Journals of a Pschopath.



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Throwing her cranium back and Deirdre’s ears were revealed they were gross I shuddered,
Deirdre's skeletal body was on top.
I pretended to enjoy it, because I wanted a deal to slot through with her father. When it was over, I trailed into the yard and I smoked.
      “It is freezing out there come in.”
After the smoke, I ambled into her house, in the middle of the table, our supper, homemade bread, and a bowl of stew was to the side, Deirdre was useful at times.
      “I prepared the dinner especially.”
It was solid and wholesome and dipping the crusty homemade bread into the simmered dish, I analyzed. She ate gustily, because she was contented with her weight.
      “Are you seeing someone else?”
Summoning the feminine gender, I sacrificed, and the womenfolk who I ravished, I guffawed it was spontaneous and genuine.
I bent over and clutched my stomach.
      “Tell me!”
She paused for the laughter to subside and she stared.
      “Come on.”
      “I am not seeing anyone else I am missing, because of business you know you mean the world to me.”


      “You must disassemble Connor,” the Presenter said.
I had nearly forgotten about Connor, apart from the times I opened the freezer. Elevating the lid and his frozen-spheres perceived the immobile body was the verification, and indicative of my power.
      “Connor your final violation is ready to commence.”
He was resistant, my wounds opened, and they bled, the gore seeped onto the ground. The emergency repair started. Searing the needle with the cigarette and the scorched implement dug into my flesh. Dragging the last thread through, I thought about mother and Hanson. Tugging his rigid body, it was then I was able to heave him from the freezer. Plunking him on the table, his corpse was solid, and I waited for Connor to thaw some. Sawing his lower legs off and I lugged him into the trunk he was in a large plastic sack.


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