breeze coming my way as the sun sets), it was surely an experience. I met so many kinds of people along my way. Good, bad, talkative, annoying, helpful, and lechering people (it’s India!). Since I am totally an extrovert, I conversed with a variety of them and kept myself busy.

One particular person was a sweet 20 something girl I met in Duronto Express. Sitting in the same coach as me we started talking, sharing anecdotes, giggling, joking, laughing and actually becoming friends! Till this day, all the filmy scenes where two random people meet each other, they talk and become friends or fall in love, seemed unreal to me. But today, as we talked on the phone and discussed something important about working alongside in the near future, gives you a sense that awesome things can come out of adverse situations. You can never predict what has been planned for you.

That’s the thing about traveling. Have a good experience or a bad one, it’s surely going to teach you something. What I learned in my tiny journey was that the world ain’t a fairytale, where strangers come and help you all the time, if you are in need. They can be mean, non-co-operative and judgmental. But sometimes they can be good or helpful if it happens to be your lucky day.

Not only has that, traveling taught me to be independent. You just cannot rely on anyone. You are alone in this world. Even if some things don’t go your way, there are always options. You just have to look for them and they come to you. Bad experiences don’t make you a bitter person, they make you better. They teach you how to laugh at them and be wise!

In conclusion, traveling is fun and entertaining as hell! :D

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