The pinnacle



First story

(#firststoryboooya 😁) — A spider hunts at dusk till dawn, yearning to live in day. A bright light shone, the spirit seeks light within the black hole. ‘’I will reach the light and flee the dark!’’- thought she. From a dark place, interwoven silk blankets pathed the mountain with staircase. An intricate masterpiece with unmeasurable energetic cost, the spider climbed and climbed; sometimes without rest, or food; shrinking to half her strength. No problem at all, she quickly regains her strength; such a large web ensured that what she would need she would for herself provide. A lifetime it may have taken, had the few other garden spiders not realised the value of communal effort. A lifetime — yes, but a grain of sand on a million beaches retrospectively was the effort. Consider that the staircase only requires a little maintenance once she lays down her ropes, all that is next is to follow the steps. With 8 legs, or 7 if you are an unlucky spider, it will be an easy climb to the top. After many days and nights, the spider was reaching the top. Near the precepie she felt total bliss, total ecstasy and excitement that the light was before her eyes. Then she reached the top. But the light was not there. It hung above the sky, so much further than she could try to reach. And it burned. This is not what we need!... we where not made for light, but to embrace our dark. Other spiders followed shortly behind.. one after another. ''Evereyone down, this is not what we need!!'' Those who helped weave the staircase understood loud and clear, for they were the closest. But the others did not understand, and chose to keep what they did not need. !!What do we do now?.. The only pray this high are wasps-''wasps- they are all helping each other out of our web!... we'll all starve!!''.. at the top the spiders began to eat each other alive. Stop shouted the keeper of knowledge- I plead stop...but the eyes were burned could not see her alarm calls... the sound of 8 billion pitter patters deafened, and no warning was heard. Those which did not eat one another became easy bird pray... picked one by one for the taste. The rest came crashing down hard... so hard they left an eternal hole in the face of the earth, until all that was left was the first spiders — who saw that they should keep their home in darkness, and make home from the hole in which they had caused. Amidst all the commotion a frog lay patiently under a rock. Frog was governed by the moon... ''foolish spiders!'' He thought. Can they not comprehend that the dark alongside the light is the way to live, to fear the dark is not to live from the heart. On the pinnacle he waited until dawn where he snacked on the wasps who had chose not to help their siblings from the web, but to race to the top.. the end!


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