The Warlords Of Woodmyst Reviewed: Part 3



After reading the first three books in the Woodmyst series, there was no hesitating when I saw The Warlords Of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig. I simply had to read it, and read it within just two days. In book 4, the confrontation between Tomas and the white mistress is imminent — but there are plenty of other issues to deal with before the final showdown (that comes with some unforeseen twists). How will Tomas react when his wife comes up with a very unusual idea? And why is it that none of the Seven can have children? Is the village of Woodmyst able to defend itself against a vicious attack of straw men who feel no pain?

Like the other books in the series, The Warlords Of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig is a gripping tale that keeps readers glued to the pages — and it is incredibly hard to take a break. Each book has a certain magic to it, and you get truly attached to the cast of characters. In a way, I wished I had read all the Woodmyst books in one go (over a few days, of course). It just always seems like such a pity when one of those books comes to an end. It is a world you become a part of, and I would happily read ten more books in this world. The Warlords of Woodmyst is mainly a fantasy book, but also includes romance, drama, a bit of horror, and plenty of action.

Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

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