The Scouring



By which the world of Banmer was remade, and its inhabitants set on a path that would lead them into darkness.

‘In the beginning, there had been an harmonious peace between the nations of Banmer; from the reaching cities of Irtha in the west, to the settlements of the sorcerer races in the frozen north and the hunting grounds of the Nolvum people in the east. All races were united through trade and respect for their neighbours, like no other Age that had come before it, nor any that would succeed it. Banmer had been a bountiful place for generations; a truer haven no one could ever have desired.

The Wars of the Faithful changed all of that. They began in the west, amid the Irthyrian people; with an unrest that came about with the proclamation of the arrival of a god. The believers were few, at first, but violent, and fanatical, and their influence began to spread until all of Irtha was engulfed by the same belief. The Irthyrian cultists called themselves the Pious, and undertook an indiscriminate and relentless assault upon the other peoples of Banmer; people who still held firm to their own beliefs, which had not been questioned for centuries. Those who resisted conversion were exterminated, and vast armies were raised by both sides, until war raged across the entire world.

The Pious butchered their way across the land, crumbling cities beneath the might of their forces, eradicating any trace of the heretical civilisations that dared to question their faith. For decades the Wars of the Faithful tore and tarnished the landscape, until victory seemed inevitable. The last of their opposition, cowering from the onslaught in isolated strongholds, were unable to stand up to the brutality of the inquisitions of the Pious, and their numbers dwindled.

It was then, at what seemed like the end, that the Scouring began. Catastrophic spectacles of nature began to shake the land; the very earth upon which vast cities were built split, swallowing whole nations, or else clove the land in two with yawning chasms and impassable mountains. Other settlements, on the coasts, were completely submerged by towering waves and broiling seas. Huge tempests loomed across the skies, uprooting buildings and fields, drowning towns and villages in mighty deluges or setting them alight amid terrible lightning storms.

The Pious claimed it was the work of their god, for some said that they had seen him perform such acts in the years of his arrival, and that it was the unfaithful that were bringing this punishment down upon the world. But even they were not spared from the destruction. Only those that fled the cities, and hid, in caves or underground, managed to survive, while the world convulsed around them, and stories were rife of the appearance of four horsemen, that sowed about them death and ruin, as though crop and seed.’


- As written in The Banmerian Histories.


The Rise of Kings

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