The Strange Creature Dream



A nightmare of a strange and creepy creature that likely kills but is blind to water. My interpretation of said dream.

The clouds darkened and swirled in various directions. A little girl yelled, "Quick! Get inside!" She grabbed her little sister's hand as they ran into their home. I followed them wondering what was going on. 

"Hide!" She yelled.

My intentions were to hide in a closet even though I had no clue as to what I was hiding from exactly and as I was about to do so, I overhear the little girl tell her younger sister to "follow me."  My instincts told me to follow them and when I did, both little girls were found inside the bathroom tub as water trickled evenly and softly and completely drenching both girls.

"They can't see or hear water" the oldest girl whispered.  Quickly, I climbed into the tub with them as fully clothed with shoes and all just like the two little girls. Then, a strange creature with a permanent smile on its face opened the door, looked through us, appeared confused, and left.

I woke up thinking how odd it was to dream of babysitting two little girls. I hadn't babysat any children in years.

This dream occurred about three years ago. I used to work for a Limousine company and my personal interpretation of this dream was that I barely escaped being fired from the job at that time. The owners screwed their employees tax-wise and forced all employees to work 50 hour work weeks with no overtime pay. At the time, I was afraid of losing the job because I had nothing else lined up and because the owner often shouted at all his employees whether or not they were drivers. (Drivers were on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.) The girl doing night shift was fired before me. This dream happened months before I eventually did get fired supposedly because they had sold the company, but I knew it was a lie. I saw their add on Craiglist looking to find someone and pay them a dollar an hour less than myself.


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