The Drink



Ron was cocky in High School. Why would someone like this ever go to a class reunion? Perhaps, he shouldn't have.

Ron had been moving about the bar for two hours. He looked about at all of the former classmates now 30 years past their high school prime. He couldn't remember half of the names and with the streaks of gray hair, wrinkles, and added weight around the mid-sections, he didn't really care to try.

He chastised himself for even attending the affair. Most of the old "school friends" had a spouse or significant other in tow. There were a few single ones, but Ron looked at them in disgust. He felt superior to all of them. He still had rock hard abs, ran 10 miles a day, had plenty of money, and could pick up a woman any night of the week without even breaking a sweat. He pitied these people and their dull lives.

Another "friend" came up and hugged him as if Ron had been a long lost uncle. The balding man with a thick glasses started rambing about how great the old times were. Ron finally glanced down at the name tag, Nick Sturges. Nick Sturges? Ron thought back. Nick and Ron used to hang out in the halls ditching classes together. He was cool. "What the hell happened to you?", Ron wanted to ask. He didn't. He knew the answer. Nick married and life ended.

Ron spent the next five minutes with a fake smile plastered on his face and nodded continuously as this person went on about all of their antics, most of which Ron couldn't remember. He had blocked out high school the moment he had left this little town. He was still nodding when the one woman worth a second glance crossed his line of sight. He watched her and waited. This woman couldn't be by herself. He let out a few small laughs when Nick did. Ron had no idea what had been said, but didn't want to loose his vantage point. She was looking at him. Ron lifted his jaw in her direction. She gave a slight wave one finger in the air. The brunette then motioned to the bar. Ron nodded.

After a quick shake and a promise of getting together the next day, a promise he never intended to keep, he broke off from Nick and moved for the bar.

As he approached the woman held out a glass to him. "Scotch. Neat." She handed him the glass.

"Thanks. How did you know?" Jack sipped the scotch. It was Blue Label. Smooth.

"I remember what my guy drinks." She clinked glasses with him. "Can't believe the great Ron Jackson came to a reunion."

Ron looked at her, every inch of her. She had the upper hand for she knew him, and he couldn't place her. He glanced for the name tag.

"Don't bother. There's no way in hell I am putting a pin into this dress. Besides this is more fun." She smirked and sipped her drink. Ron returned the smirk and action.

They spent the next ten minutes talking about each person that passed. Ron hoped that some clue might surface providing a hint to who this bombshell was. Nothing. Though he did learn that she had as much contempt for the group as he did.

As the list of people to make fun of wained, she put her drink down and stared at him. "You really don't remember me, do you?" Ron shook his head and was about to apologize when she stopped him. "It's been a long time," she said.

Ron took another sip. He no longer cared. He just looked at her, her curves, her breasts, her lips. Name or no name, this was going to become a great night.

"Judy," she said. "Judy Night?" She said it sounding as if it should ring a bell. Ron shrugged his shoulder. "Junior Prom?" Ron started to search his memory.

A smile came to his lips. Judy Night. What a night they had after prom. He looked her over again. Now that he had a name to go with the face, it all came back. As a matter of fact, she may have been the one person, other than himself, that had not changed all that much. She was a knock out in high school and she was even better now. He thought back to that night and what she had done for him, to him. "This was going to be a great night."

"You look great." He smiled and raised his glass to her. "You were great looking back in school but you aged beautifully."

"You're still an ass." The smile disappeared and the lilt was replaced with a hiss. "Think about it. You dumped me after that night telling your friends, 'why bother staying with one once you've ad her.'"

Ron's smiled disappeared. Crap, this was not what he wanted.

She slammed her glass back onto the bar. A small crack could be seen in the glass. "Remember what I said to you when you broke up with me?"

Ron shook his head.

"I told you I would get even with you." Ron didn't like where this was going. He prepared himself to be embarrassed in front of the class.

Instead, Judy turned and started walking away. Five steps away, she stopped and half turned back. "Enjoy your drink asshole." She smiled and walked out of the reunion. Ron stood there and looked down into his drink

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