The Beginning — My World — I Exist.



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The Beginning. My World — I Exist!

I've been living amongst you for centuries. Watching how you interact. Trying to figure out what works best. Am I better in this human form, an animal or both? I then needed to decide which gender or what animal; or better yet which animals would suit me best. As you can see I mixed them all. I chose both masculine and feminine traits; beautiful, yet with much functionality. I chose several animals like a bear for warmth, a deer for hunting and maneuvering. My ears are from the wolf to detect movement by humans or animals from various distances. Adaptability in water was necessary, so I choose a long serpent's tail to navigate through creeks, rivers and lakes. This long tail will also help me with balance and perception.

I'm friend to all, as all feel safe with me. However I live in the vast jungle merging slowing toward you every day. My world is not much different than yours. Although I have the ability to live both on land and water, I find myself changing every day and adapting to your way. Unlike humans, you have to pick a gender and decide — I am complex like that as I have both residing in me. My attributes are strength, power and compassion; massive gifts and talents to conquer all. My decisions are made unknowingly. The Spirit inside me rules and allows me to know without knowing and to do without doing; to be and exist in any world.
I choose this world. I'm here to help. I'm here to guide. I want to show my strength. I want to provide. I'm so much different than all of you, as I do not judge. I do not cringe and I do not hesitate when it is time to help. I do not live in fear. However, I choose to live here in the meanwhile, where I'll be safe and I will continue to grow. I will master my art. I will feel the universe's pain and I will protect it as much as I can. I'm here to stay. I'm here to wander and I am here to be. One of these days you just might meet me.

Jennifer Sinatra MacNeil — Writer, Poet, Healer

 *MacPoetry73 (FB, Twit, IG)

Oceans Montalalou — Artist, original painting, picture   * Oshie 


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